Some of the Best Hindi Web Series to Stream

best hindi web series

The video streaming network has been evolving rapidly, and there are many best of the best Hindi web series, which we can watch with friends, love, family members, or office colleagues.

Indian contents are in considerable hype in the digital market, which has brought in the attention of many big streaming giants to invest in Indian Content.

Netflix India Ceo revealed in one of his media conferences stating that Indian Content has high potential. Sacred Games, the first-ever Indian web-series in their network, received a mammoth response outside India than in India.

The response indicates the possibility of Indian Content; hence going by the trend, Netflix India invests almost a whopping amount of around ₹3000 crores in the Indian Content, check some of the upcoming projects of Netflix India 2020.

Let’s know some of the best Hindi web series from the streaming platform.

Lists of the Best Hindi Web Series to watch

best hindi web series

Mirzapur, a crime raga with intense acting by all the characters in this well-known web series, doesn’t require an introduction. A series that revolves around drugs, mafia, guns, and goons ruling the state of Mirzapur. The season 2 of the series has been keeping the audiences wait for a very long time, and as per the latest update, the season 2 of the series will be available in prime videos this year 2020. Pankaj Tripathi, Ali FazalVikrant MasseyAmit Sialand Divyendu Sharma all have made the series a successful hit, and so goes to the series’s makers. Undoubtedly, Mirzapur comes in the first list of one of the best Hindi web series in prime videos to stream.

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The series tag says how far you will go to protect the life of your loved one. R.Madhavanas in the role of a father, is outstanding, and so is the other lead Amit Sadh as Senior Inspector Kabir Sawant. The second series of Prime Videos for Indian viewers did receive positive reviews and did receive love from the audience. Hindustantimes gave 3.5/5 to the series whereas, IMDB rates 8.4/10, proving the series is worth your watch. A mind game between 2 father’s one is an Inspector, and the other is a sportsperson.

3. Inside Edge

The Show Was positively received by Audience and Critics and had been nominated for Best Drama Show at 46th International Emmy Awards. You’ll find an insight into the politics behind the sport, and how individuals frequently play with a game between money, sex, and ability to reach their ways.

The plot is mostly related to Mumbai Mavericks, a cricket franchise playing in the PPL( Powerplay League). The franchise is facing a lot of ups and down about the ownership of the franchise and also accused of spot-fixing matches. The writing and the direction of the Show are being very well portrayed to the audience for one not to be falling into boredom and the suspense to be continued. All the characters and the actors of the series are perfect in their roles and don’t leave any stone unturned—all-in-all a dynamic web series for streaming lovers to watch on prime videos.

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4. The Family Man

The family Man is a story about a middle-class person working in dual personalities. Manoj Bajpayee, as Srikanth Tiwari working as an intelligence officer for the National Investigation Agency, is fantastic with his role. The actor has been consistently building his place in the entertainment industry with his skills of acting. Prime Videos in their youtube channel recently gave a glimpse of season 2 of the series to be arriving soon this year. The series includes a total of 10 episodes that keep you going on with the pace of the series and doesn’t lose the rhythm. Overall, the internet world has given a thumbs up to the series, which concludes the series to be worth your precious time.

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The Forgotten Army- Azaadi ke Liye is based on a real event before India’s independence. Many countrymen somehow forgot the Indian National Army led by our beloved freedom fighter Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose to fight against the British for the liberation of our country.

The Forgotten Army- Azaadi ke Liye brings in the story behind forming the Indian National Army and bringing them to India to fight for freedom. How the army fights against all the odds and gains victory, but ultimately their sacrifices result in calling them traitors by the British government during the struggle of independence for India is what the series mostly tries to bring to the viewers. Kabir Khan’s first directorial debut in the digital world has been praised by the audience as well as critics respond to the series is also proven to be worth a watch. The year 2020 first prime video web series for Indian Content is precisely in our best Hindi web series list for web series lovers.

6.Laakhon Mein Ek

The series hasn’t been in the limelight much and not in much of discussion; however, after catching up with Laakhon Mein Ek, I find both the seasons to be engaging and exciting. The season one is about a teenager who’s ambition is of less importance to his parents, but getting into IIT is vital to them. Season 2 is a story about a junior doctor who tries to expose the corruption in the world of the medical profession. The seasons of the series deserve significant attention from viewers, and according to the rating by media critics, it shows that Laankhon Mein Ek is a winner in the digital platform.

