Make the most of your subscription with the best Netflix tips for 2021

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With  more than 200 million subscribers globally, it is safe to say that Netflix is the largest streaming service in 2021. On Netflix, you can catch up with award-winning movies, original Netflix films, and the best TV shows.

In 2021, there is a lot to look forward to on Netflix, with new movies and TV show episodes to watch every week. Some of the shows to look out for in February include:

Best Netflix tips for 2021

This is a TV show based on a book series beloved amongst many readers. It is a mix of history, romance, and hints of supernatural intrigues, making it a binge-worthy series to look out for in February 2021. 

The Crown

This is a dramatized portrayal of the interesting history of the British royal family, including some real-life details to spice up the storyline. It is a wonderfully told and acted story that shows how petty rivalries and the divisive nature of the royals can turn into scandalous secrets and major wars. The Crown is a binge-worthy TV show.

Big Mouth

If you are a fan of animation, this is one of the greatest animated shows you will find on Netflix. It is a cartoon sitcom on the horrors and wonders of puberty, based on the creator’s personal experiences.

How to make the most of your streaming experience on Netflix
Get rid of embarrassing titles from your Netflix history.

If you have watched shows on Netflix that you are not necessarily proud of, you can remove the titles from your Netflix history. To do so, go to account settings and view your activity from your profile menu. From here, you can remove all the titles you do not want to see on your feed. 

Use extensions to add ratings to titles.

To improve your viewing experience, chrome has some amazing extensions like IMDb Ratings on Netflix that add ratings on each title on your viewing list. A rating extension makes it easier for you to choose what to watch. 

Watch Netflix shows when offline.

If you do not have high-speed internet connectivity, trying to stream a show can be a nightmare. For a better viewing experience, Netflix allows you to download shows and watch offline. This feature also ensures you can watch episodes of your favorite TV shows wherever you go without having to log on to Netflix to stream. 

Access geo-restricted shows on Netflix

Did you know that Netflix users from different parts of the world access different shows? This is due to copyright issues that only allow Netflix to include some titles for viewers in authorized countries. Fortunately, it is still possible to access geo-restricted content by downloading a reputable VPN

A VPN masks your real IP address and bounces your request through servers in different countries. This allows you to find Netflix shows that are not available in your country. 

With so much to watch on Netflix, these tips are sure to change your streaming experience for the better. 

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