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For the best fantasy movies on Netflix, you need to know how to get it. Thanks to the internet, this is easy to do with all of the different providers offering their services to you, just like Netflix does. You can go onto their website and check to see which option is the best for you.

If you’re looking for the best fantasy movies to watch on Netflix, you’ll find all kinds of titles. Hundreds of them are being added every day. This makes it very difficult to narrow it down to just a few.

All movies are, but they are in the more popular genres, such as action, comedy, romance, and horror. Plus, you can be confident that you’ll find more of the classics out there because Netflix keeps adding something daily.

With Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can now watch a ton of best fantasy movies. So without further ado, Let’s dive into some of the best fantasy movies to watch on Netflix.

List of Best Fantasy Movies on Netflix

best fantasy movies on netflix

The film is an American Fantasy Horror and a comedy flick for viewers to watch on Netflix

It’s an adaptation from a daily soap show called Dark Shadows, which later got formed into a     film, and Johnny Deep, the film’s lead, convinced Tim Burton to direct the movie.

Critics disliked the movie; however, after watching this on Netflix, I must say it was an excellent tickling ride. Johnny Deep in the film will win your heart as he has been winning with his other biggies like the Pirates of the Caribbean.

The story, in short, is about a witch and a vampire. The witch curses the vampire, and the vampire returns from the coffin after a long time, and from there, the story takes a different route, which will tickle your bones.

After going through some recommendations about a few of the best fantasy movies to watch on Netflix. I consider Dark Shadow a good fantasy movie to catch up with on Netflix. 

2. Legion

All thanks to critics for giving the movie a low rating, which made me watch the film.

Legion is a story about many strangers in a roadside restaurant that comes under the attack of supernatural powers. Their only chance of survival lies with a Beelzebub called Michael. Who educates a waitress that her child is the last hope of humanity.

I didn’t find anything wrong in the movie, but rather it was worth a watch, however different individuals have different ways of judging a film. In my opinion, I thoroughly consider legion to have the value of time and a considerable one time watch.

best fancy movies on netflix

In a countryside city bordering on a magical land, a young man promises his beloved he’ll bring a fallen star by traveling into the magic kingdom.

A film with everything that is required in a fantasy movie, love, magic, and great acting from the actors of the film.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film, Unlike numerous sci-fi fantasy movies available right now that depart open-endings. This is a pure fairy-tale, gratifying in and of itself without the demand for a sequel.

best fantasy movies on netflix
4.MOWGLI: Legend Of The Jungle

A realistic story just as to how it was supposed to be depicted in Rudyard Kipling’s originals. 

Awesome depiction of 19th century Indian villages along with its characters. Seeing how Mowgli is accepted into by the individual society since he learns their manners is so persuasive and bone-chilling. It captures the celebrities’ performance as correctly as possible even though at the most complex emotional scenes.

The makers must be lauded for creating such a bold film about a jungle boy attempting to get accepted by society. 

5. His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass

Few may agree, and few may not, however, everyone has their preferences for analyzing a film. 

Before watching out for the movie and checking the IMDB rating, this film got a rating of 6.1/10. Which is not a bad score; the animal effects are mind blowing, which is the beautiful part of the film. 

A story about friendship where a young girl travels to the north part to safeguard her friend and other children who are a victim of a mysterious experiment.

best fantasy movies on netflix
6. Jack the Giant Slayer

The film is quite decent. It’s morals; it is pretty, celebrities all played their parts very well; it is not condescendingly dumb.

Instead, one can enjoy this on almost all levels. Surely, an entertaining movie that retained a lot of the original fairy tale’s plot and feels.

 I wasn’t blown away with this flick, but I did appreciate it. And I also enjoyed it.

7. Pan’s Labyrinth

Imagine you own a door to enter a world of fairy tales, and a few unearthly creatures need “you’re the princess of the world” But if you would like to enter that world, you need to have completed three tasks. Then what will you do?

Great storytelling, mind-blowing visual impacts that creates the movie more extreme to the viewers. 

Additionally, this movie tackles the story of two worlds.  STORY OF WORLD OF FAIRY TALES: with the sway of some unearthly animals a little woman finish three careful jobs and eventually become their princess 

  1. The understanding of love between a mother and her daughter after the civil war in late 1944’s mostly focusing on Spain. 

Towards the end, the movie is successful in engaging audiences with its exciting subject. 

best fantasy movies on netflix
8. V For Vendetta

“The people who are responsible for the deaths of thousands will be answerable.”

Hugo Weaving brings to life a multidimensional, multifaceted character unlike anything else we’d seen before, which ironically, we never expect to see.  

