25 Best Comedy Movies on Amazon Prime, including #Hollywood & #Bollywood, that can help you drop off your stress.

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Comedy has a special place when it comes to watching a film with friends and families. We laugh out loud whenever we view any comedy scenes that help us forget about any tension in life for some time. The post’s objective is to offer the Best films that you or I, as a movie buff, would prefer watching whenever we require any break from the hectic life which we live. So with that being said, I am hoping the lists on the post are worth your time. Let’s quickly take you through a few of the Best Comedy Movies on Amazon Prime that you might want to take a look at- 

Best Comedy Movies on Amazon Prime to Watch

best comedy movies on amazon prime
1. The Dictator

A film full of jokes and has some impeccable laughter scenes that cannot stop you from laughing out loud. The movie revolves around the life of a dictator who goes to the United States for a friendly visit, but the visit turns out to be a chaotic one. With full of comedy scenes, The Dictator certainly falls to be one of the best comedy movies on amazon prime to watch.

best comedy movies on amazon prime
2. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

A film which has its uniqueness conveyed very well and gave you all the reason to laugh. The elegance of the film is its portrayal, which made the audiences enjoy the film. Few scenes in the movie are epic and undoubtedly will give you all the perspective to consider watching the movie.

best comedy movies on amazon prime
3. Liar Liar

Jim Carrey is the center of the film and will give you a pleasant view while watching the movie. The film is about a father who always lies in the court of justice to win his cases. His son makes a wish one day that his father doesn’t tell lies anymore, and the wish turns out to be true. Unlike all the other films of Jim Carrey, this one will not disappoint you.

best comedy movies on amazon prime
4. Rush Hour 3

The film has the same story; there are no changes-however what attracts me from watching the movie is the peer of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker coming in together. They both have become the heartthrob of the franchise and have given an excellent performance to make viewers laugh, especially Chris Tucker.

5. Hangover

A movie that loads with immense fun rides and gives you all the reasons to consider watching. The film has some brilliant acting with perfect delivery of dialogues at the right moment. The story is exceptionally engaging and won’t lead one to fall into boredom. A situation-based drama-comedy ride- where a bachelor party turns out to be a joyful ride with an extreme laughter tour.

6. You Don't Mess With The Zohan

You will certainly be fond of the film, because of its content and the message which the film delivers. A story that conveys the message to follow your heart and your passion in a comedy format. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan is unbelievably hilarious and has incredible acting from the lead that will make you catch your stomach.

best comedy movies on amazon prime
7. Ted

Good execution of comedy with some emotions very well intact together in the movie. Ted has a different concept, where a teddy comes into a livelihood and starts living everyday life with human beings. It’s hilarious seeing the teddy roam around in the open, with human effects and talking. You should catch Ted once if you’ve not yet seen this epic film; I surely tag the movie with Best Comedy Movies on Amazon Prime, which is available on Prime Network of Amazon.

best comedy movies on amazon prime
8. Horrible Bosses

The story very well relates to the lives of those who work in the world of Corporate and report to their bosses. I am sure there might have been a thought once in your mind to make your Boss suffer- since he/she is always a pain in your life. Horrible Boss is the perfect storytelling about those who are unhappy with their bosses. You will laugh out loud with how the actors have presented themselves in the movie and will certainly provide you a pleasant view. 

best comedy movies on amazon prime
9. Stuart Little

I am sure those born in the late ’90s are very familiar with the movie named Stuart Little. The story revolves around two pets one is the cat, and the other is a mouse. The way how the makers have presented the film is outstanding and leaves no bars to complain. I indeed consider Stuart Little to be worth a comedy movie to watch.

best comedy movies on amazon prime
10. Grown Ups

It’s quite a big challenge to forget your past and relive the present since the memories can’t fade away quickly. Grown Ups gives us an exact definition of the life we left in the past and how we have adapted to the modern era’s life with advanced technology. Few scenes in the film are hilarious and give you all the reason to laugh out loud.