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7. Midwicket Tales

Mid Wicket-Tales is a series that highlights the journey of Indian cricket. If you are in love with cricket, then this 12 episode web series is for you in which the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah narrates the journey of Indian cricket. The series showcases the individual who leads the team from the front as captains and takes responsibility to battle on the ground as a team. Mouthshut.com reviews the series with 4.5/5 hence proving the series to be considered as one of the best Hindi web series for cricket lovers.

best hindi web series
8. Made In Heaven

Made in Heaven is a fantastic well written prime videos original revolving the Indian Wedding, showcasing the chronicles of two wedding planners in India. India is a hub for old and new traditions in marriages. The Show is mostly revealing the secrets of Indian big fat Wedding with both traditional and modern aspirations intact. A show with positive words of mouth makes the Show worth a watch, and going by most of the articles on the internet world makes Made in Heaven, a winner in my list of Best Hindi Web Series.

best hindi web series

Pushpavalli is a series of liking someone without confronting the person and doing pathfinding to know more about the person. The eight-episode series is a comedy based drama that users seem to have liked it. The show hasn’t received much hype; however, after consideration to go for the Show, we would respond to the Show as a one time watch, which is engaging and can be completed in one shot.

best hindi web series
10. Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humare

It is a comedy web series, and with Zakir Khan on the stage comedy is a necessity. The “Sakht Launda” is a sensation on the Internet, and people follow his youtube channel rigorously. Overnight popularity brought Zakir Khan in the eyes of many prominent personalities. Chacha Vidhayak hai Hamare is an intriguing series for all stand-up comedian fans of Zakir Khan.

best hindi web series
11. Sacred Games

Sacred Games, the first Indian origin web series of Netflix, became an immense success for the streaming giants. Ganesh Gaitonde’s role got tremendous love from movie buffs or lovers from the digital world. All praises to the makers of the Show for presenting Sacred Games to the audience. It is not just a web series, but it is the acting of Ganesh Gaitonde, which will keep you demanding more of him or more of his scenes in the series. Sacred Games, a story in the past and the present, will keep you seated on your comforts and not to move till you complete the entire series.

best hindi web series
12. Selection DAY

Selection day is a series about the father’s possessiveness for cricket and his decision to make his son’s play cricket by giving them training. The only thing the father is more concerned is getting his sons to play for domestic-level cricket, without even knowing what the son’s desire for in life.

What is the dream of the two brothers, whether they are even willing to play cricket, or do they have the skills to be a cricketer doesn’t bother the father much? Rajesh Tailang, playing the role of a possessive father, is brilliant with his role and gives a superb performance #nocaptionrequired. With the great response by prominent media critics and audience response selection day is a sure shot best Hindi web series to stream.

best hindi web series

Very well presented and directed “Delhi Crime” shows the dark side of the brutal gang rape that happened with Nirbhaya in Delhi during winters. The show throws light in Delhi police parts towards finding the culprits, despite immense public pressure, media interaction, political intervenes, and nation rage. The series is full of the excellent portrayal of characters, and Shefali Shah very well immerses herself as DCP in the series, undoubtedly ensuring to give her best in acting. The whole team should be applauded for putting up such a serious subject in a very well structured manner and keeping the viewers well connected with the series.

best hindi web series
14.Yeh Meri Family

I had a constant smile on my face while watching this sensational web series. The entire series was very connected and is a must-watch for those born in the ’80s-’90s. While watching this masterpiece, I can relate the story to be somewhere related to mine during my childhood days, which made me emotional. All the cast and the writer deserves a big applaud for bringing in a masterpiece series like “Yeh Meri Family” in Netflix as well as TVFPLAY.

best hindi web series
15. Little Things

Mithila Palkar is simple, sweet, and up to the mark of the role. A perfect match for an ideal character. Dhruv Sehgal, an ideal pair to Mithila Palkar, completes Little Things to be a fascinating series. I consider Little Things to be the real story of people who are in a living relationship and surrounded by the Internet as well as social media.

