Welcome guest to my website the person above is a blank face with an empty mind trying to accomplish something in life. My friends approach me for which movies or web series to watch from the streaming channel. I aim to provide as much information I can about the films and web series, which I’ve seen so far. 

Some of the recent articles about movies and web series which I’ve seen till date are listed below:

By profession, I work for International Bpo, but I also wanted to do something sideway, which would make me feel happy. I asked a friend of mine to suggest some professional courses which could be useful for me and for my career. The person advised me to try #digital marketing. I enrolled for the course without having any knowledge about the sector. My trainer told me I need to form a website; I was unaware of which niche I should choose to build a website and what to write. Some close friend always gives you good advice. Chayan Chakraborty; someone close to me told me to write about movies and web series as I normally talk about them at work. So mowebiseedia.com was formed by me where I am learning and implementing all of my knowledge to make it a big success.

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In life, we all have a goal; some live for others, and some live for themselves. I, as a person, believe that making others feel happy makes you feel satisfied. My family is my significant support towards whatever I do in life, but a person whom I miss the most in the family is the senior-most member of the family. When I lost my father, I was very much broken. It all happened unexpectedly, which shattered the family.The person who took responsibility to look after the family is my inspiration; that’s my elder brother. The person supports me a lot towards whatever I do in life without asking many questions. I wish to make all close to me feel proud of whatever I have achieved in life.


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