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Best Military TV Series to Watch on #Netflix, #PrimeVideos and Others

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Best Military TV Series that can make you realize the importance of the soldiers who give away their lives for the well being of us.

A soldier on duty never gives himself a rest and ensures the safety of his fellow citizens are guarded well without any casualties. It brings pride and honour to know that there are people standing still on the borders to keep us safe and sound.

On the internet, you might locate a lot of TV shows and series relating to the life of a soldier, but we as viewers prefer sparing our precious time for only those shows that can bring in some quality takes after the end of the show.

So, Here’s a few highly recommended Best Military TV series we can suggest our readers to see on the streaming forums like Netflix, Prime Videos and Many others.

1. The Great War: The People’s Story

A series of four episodes in total- highlighting the aftermath of the soldier’s who survived The First World War. They explain the situations which they faced and all about the bodies laying on the grounds. It was a dreadful situation for many of the soldiers in World War surroundings. This show will share a lot of knowledge and give you a proper self-explanation about what all had happened in the World War.

2. Regiment Diaries

The show mostly delves behind the scenes highlighting the lives of a soldier- how they are being trained to ensure their motherland’s safety. It is dedicated to Indian Soldiers, giving us a view about how the Indian Soldiers are meant to be challenging in their training and the horrific obstacles they face to succeed in the Indian Army. 

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3. Jack Ryan

With conspiracy intact and some lovely picturization, Jack Ryan is a sure-shot CIA based TV show that you shouldn’t miss from watching. The show has Two Seasons, which are all very well framed and get you an edge of a seat feeling. I personally liked the first part of the show. A good military drama show culminating a terror attack’s insights to not take place and maintain peace in the world.

4. Medal of Honor

To earn your spot, you need to earn it- Medal of Honor is a must-watch show to make you realize the importance of a soldier’s life for your country. Before you even think of watching the show take this as a statutory warning to keep your tissue paper or your handkerchief around you.  I am sure it will bring tears from your eyes—a very emotional show, telling us what it takes for a soldier to earn The Medal of Honor.

5. The Last Ship

The Last Ship is a perfect watch in the lockdown of the pandemic virus called coronavirus. A virus killing the whole of the world’s population in such a crisis- how will the world survive. Military or the men in uniforms has a vital role on the show since they are the ones to take in-charge of the people’s agony and ensure to help as much as they can for the safety of the civilians. If you are looking for the Best Military TV series to watch, consider The Last Ship on your list.

6. War in the Pacific

Many lives were taken in the World War; the show had excelled in all grounds to capture your eyeballs. A show to bring out the emotions of the individuals who gave away their lives and the ones who couldn’t make it to be alive. Fantastic show to watch based on an actual event that is an eye-opener. The series illustrates the horrifying situations the soldiers, the marine, the navy, and the civilians had to face during the war.

7. Wolf

A series that is extraordinary and can keep you hooked from the start till the end. Exceptionally perfectly executed Turkish Series- which you do have the option to view it in English. The ability to keep your attention alive and make all your interest happening on the Series is apprehended well in the show. The story delves around a special task force who had to face all the turmoils in a terror attack situation and then face the aftermath off and on the fields.

8. The Man In The High Castle

The series was not on my watchlist but after going through all the raving reviews about the show- I must accept that the choice was not wrong to consider watching this series. The show keeps you evolving and makes you wonder about the after-effects of World War || – if the Germans and the Japanese would have won it. If you want to check on some of the Best Sci-fi Series based on Some Military effects, then go for The Man In The High Castle without a second thought.

9. The Forgotten Army

You can leave your home soul, but you can never forget your home soul if you stay in a different country. The Forgotten Army is very much motivating, which creates goosebumps after seeing the sacrifices our true Hero’s made for the Independence of India. An Indian Show that is undoubtedly the Best Military TV series got aired at the beginning of the Year 2020. We highly consider The Forgotten Army as a worthwhile watchable series.

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