best comedy movies on amazon prime
11. Road Trip

A movie which has quality in it without proper execution of its message, however, it’s so funny that you won’t regret watching the film after a long time. Few scenes wouldn’t make you feel like watching an outdated scene, even if you prefer watching it again. A story about love and friendship, which was beyond the imagination of hilarious comedy scenes.

best comedy movies on amazon prime
12. Eurotrip

It is a story that looks hilarious and presented hilariously to make the viewers laugh out loud. Eurotrip story about individuals going on a fantasy trip to Europe and many other countries. The film has many sex-related jokes, and few lines are absurd; however, there are similarities for this film since the film moves on with its pace and doesn’t allow the viewers to feel bored.

13. That Awkward Moment

A film that revolves around love, affection, and the emotions of friendship. That Awkward Moment is a must-watch on my list though the film has less comedy; however, comedy, romance, and the relationship go hand in hand in this fantastic work of art. A story about three individuals deciding not to share their relationship status. Since their commitment in the past didn’t go well with them.

14. 3 Idiots

3 Idiots is an incredible movie-which created a different place in the hearts of many individuals. The film consists of all the madness that happens in true friendship and the extent to which the cross can enjoy life.  An ideal movie based upon comedy and true friendship.

15. Heera Pheri

I am sure that many would agree that Heera Pheri is one of the Best Comedy Movies to watch on Amazon Prime. The way Babu Roy was presented and Paresh Rawal fulfilling the role with his excellence in acting was undoubtedly a pleasant watch.

16. Welcome

Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor put up a dashing show together in Welcome. On one side, we have Uday then, on the other hand, Majnu is also not less in making viewers smile. Welcome gets all the love and is certainly worth a watch.

best comedy movies on amazon prime
17. Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety

Can love be victorious upon a long term friendship? The film created a successful business and brought a big break in the filmy career of Kartik Aaryan. Its songs and some scenes were out of the blue- which grabs viewers’ attention. A story based upon true friendship, with some outstanding comedies.

best comedy movies on amazon prime
18. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S

Movies cannot be a reality, and some stories are only enjoyable on screens. Munna Bhai M.B.B.S is such a story that had sadness plus happiness combined. Circuit becomes the heartthrob in the film and gives us a rocking performance.

Best comedy movies on amazon prime
19. Fukrey

One cannot stop laughing from seeing Choocha in the film played by Varun Sharma. The film has all the ingredients to keep you hooked up with some great laughter scenes. 

best comedy movies on amazon prime
20. Golmaal

Talking of Comedy Films to watch- then Golmaal undoubtedly deserved to be on the list. A film giving you less of a reason to fall to boredom and brings in a lot of smiles. All four Characters, perhaps I should say all the characters gave an excellent performance.

best comedy movies on amazon prime
22. Dhol

Rajpal Yadav is the one who gives you a laughter riot while watching Dhol. It’s an epic comedy movie- where from the start till the end, Rajpal Yadav gives an excellent performance to make audiences laugh.

best comedy movies on amazon prime
23. Blackmail

A dark comedy with some superb performances from all the actors on board in the film. A story that revolves around confusion and blackmailing each other and gives you all the reason to consider watching this epic drama.

best comedy movies on amazon prime
24. 102 Not Out

A fun family entertainer with some excellent portrayal of acting from the senior members of Bollywood. The film story was unique, which the Indian audience got to witness and perhaps gives all possible reasons to watch. Age is just a number, and there is never a time in life where you should stop living and retire.

25. Dhamaal

I am sure you might have heard about this film a lot of time, but if in case you’ve not yet seen the film-then you are missing a masterpiece comedy-drama film. Dhamaal has excellent moments of comedy scenes and it’s impossible to end the movie without a big laugh.

Wrapping Up,

So, that concludes the list of Best Comedy Movies on Amazon Prime. I hope that the list is worth your read if there is any film you would like it to be added to the list-Kindly feel free to leave a comment on the below section.

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