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16. Jamtara

A group of juveniles makes fake calls to customers, proving that they are genuine and clears all the money from the customer’s account. All characters are a perfect match as per their designated roles. Amit Sial is a strong key for viewers to consider watching the series, and I think his skills in acting deserve to be recognized more on the grounds of entertainment. Jamtara, the first Netflix Indian content web series of 2020, got a good response after the major disappointment of Ghost Stories from the network.

best hindi web series

image source: feminisminindia.com

17. Stories by Rabindranath Tagore

A series based on the stories of Rabindranath Tagore’s novels. Anurag Basu has crafted the art so well in the series that one will be amazed to realize that how did you bypass the series and never thought of watching. This series features the stories of Rabindranath Tagore’s in 26 episodes, and every story has something new for the viewers to watch. A show set in the late 19th and the early 20th century, during the pre-partition period. Undoubtedly, stories of Rabindranath Tagore are considered one of the best Hindi web series for Netflix lovers to consider watching.

image source:  wordbred.com

18. Ghoul

Ghoul has been given negative remarks from users; however, critics and IMDB ratings show that it’s worth watching. The series is a horror-based web series in which Radhika Apte plays the role of an interrogator. Things get worst when she finds the person to interrogate is Ali Saeed, who has strange behaviors and is dangerous. Radhika Apte offers excellent performance and undoubtedly wins the show with her skills in acting. Ghoul can be checked out once when you can’t find anything interesting on Netflix to see.


Leila, a story about a mother, in search of her daughter, however, in between faces many obnoxious and insane acts of human. The series mostly drives us to the future of the country where humans will starve for water, and pollution will take away most of us. It also dismantles the religious sentiments of Hindus, and portray a bad image. Leila seems to be not receiving raving or good response; however, by critics’ responses, the show has been in controversies. It can be entitled to a watch on the streaming platform of Netflix.

best hindi web series
20. Taj Mahal 1989

Taj Mahal 1989 defines love and is very well executed by the makers in 7 episodes series for viewers to watch. Love has no age to identify and can happen at any age; the phrase age is just a number brilliantly matches with this well-made series. The series is a story about love from the older generation to the new generation. Love is unidentified and does not have an immortal definition. Therefore, Taj Mahal 1989 is highly recommended for those who love to watch romantic type content and feel the immerses of love in life.

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21. Kaafir

Kaafir is very emotional, and well make you fall into pondering about how human have converted themselves into a devil. A story about a girl who by mistakenly crosses the LOC and gets imprisonment of 7 years in jail. She also falls to be a victim of being raped while serving her sentences in prison without any mistake of her own or any kind of crime committed. A journalist later seeks justice for her and helps her find freedom from the sin not determined by her. Kaafir is being very well accepted by the audiences and has a positive response proving it to be in the list of one of the best Hindi web series to stream.

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22. Abhay

Abhay is a series related to insanity happening in our society. The episodes are horrendous, and some speak about the harsh part of the community. The lead plays the role of an officer who’s mind works just like the criminal and solves the crimes happening in the vicinity. The episodes are well-made and will not lead to boredom, making you feel disconnected from the series.

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23.The Final Call

The final Call undoubtedly is one of the best so far by the versatile Arjun Rampal. The story revolves around a flight that gets threatened by the pilot claiming to kill everyone in the plane. Overall the makers, have ensured that viewers stay deeply involved with the Content of the series and ask for more until the suspense gets revealed. Sakshi Tanvir is finally getting her opportunity to prove her skills with acting, and she has done full justice to her role. The Final Call cannot be kept aside when it comes to watching some of the best Hindi web series from the Zee5 app.

best hindi web series
24. Karenjit Kaur- The Untold Story of Sunny Leone

The Zee5 Original Web Series is based on the life of the highest google search celebrity Sunny Leone. The presence of a personality or being a celebrity we usually ask for from our life, but you never know being famous can also be a curse for you. Sunny Leone’s life has faced a lot of ups and down’s right from being a pornstar till a Bollywood sensation. The series showcases the struggle and the journey of her personal life right from stepping into the porn industry then becoming a Bollywood celebrity. If you are in search of some biopic web series, then KARENJIT KAUR-THE UNTOLD STORY OF SUNNY LEONE is a highly recommended series for one to watch.

best hindi web series
25. Sex Drugs and Theatre

Sex, Drugs & Theatre is among the few internet series that emphasizes all of the hard work and skill that goes into performing a theatre play, even in school. This can be a crisp response to people who make fun of everybody who’s ever worked at a drama. The show is about a set of collegegoers that are in the artwork section. They choose to take part in a theatre play festival.

