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best hindi movies

We all know the COVID-19 as changed the daily lifestyle of many people—a virus that has not only affected a specific location but has affected the entire world.

Due to the criticality of this dangerous virus, many government officials have made a drastic decision to lock down their country.

India, which is the second-largest populated country of the world and one of the fastest-growing major economies of the world, has also been locked down for an extended period.
In a censorious situation of lockdown, here is a list of some of the best Hindi movies you might consider to watch.

List of Best Hindi Movies to Stream

Best Hindi Movies
1. Tanhaji- The Unsung Warrior

Tanhaji- The Unsung Warrior released alongside Chappak, which proves to be the first major hit of the year 2020 in Bollywood. The film made a total collection of ₹367.58 crores as per Wikipedia reports.

Ajay Devgan undoubtedly has given a remarkable performance as Tanhaji making the viewers praise his act.

The battle of Sinhagad was registered in history; however, it was forgotten by the majority, and the name Tanhaji remains unknown to the world.

To know more about the unsung hero- Check Who was Tanhaji and how the battle took place.

The movie is available on HOTSTAR.

best hindi movies
2. Parched

Parched is a story about four women staying in a desert village of Rajasthan. A movie that shows the dark-side about how women are treated in Rajasthan’s remote areas with unfair practices.

Molestation, sexual abuse, dowry system, child marriage is the primary subject which the film highlights. 

All four primary lead Tannishtha ChatterjeeRadhika ApteSurveen ChawlaLehar Khan are excellent with their designated roles.

The movie was produced under the Ajay Devgan banner, which was premiered on the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival.

The movie can be found in the prime video app.

best hindi movies
3. Section 375

The movie showcases a woman said to be accused and allegedly raped by a filmmaker. Then the courtroom drama starts with the two significant leads Richa Chadda and Akshaye Khanna.

The movie keeps you engaging and makes you wonder who to believe and whom not to until, as usual, the end of the film discloses the reality.

Section 375 is available in the prime videos app, which falls to be one of the Best Hindi movies to stream in the lockdown period.

4.Bhavesh Joshi

The movie couldn’t recover its budget, however, going by the presentation and the making of the film. I, without a doubt, rate the movie as one of the Best Hindi films to stream.

The story is about three friends who exposes the wrongdoing and the corruption happening within the city on their youtube channel. As the story continues, all three of them split when they get jobs of their own choices in their respective fields. However, one of the friends gets self-obsessed with the task of bringing the wrongdoing to the public. 

His obsession with the task takes away his life while cracking alleged problems happening with water in one of the local vicinity. His death brings back his friend to take over his incomplete task and bring justice for their dead friend. 

 Bhavesh Joshi had some raving and positive responses, however, the film failed at the Box office. 

best hindi movies
5. Article 15

Article 15 mostly discusses discrimination based on religion, race, caste, sex, or birthplace.

The movie is slow; however, the investigation that happens at the time of three teenage girls who went missing reveals many harsh and disturbing parts of society. 

Ayushman Khurana always seems to be not disappointing with his selection of movies and is terrific in his new avatar of a police officer.

The movie gets the right word of mouth from prominent media critics, and the viewers also accept the film with positive reviews.

The film is available on Netflix

Best Hindi Movies
6. The Sky is Pink

The movie came and went without much of people’s interest to hit the theatres to watch the film.

It’s a masterpiece with excellent direction by Shonali Bose. The movie is based on a couple who faces a lot of challenges while upbringing their daughter. Many tragedies occur in the life of the couple; an example of such an incident would be their first child’s death after birth due to severe health issues. The story continues with their third child, who again faces health issues. The film highlights how the couple will be dealing with all of these ups and downs of life. 

The movie couldn’t recover its budget; however, it deserved to be appreciated, which came in positive reviews and received three Filmfare awards nominations.

You can watch the movie on Netflix.

best hindi movies
7. Salaam Bombay

Salaam Bombay, released in 1988, was one of the most recognized best Hindi movies during that era.

A movie showing the emotions of children living in the slums of Bombay.

Mira Nair received many appreciations for making this gem and, to date, has been recognized for her work in Salaam Bombay. 

The actors mostly used were street children in real. They had to undergo specialized training before being cast in the movie.