As we’re grudgingly introduced into V by a surprising twist of destiny, a new dynamic for this sophisticated narrative line is instilled with incorporating this humble idealist, Evey Hamm (Natalie Portman).  

V for Vendetta overshadows other anti-hero themed films and sets an entirely different benchmark or standard for emotionally fulfilling, action, drama, and romance lovers.

This 2005, fantasy genre-based film undoubtedly falls into my list of a few of the best fantasy movies to watch on Netflix.

best fantasy movies on netflix
9. Children Of Men

In a future grim in which individuals can no longer reproduce, one lady strangely becomes pregnant,  and a conflicted bureaucrat fights to protect her. 

This movie is the thing that springs to mind when I think about the twin dangers of overpopulation and ecological collapse.  

The movie is about how the guy saves humankind after the human race gets infertile soon.

It’s a fantastic movie with good acting, excellent visuals, a pleasant environment, and right on how narrative moves.  Nothing will get you bored.  

movies and web series reviews
10. The Spiderwick Chronicles

Twin brothers Jared and Simon Grace go into Spiderwick Estate together with their sister and mother. Once there, they find themselves surrounded by suspicious creatures.

A fantastic fantasy film for all the family. The Spiderwick Chronicles relies upon the novels of the Exact Same title by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black.

This is another fantasy movie that serves its function since it entertains, regardless of age.  It is not one of the elites in its genre, but it is a story that hooks you from the 20-minute mark, and you just go along for the ride, mainly to see how things will turn out.

11. The Never Ending Story

This was another movie that I’ve had the complete pleasure of possessing. The ethic is the storytelling and how the film is framed to you, making you feel shattered and prosper with positive responses. If you love mystery over fantasy, then don’t have a second thought of whether to watch this movie or not, because you will regret it later. 

The film brings out the kid inside you even if you are 32 years of age, which I am currently, and you can never forget the actual kid inside you till your last breath. 

This is a film about the value of creativity and lets yourself keep dreaming, and also its great special-effects simply drive its message home longer. 

I highly recommend watching it if you are looking for some good fantasy movies on Netflix.

best fantasy movies on Netflix
12. Mirror Mirror

Snow white fairy tales are a pleasure to watch, especially when you’ve crossed your teenage and become an adult, but ultimately it’s the kid inside you to be reborn with this fantastic fairy tale film named Mirror Mirror. 

The story delves about Snow White’s wicked stepmother who takes over her realm and vanishes her into the woods, She then returns to take back her kingdom with the help of seven dwarfs, which rightfully belongs to her.

If you are looking for something that can be a fun ride and help you remove your stress for at least sometimes, I recommend you watch this film as a recovery help from your stress.

As a fantasy comedy for children, Mirror Mirror’s primary objective is to amuse its child audience and make them laugh, which it did achieve in the entire duration of the film.

best fantasy movies on netflix
13. HUGO

The year 2020, has been a horrible year for many of us, however christmas is a festival which brings in a lot of smiles and joy all around our lives.

If you want to enjoy christmas beforehand with your friends and kids, then this film is a perfect christmas watch for you.

The film is a story about a young orphan Hugo, whose life mission is to get a clock working-but the key to find the clock is in big question. Which brings in the mysterious journey of Hugo that will give you a good view without taking your eyes away from the screen. 

A definite winner and a great watch with the rating of 7.5/10 from IMDB.

Best fantasy movies on netflix
14. Bright

A movie which is to the point with its advertisements about being an action, sci-fi drama film. 

The story is about a police officer, and his fellow officer, who is counted to be not a part of normal human life, overcomes all the obstacles to save the world.

The special effects are perfect, just enough to further the storyline and not take over the plot.

The key to enjoying a movie like this is not searching for anything that it is possible to reject as impossible or even unlikely. Sit back, suspend disbelief for a little while, and just enjoy the damn thing for what it is!   It is known as a fantasy for a reason.  

15. Beautiful Creatures

Hunting to watch a witch with a fairytale concept, then this movie will be a perfect watch for you.

The story is about Ethan, who expects about a day where he can leave his small town and go to college. He falls for Lena, who’s rejected by all. He later gets to know that she’s a witch, but when true love arises, no witch can defeat over true love. They both try to find a way to save their love. 

A beautiful concept, where the narratives have delivered their best to ensure no boredom to arise while watching the film. 

It is quite a disappointment to hear that the movie was not much in talk and being very much underrated, but I believe that the film is a good watch.

 Wrapping up

 I am positive that the post’s list is not disappointing; however, I would love to hear from you about a few of the fantasy movies you prefer. So feel free to leave your comment below to let me know about some of the recommendations regarding fantasy movies to watch in your spare time.

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