Best Scary Movies on Netflix to be added to your watchlist.

So you want to see scary movies, don’t you? Watching a scary movie with a popcorn handy is always a good idea. But the wrong idea is when you watch them all alone in a dark room without being accompanied by anybody.

However, it’s also gutsy to watch some of the Horror Movies in the dark all alone, which will bring in the real fun of watching a creepy, spooky, horror scene. The Best Scary Movies on Netflix are very much limited but are horrifying.

One of my favorite Netflix Horror Series was The Haunting Of Hill House, which was very much addictive and was presented marvelously. Now, Let’s Check out some of the Best Scariest Movies to watch on Netflix.

List of Best Scary Movies on Netflix to Watch

best scary movies on netflix
1. The Rite

Unlike many horror movies out there that are expressing wickedness as something which faith cannot conquer (trust me, most horror films planted the notion that evil is unavoidable ( and probably unbeatable), this film revealed that God conquers evil.

I am not indicating religious beliefs or religion; however, I feel that showcasing horror films from a different standpoint is a superb idea. This film brilliantly showcased only that. The entire horror genre will place dread as something overpowering the majority of the time.

The rite is a brand new twist in the Egyptian horror genre which people came to understand, and I enjoy it. Here, the wicked are crushed and surrendered. And I feel that lots of Christians will delight in the flow of the film.

 The movie delves around a boy who goes to Italy to pursue a course in exorcism.

best scary movies on netflix
2. Lights out

Lights Out is an absolute winner if a person hunts for a few of the best scary movies on Netflix to watch. In summary, the narrative is about a family that has been traumatized by a wicked shadow named Diana, who can be seen in the dark.

It retains the grip inside to make sure the viewer’s presence is alive rather than losing the film’s attention. It frightened the hell out of me, possibly one of my favorite Horror Flick recently. Diana coming out from the dark will scare you apart, as well as the end will make your time valuable.

3. The Nun

It was hard to believe that The Nun got terrible ratings and the reviews seem not to fulfill the viewers’ expectations. Different individuals have different ways of watching a film, so keeping that aside. The Nun did lack in grabbing eyeballs but is not at all a major disappointment.

Few scenes were howling and creepy that shall give you a scary touch while watching the film. Perhaps, I would define the movie to be a considerable frightening movie on Netflix to watch. 

best scary movies on netflix
4. Before I Wake

The small boy in the movie is so fantastic with his actions that you won’t feel like you’re watching a newbie. Sometimes, a human mind could be so innovative that they develop with films like Before I Wake. The movie keeps you engaged, and in the end, we’ll make you applaud the manufacturers: great work and a lovely watch.

If you need to know whether to see it or not, I say you are welcome to find the raving testimonials from the crowds on google or at IMDB about this movie, which can hardly be harmful. The first word that comes in my response concerning this movie is Wow- Something refreshing, entirely a new notion that will induce your interest to watch this superb flick. A story about a small boy who can’t sleep because if he does, then his dreams become real, which is the scary part of the movie.

best scary movies on netflix
5. Oculus

It is a beautiful and nicely made emotional thriller Horror film to watch- possibly can be named the ideal Horror Films on Netflix. I believed Oculus would not be of my kind, but it was my incorrect option. Oculus, a story about a brother and a sister seeking to show that a mirror holds a wicked soul. Who’s accountable for the departure of their loved ones.

Unfortunately, the saddest part is they don’t get to succeed in the conclusion. I hoped that there would be a happy ending, but it still stands together with the topic, ensuring the proof was a failure.

best scary movies on netflix
6. Hush

The narrative is so intriguing, which makes sense. There’s plenty of twist/turn, which increases the tension and the urge to see what’s going to come up next. It’s also quite a realistic and fantastic portrayal, fairly lovely work done by all the film cast. I undoubtedly tag the film as an excellent one-timer horror movie to watch on Netflix.

7. The Ritual

A narrative about four people going on a trek, but sad to say, the tour proves to be a nightmare for these –a sure shot among the very best Horror Films on Netflix to watch. A well made a horror movie. The movie does not appear to be lacking anything as most of the expectations have been fulfilled while viewing a horror film.

Outcomes are usually on high latitude for a horror movie, and The Ritual keeps it stable. Audio is introduced in a manner that upholds the suspense alive, and with the leap of some scary scenes, it ensures the anxiety is not squandered.

best scary movies on netflix
8. 1922

The story and the acting are all phenomenal, which extends hand-in-hand with all the sound effects. A film is defined with its narrative, and when a story is nicely introduced, nothing can defame a movie.

A story worth a watch, which doesn’t consist of creepy moments but some extreme acting scenes, is outstanding. The film is mostly about people’s emotions and minds. While watching the film, it gets attached nicely with the mind, much better than zombie types of horror movies, which are not much scary-but, are only intended to scare.

best scary movies on netflix
9. The Apostle

Few scenes are creepy and may provide you a frightening feeling.
The movie does not frighten you with all the supernatural powers or any scary witches; the people in the film will terrify you.