Salaam Bombay on Prime Video app. 

best hindi movies
8. Yeh Saali Aashiqui

It was hard to believe that the movie couldn’t make it to broad audiences and had fewer footfalls in the theatres.

Vardhan Puri undoubtedly gives his best to continue the legacy of his grandfather Amrish Puri but fails to attract audiences. 

Yeh Saali Aashiqui is a revenge saga and is very well made by the makers to keep the audiences’ interest alive with the film.

With excellent reviews and IMDB, giving it an 8.2/10 rating without a doubt brings it in the audiences’ eyes to catch up with the movie in the streaming network of ZEE5.

9. Chhichhore

If you miss on Chhichhore, then I say you are making the wrong decision of not watching it on the Hotstar app.

It is a story about friendship, family, relationship, and, most importantly, not being called a loser.

The film carries comedy with emotions in between, which goes hand in hand to connect with the film’s subject. 

All the characters fit at the right spot without any padding required. 

The movie was a successful hit in the box office and did recover its budget. Audiences were all deeply involved with the movie to ensure the film receives the ultimate success. 

Critics and major media networks have all given a thumbs up to the movie; therefore, without a doubt, Chhichhore does fall into our list of Best Hindi movies to watch.

best hindi movies
10. Swades

The movie didn’t get its spot at the time of its release. Although the budget was recovered, but it deserves much better recognition than it is getting now after the movie came out of the theatres. 

It is a story of an NRI returning to his motherland to visit his childhood caring nanny who somehow lost contact with him. In his stay, he witnessed many social issues that persist in his homeland: basis caste, religion, and color. 

The film is a cult classic of Hindi cinema, and the music of A.R.Rahman is an add on for the film.

IMDB gives it an 8.2/10, and so is one of the other movie review sites rottentomatoes.com.

best Hindi Movies
11. 13B

A cult horror or rather I should say a suspenseful Horror flick. 

R Madhavan is brilliant as a lead in the film.

In short, the story is about a family who shifts to a new flat, and then many suspicious things start taking place.

Behind the suspicious things, we have a story to witness which you can predict at one moment, but towards the latter part of the story, it changes, which brings in suspense at its best. 

Many might have been unfamiliar with the movie, but this is a definite winner to make you seated at your sofa’s comfort and enjoy it with friends or family. 

13B can be found in Hotstar or Jio Cinema.

best hindi movies
12. Hichki

Rani Mukherji deserves to be applauded for her brilliant performance in the film. 

The story lies about a teacher who supports her students, especially those who are week in studies and come from a low background.

Kudos to the makers for putting up a great movie in front of the audience.

All praise to the lead Rani Mukherji, who gave her best in acting, and there are no questions of disappointments. 

You can stream the movie on the prime videos app.

13.Gang of Wasseypur.

Talking about the best Hindi movies to stream, I think the list would be incomplete without adding Gang of Wasseypur in the catalog.

Those who know about the story I think the story needs not to be disclosed. 

All the actors are best in the film, giving an edge of a seat performance, forcing viewers to praise their work in the movie. 

The movie gave a break to many newcomers like Nawazuddin SiddiquiRajkumar Rao, and Pankaj Tripathi. 

The movie is available on the prime videos app and many other streaming networks.


If you are looking for a solid suspense film, tune into ANDHADHUN, which can be seen at Netflix. 

Sriram Raghavan has been continuously impressing audiences with his movies and making the viewers force to catch up with his films.

Some cult movies of the talented director are Ek Hasina Thi, Johny Gaddar, Badlapur. 

Tabu brilliantly portrays the negative character ensuring nobody else could have done it better than her. 

Tune into Andhadhun, for some gripping suspense drama to enjoy at home.

best Hindi Movies
15. Wazir

The movie length is small; however, it has brilliant acting by both the lead Farhan Akhtar and Amitabh Bachchan. 

The plot is about getting redemption and how the suspense continues makes you wonder, what a brilliant ending finish to a well made flick.

The movie got raving ratings from prominent media networks.

It was the 2016 first release directed by Bejoy Nambiar and produced by Vidhu Vinod Chopra. 

You can find it on Netflix.

best hindi movies

Anurag Kashyap makes movies that are surely worth a watch. Ugly is a suspense thriller based on people’s cunningness and every character running for money without showing any child’s concern. 

