Abhay Web Series Review a ZEE5 Original is a thriller, crime-based web series which is streaming on ZEE5.

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Abhay, a ZEE5 Original web series review, speaks about brutality and the insanity of human beings. The web series is the entry for Kunal Khemu in the digital channel and is available in zee5.

Abhay, played by Kunal Khemu, is a police officer who demolishes the crimes happening in the local area of UTTAR PRADESH. The web series should not be halt, as it gives illumination towards the inhuman act happening in society.

Abhay to be watched with young grown-up adults and not with kids, as there are some scenes in the web series which are very much disturbing and taunting.

Kunal Khemu, the lead actor in the web series, faces his demon inside him after his wife’s death and blames himself to be responsible for the demise of his wife. Sin will always follow your footsteps until you hide them from your loved ones and pay for it with the death of your loved ones. The night before sinning, if Abhay could have controlled his emotions and the urge of his body, he wouldn’t have to face the demon inside him and blame his sins for his beloved wife’s death.

abhay web series review

Today, content plays a very vital role to attract viewers to watch the show. Abhay is one of those who have content that speaks about the harsh truth about some insane people who have forgotten the actual definition of humanity.

Episode one of the web series is very much disturbing and brings in anger after knowing about little kids of school just born to see the world at the age of 5-10 being kidnapped by an unstable mind after which being raped and murdered to brutality without any mercy.

Two individual involved in the crime, the master (Dipak Tijori) and second is the servant who obeys the order of his master(Gopal Singh). Abhay breaks the mysterious case exposes them in the public of there involvement in the crime towards the missing of the kids from the locality.

Zee 5 inevitably produces some outstanding web series to watch like THE FINAL CALL, AUTOSHANKAR, KAALI, and many more. Episode one of the web series can be related to the Nithari Killing case; to know more about Nithari Killing, you can surely refer to a documentary on NetFlix called The Karma Killing.

Dipak Tijori, after a long time, comes back in a negative role in this web series, and the servant played by Gopal Singh is undoubtedly a brilliant actor.

As the web series continues, Abhay’s mission gets more complicated as all episodes of the web series have different subjects with different types of crimes to watch.

Episode two brings the story about a psycho son who cannot tolerate anyone calling him a mouse and hence takes the life of that person. He also doesn’t spare the presence of his own family and kills them all as he is mentally challenged.

The episode is all about a psycho who is involved in mysterious killings. The psycho persuades a girl through social media, makes her a victim of his vicious crime, and gives her a hell of a ride. Abhay solving the case, gets hold of the psychopath, finds him, and drags him to the court. Another well-made episode of the very well structured web series.

Abhay is also self-obsessed with the protection of his son. His beloved wife’s death has made him self-cautious to take all the significant steps for the welfare of his son.

He appoints a lady constable to be with his son 24/7 to ensure the safety of him. Natasha, a very pivotal character of the web series played by (Elnaaz Norouzi), is the girl who wants to take care of Abhay’s son after the death of his wife.

She worked with Abhay as a co-worker in one of the missions, where things go haywire, and everything falls apart. An informer, being betrayed in the purpose and looking for redemption after coming out of the jail.

He lost his entire family, as his name was leaked out in a critical situation by Abhay. The world is all over for the informer as he has no one to live for because the lead given by him to Natasha has taken his family away from him.

Will, Abhay be able to keep his son safe, will the informer who’s been betrayed be able to take redemption from Abhay, Will Abhay be convinced to accept Natasha after his wife’s death and settle down with her.

To know the conclusion for all the damages in this thriller based web series, watch the thriller drama Abhay in ZEE5.

In the final chapter, Abhay finds out the person behind his wife’s death as his mind is of a criminal mind. He also knows the reason for his wife’s death (that night was an unforgettable night for him when he sinned) in the absence of his wife.

abhay web series review


Kunal Khemu, as Abhay in the lead, is hilarious with the character.

Elnaaz Norouzi, as Natasha, has done justice to the role. She also had a vital role in a successful web series of Netflix as Sacred Games

Sandeepa Dhar as the dead wife of Abhay.

Anupriya Goenka as Supriya as a psycho killer who loots people

Prashant Ingle as pocket mar

Manini M Mishra as lady constable to take care of Abhay’s, son

Deepak Tijori as Chander Singh

For more information regarding the cast check out IMBD or Wikipedia

The web series includes eight episodes in total to watch.

Rating 4.5/5 

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