Bard Of Blood V/S The Family Man which is better.


Bard Of Blood an Emraan Hashmi, starrer is about an ex-raw agent Kabir Anand/ Adonis. The web series got an average response by prominent media critics and big media channels. The seven-episode web series, in my opinion, is not all a bad or a boring series to watch.

Although, the lead Emraan Hashmi has been struggling for a long time to smell the ultimate success, which he got way back in the year 2012 with the movie named JANNAT 2. The novel based web series of the same name written by the same person Bilal Siddiqi has anticipated intriguingly.

 Ribhu Dasgupta credit for films like Michael, Teen, alongside an upcoming project called The Girl on the Train, as presented all the seven-episodes of Bard Of Blood excellently. The first Shah Rukh Khan productions house- Red Chillies Entertainment collaboration with Netflix might have been a failure towards attracting viewers, but after me watching the spy based drama web series wouldn’t consider it to be a significant disappointment. The intriguing part of this spy based drama web series is the ending, which will shock you and would surely make you feel excited to catch up with season 2 of the series.

If you are a web series freak, you might like to watch some of the best Hindi web series to watch. Bard of Blood is a mind game episode between the secret agents of two countries India and Pakistan. Four secret agents of raw are being detained by Pakistanis while on a secret mission. The agents get handed over to a Talabani chief.

The news comes in the ears of raw chief Sadiq Sheikh (Rajit Kapoor), who wants to appoint Kabir Anand secret name Adonis on a secret mission to get the agents out of Balochistan where they have been detained. 

Adonis doesn’t want to be a part of the mission because he lost a close friend of his on a mission in Balochistan, which he blames raw to be responsible for the demise of his friend.

Sadiq Sheikh, his ex-boss, is the most responsible person for the loss of his friend. Adonis doesn’t want to meet Sadiq, but later is being kidnapped by Sadiq Sheikh’s people so they both can confront each other. Sadiq doesn’t think anyone to be capable of the mission than Kabir and two of his other loyal agents. When they both meet, Sadiq asks Kabir to be a part of the task. He feels not to be convinced but later gives a thought as Sadiq informs him that all the answer for the death of his friend is in Balochistan. Kabir being seeking redemption for long for his friend’s death gives a second thought for the mission.


He, later after the meeting is over, thinks a lot and then decides to meet Sadiq once again. When he goes to see Sadiq, he finds him dead. The police suspect him for the death of his ex-boss.

Later, he gets out of the situation and gets in touch with the other two agents whom Sadiq wanted to appoint for the mission. Isha Khanna working in the  analyst team for raw played by (Sobhita Dhulipala) is one of the agents for the secret purpose.

Veer Singh (Vineet Kumar Singh) is being away from his home country for seven long years and is being working as an on-field agent for raw in the province of Pakistan for a long time is the second agent for the task. 

The mission is being planned by Isha and Kabir, without any co-ordination with raw. Veer is unaware of raw and its people not aware of the mission as its a secret mission that Sadiq wanted. The entire plan becomes a failure as there execution from Balochistan doesn’t happen as planned. Kabir tries to collaborate with his channels for assistance and speaks to an extremist group to help him and his team eradicate from Balochistan safely, along with the other agents who are being detained.

The group is being led by Jannat (Kirti Kulhari) along with her younger brother. Jannat was the girl whom Kabir loved, but there love faded when Jannat came to know about Kabir being an Indian spy. This all happened at his previous mission, where he lost his friend Karan with the involvement of a Pakistani spy Tanveer Shehzad (Jaideep Ahlawat)

Tanvir Shehzad has been proving that he is a much better spy than Kabir Anand, he has been pitching in with the Talibani’s to hand over the raw agents to him and his group. The Taliban is not ready to negotiate with him as the agents are the only source for the chief of the Taliban’s Mullah Khalid to leave from Pakistan safely. During the mission, Jannat dies, which brings a lot of problems within the group, and they all seek for revenge. Kabir makes a deal with the American Embassy about him and his team handing over Mullah Khalid to the Americans, and in return, the Americans helping him and his group in leaving Pakistan securely without any damage.


As committed by Kabir, Mullah Khalid is being handed over to the Americans dead, and all the agents are being executed from Pakistan to India safely. Kabir gets his hands-on Tanvir Shehzad and kills him as he was behind the death of Jannat. On the verge of his death, Tanvir reveals certain things to Kabir, stating that there are many things which he doesn’t know about his previous mission.

Kabir rejoins Raw and gets rewarded for his work in Balochistan, but in between something happens, which shocks him. The end episode of the web series gives a sudden surprise and makes you wonder about season two of the web series.

Comparing Bard of Blood with The Family man and understanding which one is better?

The Family Man evolves about the life of a man who lives the life of a dual personality. He looks after his family like how all ordinary common man does and at the same time is also responsible for protecting his motherland. Manoj Bajpayee is fantastic in the leading role of the web series. If we compare both the web series, then I would suggest that they both are a watchable show. Film critics on the internet have rated Bard Of Blood to be slow in between and not well structured. I won’t agree with the critics as a viewer. I think they both are of different types and of different genres, where fighting against terrorism is the major subject.Bard Of Bloof

One is related to stopping terrorism, and the other is related to extracting its agents from the place where they have been caught. My take on both the web series is The Family Man is straight to the point, ensuring not losing people’s interest, whereas Bard Of Blood becomes a bit sluggish in between and loses its grip. Later, after a few episodes, grabs your interest proving it to be worth your time. As a viewer, nothing disappointed me with both the web series if you prefer watching it, then I would say it can be considered a one-time watch show.

Rating by few biggie’s

IMDB– gives Bard OF Blood a 6.8/10 whereas The Family Man receives 8.7/10
Gadgets.ndtv.com – Tells Bard OF Blood as bad and Shah Rukh Khan to feel bad why no idea maybe the articles might give a better description to its tag. On the other hand, it also describes The Family Man – Manoj Bajpayee starrer needs a better handle.

Similarly, there are many more articles like this, vandalizing the web series and stating that there should have been some better work on the show. I didn’t find any drawbacks on the web series, yes it is agreed that at one moment, the series loses your interest, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad show which cannot be watched just because of the reviews from big critics.

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