However, what appears to be a pure play gains political facet almost instantly — since the faculty is reeling under a suicide incident. A youthful, Dalit boy commits suicide, and there is no plausible answer to why he did so. The consequences of this episode filter to the life span of this artwork group pupils, and at the end of it all, they choose to do what is accurate.

image source: Youtube.com

26. State of Siege 26/11

State of Siege 26/11 will remind you of all of the documentaries, movies, and shows based on the Mumbai terror attacks, but what’s unique about this series is that it narrates the story from the viewpoint of the NSG. The story gives a bit of background about Ajmal Kasab and shows how he has been abuse by society, which leads him to become a terrorist. The revelation is shocking and an eye-opener about how a terrorist is born.
26/11 also succeeds in discovering the several sides of the narrative throughout the siege — the way the media covered the case, but also gave away hints to the terrorists, how politics postponed the NSG commandos from accepting an early trip to Mumbai, the way the commandos themselves weren’t equipped with the very best ammunition, how a few Mumbai cops showed guts in the face of death and were able to make early inroads from the resorts where the terrorists were holed, why many Israeli citizens were retained hostages…

best hindi web series

image source: ZEE5.com


A series based on real grounds. Durga Puja a big festival among the Bengalis; this series revolves around NRI Bengalis from India and Bangladesh organizing the celebration of Durga Puja. However, the ceremony might be a nightmare for the community as a terrorist group plans to abrupt the party. Who will conquer between the evil and the good is mostly this well-presented web series highlights.

Parambrata Chattopadhyay, as usual, always impresses with his excellence, and effortlessness delivers his best on the field of acting. All characters deserve to be applauded for bringing in the best in the series to ensure the interest not to fade away from the viewers: great series and a top-notch intriguing ZEE5 original.

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The series is a perfect combination of suspense, intriguing storyline, an exciting plot for the digital viewers to watch.

The director delivers an excellent 12 episodes for the digital audience to be hooked up with the series. 

We all are aware that web series are time-consuming and after spending your valuable time watching the series. We want our time to be valued and understand if watching the series was worth our time or not. 

If you are searching for some solid, intense drama series while navigating the ZEE5 app, then switch to ZERO KMS, which will make your time worthwhile. 

One main reason I thought of giving the series a try was the very talented and legendary actor Naseeruddin Shah, who rarely disappoints with most of his movies. 

zee5 best web series
29. JAMAI 2.0

The series is a revenge based drama show. What makes it unique is the presentation, it has a straightforward plot, and the name itself gives a hint of what is there in the series. In simple words, if you search for something entertaining which has some twist and turn in between, then you can switch to Jamai 2.0. The web series has all the necessary ingredients which are required to keep you hooked up until completion. It’s a total of 10 episode series to stream.  


Phone, a friend, is among the most Approaching and modern stories of love I’ve Seen Lately. With technology becoming a large part of our lives, the story is relatable and feels as though it can happen to anybody. The series is a good mixture of laughs, warmth, and has a perfect ending. The concept of the series is new, which will not make one fall into boredom. I rate the series as one of the fascinating series of recent times. Romance at the top-notch should make you fall for the series, and you might want to complete the series in a shot.

best hindi web series
31. ASUR

Asur an epic series that is so well presented that it has all the reason to make you hooked until the end. The series is a thriller drama series that will make your time worth the watch only if you are fond of thriller shows.

A serial killer drama show where every episode creates a twist, and you would be eager to know what’s going to up next in the series.

VOOT seems to be giving impressive shows, and the lockdown was a full advantage for VOOT- since many shows from the platform have received a tremendously positive response.

