Your One stop List of Best Romantic Web Series to Watch.

Best Romantic Web Series

Best Romantic Web Series is, at times, really attractive and can bring in the true love inside you.  Romance has always been the key to many entertainment programmes and will continue to be the major business since many individuals are fond of romantic genres. 

There are many Romantic Bollywood Movies, which had created immense record-breaking performances in the past and among them,  DDLJ is considered to be evergreen.

Web Series, a new format of understanding entertainment and getting to know the characters more deeply are at immense demand. Today, the world of entertainment is not the same as it was before, even though a true movie freak would still be wanting to enjoy its favourite star on the big screen. Nonetheless, the new evolution of OTT is now the new format of entertainment- which has received immense popularity. 

Every week there is always something new coming up in most of the OTT platforms and the audience’s are getting more excited at the same time are confused about which show or movie to watch. As time is money and money is valuable hence nobody has time to waste. 

So without further wasting your precious time- let me take you to my list of Few of the Best Romantic Web Series to Watch.

List of Best Romantic Web Series to Watch

best hindi web series

The series takes off with the lovely romantic song of the 90’s Pehla Nasha and slowly keeps the momentum building of love in the teenager.

Great execution of love, emotions, feelings, sentiments and friendships. The character of Pandeyji is the most attractive part in the series.


Best Romantic Web Series

When two hearts are broken you always need somebody to heal the pain inside you. Broken But Beautiful is extravagant, drives attention, and has some nice soft songs which can be added to your favorite tracks.

The star of the show is Vikrant Massey who gives an overwhelming performance and so are the other leads.


A fresh mesmerizing series displaying the essence of music alongside romance. The series has some excellent soundtrack from the trio Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy which is worth listening and will give you a solid feeling of true love for music. .


The first word to define the actual attraction point of this series is mind-blowing. It’s a must-watch for all true lovers. Every episode of the series has been made so explanatory and straightforward that it becomes impossible to take your eyes off the series.  A great series of occasions about Love, in all the many terrific ways, Love touches each one’s life. The stories are great; the location couldn’t be better! Music is ideal. 

Best Romantic Web Series

A series about the life of a couple being in living relations and the kind of hustle and problems- they face while staying together. Sweet, simple and something which is in connection with the present youngster’s who are in living relations. Little Things is surely the Best Romantic Web Series you should watch

Best Romantic Web Series
6. TAJ MAHAL 1989

Love has no age and can happen to anyone. This is a series where all boundaries were crossed and was very well presented with the motive of Love is not basis religion; it is basis the heart of an individual. I failed to understand the series is significantly less in the hype. Still, in my opinion, it deserves to be getting more praises and more views, a definite Best Romantic Web Series to be hooked upon.

best hindi web series

Sumit Vyas gives a rocking performance, and I think the actor deserves to be getting more visibility just like Vikrant Massey is receiving today. The story is natural and very much common towards the life of today’s young generation. However, the attracting part of the series is the way how it is being presented which is outstanding.

Best Romantic Web Series

A very well crafted series which is presented in a concise format but perhaps can make your time worth watching. Soulmates is a show about two ex schoolmates who accidentally meet one another on a solo trip and fall in Love. 

best romantic web series

Great chemistry of Love and perfection coming hand in hand in this romantic series. The story has nothing new, but it still grabs eyeballs because of the intensity of a few of the scenes- which is emotional and heart-warming.

Best Romantic Web Series

The heart of a human being is always complicated, and it’s always challenging to get over with your first break up. Yeh Crazy Dil relates to the young ones who try to move on in life after break up but finds it difficult. Good Best Romantic Web Series available on Mx Player. 

Wrapping up,

Those are a few of my recommended romantic web series to watch; I would be validating the post once a month whenever I come across some romantic web series of recent times. In the meanwhile, your suggestions are highly appreciated and welcomed.

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