Hi, this is Sumit Kesheri, -the man behind the making of this site.
Blogging is a new phase and the latest revolution on the internet.
This site is mostly dedicated to all movies and series lovers—so happy reading.   TEST

sumit kesheri

Welcome, all movies and series lovers at mowebiseedia.com-your place for movies and series reviews.

I formed this site to share my thoughts or takes about any of the latest films or series that I’ve seen on the OTT platform.

At my workplace, my friends and colleagues always ask for pieces of advice about which-film or series they can watch on the weekends.

Since I’ve been following many films and with the recent- evolution on the internet, many series have come up regularly. I thought of sharing my information with the world.

The OTT industry has rapidly expanded its business all across the world, and with that, we had witnessed a lot of movies that were not an immense success when it was in the theatres.

A short Bio

Life has given me a lot of love from friends and families, and I am always grateful to them.

I desire to fulfill my family’s hope and bring success towards me through my creditability and the moral support from my surroundings.

I started working at a very young age when I was 17, and you won’t believe my earnings when I was seventeen.
Ever since then, I understood it’s my path where I need to sail all alone and conquer.

As an individual, I have accomplished more than what I expected; however, since we all know that human wants are never satisfied, so is mine.

I worked in International Bpo’s. The industry had given me my designation, my spot, my bread and butter, and some valuable accomplishments in life that I can never forget.

To know more about me- I welcome you to always connect with me in the social forums to collaborate for the future growth of both of us.

I started this site in 2018, and ever since then its been a learning for me. Digital Marketing was never in my mind, but few friends will give you the right direction, and here I am having to build up this site with the skills of digital marketing.
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I came across this site a few days back. They have a nice collection of movies and series recommendation for you movies lover.

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