Asur is one hell of a binge-watch series, which gives absolute justice to your precious times with popcorn and coke by your side.

best hindi web series

The Raiker Case, another mysterious web series for all thriller lovers.
The show revolves around finding out the real murderer behind a person’s death- the engaging plot is the family responsible for the murder- it seems in the investigation that nobody is clean.
Every aspect of the investigation points to someone or the other in the family, which is intriguing and keeps you glued to your room’s comfort until the series is not over.

Perhaps a perfect thriller drama night shows you could have asked to enjoy with your flatmates only if you stayed a bachelor’s life like me.

Best Romantic Web Series

Broken But Beautiful a very beautifully portrayal stating about the hearts which gets broken; there is always a need of someone to heal the pain.

Many people have loved the song of the series, and it got mammoth growth.

All the lead in the series had given a dynamic performing ensure to capture the hearts of many. Perhaps a series, that will give you an emotional experience and give you a byte of extreme love and pain.

best hindi web series

It’s not always about worrying about the job you’ve got and all the debt’s you have to pay.

Life has also got something more for you, which is called living the moment because it comes only once which you won’t get it again.

The series gives a very lovely message stating about even if you don’t have a job to make your living-their is still a lot of things to do in life. Living your dream is what matters the most rather than working without any motive.

Kudos to the maker of his well-made series and all praise to Vikrant Massey for proving what is acting is worth, and I am sure the actor has more to come in the coming years.

best hindi web series

The struggle of a student is equivalent to the battle of those who work for daily living.

The only difference is the daily working individual work for money and students’ study to build a healthy future.

Kota Factory is a fantastic piece of black and white series- which will give you an incredible view and make your time worth watching the series.

best hindi web series

Permanent Roommates is the perfect storytelling of a couple who are confused with their lives about whether to get married or not- just like how I am? A very simple concept which is very well frame to the digital viewers.

The series had got immense love and harmony from many viewers and most of them had came up with raving ratings for the series.

best hindi web series

The series inspires you to do what you want to do in life. If you are someone who has the dream of setting up your start-up, which I am sure many do, then follow your ideal plan and ensure you do what you’ve desired to achieve in your life.

TVF pitchers mostly delve behind the life of individuals who dream of starting up their own venture and make it big in life. Its a must-watch for those who want to achieve something big in life and stop being dragged to work for a living.

best hindi web series

Flames a series based on love and romance among the teenagers. The dialogues are so touchy, and the starting of the series, which starts with one of my favorite Romantic Songs, Pehla Nasha, is like a cherry on the cake.

With some perfect direction and good scripting, the show highlights the kind of love in the teenage. But, the dishearting part is when, as a teenager, the heart is broken. Flames is certainly worth watching and a definite Best Hindi Web Series you could have asked to watch.

best hindi web series

The Cubicle tells the story about the life of individuals who are in corporate sectors. How the industry works, what kind of pressure individuals handle, and what it takes for individuals to succeed.

It also gives a glimpse of the livelihood of Bachelors staying away from the family. A good show keeping the life of a common man in mind- who drags himself daily to the office to work and make a living.

harshad mehta strategy
40. SCAM 1992

Scam 1992, focuses on showing the life story of the Amitabh Bachchan from the stock market, named Harshad Mehta. The scam which was considered to be India’s biggest stock market scam. A show which got raving reviews and has also been considered as the highest rating series of 2020 from IMDB.

Coming to the performance, on the show- the less flamboyant personality Pratik Gandhi gives an excellent performance showcasing the portrayal of Harshad Mehta on the show. A show which, has become the talk of the town on the internet and after the show, the search for Harshad Mehta and its story suddenly got a massive hike.

best hindi web series

A well-executed show, or an extravagate show with all the necessary elements to keep you glued on your chairs. Kay Kay Menon delivers a singular act that will force you to applaud his work from the series. The plot is about to catch the mastermind behind the blasts in India. How the planning has been done to get hold of the most important culprit and make him pay for the sins is exactly what the show highlights. A definite watch if you are searching for something patriotic, something which might create goosebumps, then take a look at Special Ops only on Hotstar

Final Words

We know that the list still has a lot of more add-ons- We would soon be adding more series in the list. Let us know what the more series which can be added to the list. 

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