Best Documentaries on Youtube which are India Based that can be daunting as well as mesmerizing

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Overview- Best documentaries on Youtube

Best documentaries on Youtube– India, the world’s second-largest populated country of the world.

Where every corner speaks a different language and carries different social values, in this post, we will cover a few of the best documentaries on Youtube, which are mostly in context with India #thelandofculture.

The history of India has many sacrifices, stories of some brave warriors who fought for the land and brought freedom for the nation.

Youtube, one of the most significant sources to grab information, carries some of the documentaries, which are intriguing, disturbing, and revealing some of the dark sides of India. So let’s have a look

List of some of the best documentaries on Youtube which are India Based.

1. Stolen Innocence-India’s Untold Story of Human Trafficking

The documentary startled me and made me wonder how humans can be so cruel to force girls who are just kids and drive them into slavery or sexual abuse.

This documentary is a must-watch if you want to know the in-depth information about how young girls who should be going to school are thrown into the dark side of life and are forced into prostitution.

If in case you want to contribute something to the cause, then visit stolendocumentary.com. One of my best documentaries on Youtube to expose the harsh reality based on human trafficking and how the channel operates. 

2. Kashmir The Story- Full Documentary On The History and Timelines Of Kashmir Valley.

This document gives you an insight into the disputed land of the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. Those who are fond of history can check this documentary made by timesnow in their youtube channel.

This is an honest attempt from the team to showcase the actual life in the valley. Similar to these, there are some great Indian documentaries on Netflix, which has some disturbing outputs, and some bring pride for the nation.

3.Underworld Dons of Mumbai-India 2018 full documentary

  If Underworld is your interest, then you can switch to this documentary to find out the in-depth information about how Underworld threatens Bollywood and rule on the industry.

The documentary mostly involves Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai into their context and present it to the world.

4.2002 Gujarat History

The documentary mostly highlights the livelihood of Muslims in the state. This is another disturbing documentary explaining the rights taken place in Gujarat.


Delhi, a city of delight, full of life and excitement hovering around all parts of the city.
A documentary to explore the country’s capital city and share some in-depth hidden information to the viewers. This documentary is a must for all those who want to know Delhi.

6. Mahatma Gandhi- Dying for Freedom

 A documentary showcasing the assassination of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi.
It shows why the killing of Gandhi took place, followed by the events which took place before the death and after the end of Father of the Nation.
I rate it has one of the best documentaries of youtube, which is India Based, Why because it clears the controversy or the purpose for the death of Gandhiji and shares some Knowledge as to Why he was shot.

7. Healing Forest of India

Nature is a gift to humans; however, as the greed for humans is unstoppable, so is the damage in the environment, which is unbearable.
This one is a sure shot winner to me as one of the best documentaries on youtube.
Exploring peace in nature and making us realize that if you are in search of peace, then India’s forests can rejuvenate the healing of your body, mind and restructure the spirit of life.

8. Untouchable Love (Forbidden Love Documentary) Real Stories

Wow, the saying Love has no definition, and it is blind defines this well-made documentary.
This documentary proves that there is no winning over true love, not even society, the caste system, and those horrendous rules set up by society.

9.Best documentary on Cricket Ever.

A documentary showing how Indian Cricket was built and how IPL started ruling over the game.
India considers cricket as emotions and a part of their life, which we live every moment whenever we see India playing on the screen.
It is a lovely presented show revealing the journey of Indian Cricket, which I consider a must-watch for all cricket lovers.

10. 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan documentary BBC

A documentary showcasing the partition between India and Pakistan.

How the Britishers drew a line between the two lands and divided it into two parts, disturbing the love between the people of both the nation.

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