13 REASONS WHY SEASON 4: What A Mistake!

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13 Reasons Why Season 4 mostly delves behind knowing the truth about who framed Monty(Timothy Granaderos) by Winston(Deaken Bluman) and Diego (Luis Castellanos).

The show gives us an insight about the kind of problems which teenagers face and how difficult it becomes for them to cope up with life.

Season One and Two were mostly involving about getting justice for Hannah Baker(Katherine Langford), who was a victim of a sexual assault and being bullied a lot at school.

13 Reasons why season 4

She was not being able to handle all of these horrifying incidents of life; therefore, committed suicide.

Before committing suicide, Hannah Baker records a set of tapes with her voice informing all those responsible for her death. Which later gets circulated to many of her friends.

A series that is very much disturbing, emotional and gives us a lot of indication about what are the kind of problems that the present teenagers face in life. 

13 Reasons Why Season three ended with the murder coverup of Bryce Walker (the main person behind the reason why Hannah committed suicide). Even though Zach, Alex & Jessica were included in the murder, a dead Monty’s name was used for the concealment.

Winston knows he’s not the murderer because the night when the murder was committed, Monty was with him, and he wants to expose the real murderer. Winston joins Liberty High School, where he gets to meet Diego, a close friend of Monty, and seeks his full support to nail the main culprit behind the murder of Bryce Walker. 

Clay is going through a massive psychological trauma as he has been keeping more secrets than what he can deal with himself. Winston becomes friendly with Tyler and soon later comes in a relationship with Alex. As the series progresses, things start getting more complicated.

13 reasons why season 4

Winston and Diego are leaving no stone unturned to get the true murderer(s), matters become harder for Clay and buddies.

13 Reasons why Season 4 still has a lot to share with the viewers, however, the makers in my opinion couldn’t reach up to the expectations. 

The only season which I personally liked was season one and season two of the series. 

The big question which arises in my mind at the time of watching season three of the series was- The entry of a new character Ani Achola was it really necessary for the show. 

When I saw the trailer of season 4 of the series. I started getting thoughts in my mind will it be worth a watch or it would be yet another dragging episode which was unnecessary just like the last season. 

13 Reasons why season 4 had many questions raised in my mind.

  1. Things were very much clear to the sheriff’s that Clay Jensen had to do something with the murder of Bryce Walker. 
  2. Clay being mentally disturbed but his actions had spoken a lot in the series. Which is a clear indication that he knows something about the murder?
  3. When Clay lost his temper and gave Winston an open threat in front of everybody in the school, giving a public warning in a school as per me, is an offense. So how did it become so easy for Clay to walk away from the situation? After giving Winston an open threat? 

Similarly, there are many more questions to be arriving, and my honest take on the series is that-expectations ruin.

A beautiful series that started with the cuteness of Kathreen Langford which was at a high with some fantastic acting and excellent scripting ended up with significant disappointments.

I wonder if in case the makers are in the plans of making season 5 of the series. If they are, then be ready for another emotional ride with another character of the series who might die. 

13 Reasons Why from the start till the finish have been adding new characters unnecessarily without any requirements. Where violence, rage, anger, humiliation, bullying, and sexual assault, etc. Have been visualized with some sloppy narrative, without a proper landing place.

The opening episode of the 13 Reasons Why Season 4 kicks off with a funeral. The first episode created an impression in me and said oh god yet another funeral to watch, but still, the patience was high to view the entire series

On the other hand, Clay keeps visiting the spirits of Bryce and Monty, which reacts as a reflection of him being responsible for their deaths. 

Besides, it does not clarify Jessica’s ongoing dreams of Bryce, or the simple fact that nobody appears to consider Hannah anymore.

It would have been a good gesture if an occasional mention of Hannah Baker could have been included in the season finale.

13 Reasons why season 4

13 Reasons Why love causing a stir, and it has been consistently doing so. There’s always been one person after the other throughout the series. In contrast, another tries to push itself way in.

The one thing which made me happy this time was that Ani’s scenes were less this time. However, I still found many episodes that were unnecessary and were dragging it without a cause. 

As Season 3 spent a lot of time with Ani, whom we must now accept as part of this core friend group, Season 4 moves the torch of spying and ingratiating oneself to Winston.

The patience was tested a lot at the last episode, where Justin takes his last breath and bids adieu to all his friends.

It was undoubtedly an emotional scene to catch up with, Where Justin(Brandon Paul Flynn) makes us all drop tears with his emotional act. However, I still found that something was exaggerated; maybe the emotional scenes could have been short. 

A 1hr and 36 min last episode, it is almost equivalent to the length of a film. I find it was made without a cause; it could have been small.

Final Words

The students of Liberty High School might have graduated, but I am sure that the series has got a lot more left for us in the stock. The journey of college is yet to arrive. Let’s wait and watch, what’s next in the 13 Reasons Why series- hopefully to be continued #Nofingerscross.


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