The movie starts with a girl child missing, following which every character in the film begins searching for the girl child missing. 

Ransome, kidnapping, torture, and mind game is a vital part of the film. 

The film will keep you evolving to know what is about to come up next. 

A film that was a masterstroke but wasn’t acknowledge at all when it hit the theatres. The streaming environment has changed entertainment, and many films that were not recognized are finally getting its rewards.

best hindi movies
17. A Wednesday

Greatness at its best and robust and intense acting by the leads will make you fall for A Wednesday. 

If Anupam Kher gives his excellence in acting, Naseeruddin Shah, on the other side, ensure to steal the show. 

From the start, an intense scene will make you glued on your seat and keep you involved until the end.

The end will make you applaud, and the last 20 minutes of dialogue delivery by Naseeruddin Shah will make you realize a sudden twist-which will ideally make you add this movie into your list of best Hindi movies.

Check out the movie on Netflix.

18.Rang De Basanti

The list will be unfinished if an Aamir Khan movie is not included as one of the best Hindi movies to stream.

Rang De Basanti is all about fighting against the system and the corruption happening within the country.

A revenge saga for the death of a friend, which is mostly about spreading a message to the public that nothing is perfect; we have to unite to make it complete.

At the time of its release, the movie holds a record of breaking many box office collections. Many praises came towards the way of the film.

Watch the movie on Netflix.

Best Hindi Movies
19.Bajrangi Bhaijaan

One of the best movies of Salman Khan is Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

In short, the movie is about helping a little girl commute her back to her hometown Pakistan from India. 

Bajrangi, played by Salman Khan, helps her to take her back to her hometown, who in between faces many obstacles and hurdles. 

The movie towards the end brings in tears portraying a message that love can fade away the distance between the two enemy countries, India and Pakistan.

Without a doubt, it’s a sure shot watch for all movie lovers in the lockdown.

Watch it on the PrimeVideos app.

best hindi movies
20. Rann

You might be shocked to see Rann in my list of best Hindi movies to stream. 

Before watching the movie, I preferred to check the critics’ reviews, and it was surprising that Rann didn’t receive good reviews from critics. However, by the audience’s response, I thought of watching the movie but was hesitant, as it was a Ram Gopal Verma movie.

Rann is unquestionably among the greatest movies I’ve watched. People searching for a realistic and sensible film can switch to Rann, which can be found on the prime videos app.

best hindi movies
21. Piku

Piku is something new for the audience to witness, along with a new concept for viewers to watch. 

All three major characters, Deepika Padukone, Amitabh Bachchan, and Irfan Khan, are excellent with their respective roles.

Piku is a beautifully scripted movie with a great storyline. 

An entertaining movie, which will keep you smiling throughout the film.

Check the movie on the Netflix network. 

best Hindi movies

You get to enjoy your life once because you won’t get to live it once again.

The message of the movie is so wonderfully portrayed that you can’t skip it without watching it. 

If you are searching for which movie to watch while you are at home, you should switch your tv to Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara, as it’s a story about living your life, breathing in the open away from all the stress and problems of life. 

best hindi movies
23. Munna Bhai MBBS

I am sure that the Munna Bhai series is loved by many of the viewers.

The third installment of the film has been in the queue for a long time.
Munna Bhai MBBS, a film based on emotions, drama, bonding, and, more importantly, proves that there is no more significant medicine than love in this world to cure a disease.

Circuit, played by Arshad Warsi in the film, was superb and has received many applauds for this performance.

The film Munna Bhai gave Sanjay Dutt a significant turning point in his filmy career.

best hindi movies

Till the time you don’t come out of your comfort and stop relying upon others you won’t understand your worth in society. Queen is one of the best works of Kangana Ranuat till date and will always be the best. The film was a mammoth success at the box office and brought a sudden break in the filmy career of Kangana Ranuat. 

An actress who wasn’t much into fame and was very less in talk became an overnight talk of the town.  She has been praised a lot for her fantastic work in the film. 

The unique part of the film is that it was presented very originally and doesn’t have any extra masala as an add-on flavour.  Hunting to watch for best Bollywood Movies then Queen could be another recommendation to watch.

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