I was not considering watching the movie; nonetheless, there was nothing left, so that I thought of giving this movie an opinion of mine. The film can be best nor low; it is an average movie that will allow you to be seated until the end.

best scary movies on netflix
10. Dark Skies

The movie has done tremendously well in a horror film. It is a creepy, suspenseful horror/sci-fi film that does an excellent job of creating suspense that keeps the plot progressing reasonably nicely.

A bit slow at the start, but slowly it triggers its grip with the film’s flow. The movie was beyond its expectations and certainly gave a superior impressive outcome to me. There are no cheap scary scenes, but still, the film wins to keep you engaged with the way of its presentation.

11. Unfriended: Dark Web

Before I recommend this film- I would first thank the so-called critics- who judged this film negatively. Without a doubt, this is a perfect night show scary movie on Netflix that you are missing from watching.

The story unfolds about a teenager who becomes possessed with a laptop. But little does he know that his possession becomes a nightmare for him. A brilliantly well-presented film that will give you an edge of a seat feeling and will certainly make it worth your watch.

best scary movies on netflix
12. The Ruins

The movie has nothing new-It’s that same old concept of a group of friends going on a trip and something suspicious happens. The reason for mentioning this film on the list is the creepy and spooky scenes the film holds.

Horror is all about scaring the audiences, and The Ruins had exactly done it well. If you don’t have left anything in your list, then consider taking a look at The Ruins might come as a surprise for you.

best scary movies on netflix
13. The Shining (1980)

One of the greatest movies of all time- not because of the horror. But because of the acting from the lead in the film. The way how he presented himself will make you applaud the actor.

best scary movies on netflix
14. Sinister

The movie’s direction is extravagant, which does not require any additional cushioning since its finest. There aren’t any inexpensive stunts or a competitive terror scene; it is creepy, making you bite your nails occasionally, nearly Diana’s encounter in Lights Out.

A story about a writer struggling to have a hit, shifts to a house to resolve a puzzle he saw in a cassette. However, later, risk his entire family life at risk as to the property where he shifts hold supernatural powers. Don’t forget to keep your earphones beside you and watch it on a laptop as the movie’s audio is scary.

best scary movies on netflix
15. Eli

Eli is a perfect horror type of film with a lot of anticipation that you are missing to watch. A boy being tormented with his health undergoes the treatment procedure.

But little does he know something vicious was about to come his way during the treatment duration. Eli gives a perfect hooked up surrounding that ensures to keep all your notice well addressed. Some scenes are horrifying and might give you a scary touch.

best scary movies on netflix
16. In the Tall Grass

A film with a psychological concept that has some moments of creepy, scary scenes. The movie has got all the material to make the worth of your precious time and will give you a reason to consider watching-once you see the trailer. A story about individuals who suddenly becomes a victim of vicious evils. Who plays trick In The Tall Grass.

17. Under the Shadow

Quite terrifying & frightening once it goes, the war as a background was just pitch-perfect. As a result of constant bombings, each of the tenants leaves one, and Shideh (the main character) and her daughter are the only ones left at the construction.

We, as an audience member, feel that the loneliness and creepy silence together with the characters. It is a slow burn, which makes the scares more applicable and creepy. Several moments just make you jump from your seat. A must watch. The movie is a Persian-language psychological horror film where you can watch the film with the subtitle’s help.

best scary movies in netflix
18. Paranormal Activity

Netflix holds most of the part of the Paranormal Activity series. Not all parts were intriguing as part one of the film, which will surely give you the feeling of a horror film. A considerable movie which provides you with an excellent scary surrounding with specific clips from the film.

best scary movies on netflix
19. Inhuman Kiss

Thumbs up !!! I suggest this if you love terror kind of romance. You won’t regret seeing this. Wow, that is amazing. I had been expecting a frightening ordinary ghost is searching ppl, but in the end, it turned out to be a tragic romance where the woman was murdered. It makes me shout in the end, with an unexpected plot twist. The cast is terrific, with excellent special effects. Btw the celebrity is so adorable.

best scary movies on netflix
20. A Quiet Place

A film which is very much overrated, perhaps one of the highly recommended films as per the ratings and reviews on the web. A movie that can give you a thundering experience only if you watch it on a blu-ray print and have expensive earphones on you to watch the film.

The trailer of the film had already given a glimpse of the film about what the film is about-but. What’s worth is the way how the film was presented. A Quiet Place is undoubtedly one of the highly advisable films to watch if you are looking for some of the Best Scary Movies on Netflix to watch.

It’s a Wrap.
I hope the list of films was worth your read. In the comment section below, let me know how the recommendation was, and if there is an add-on to the list, let us know in the comment box below. Appreciate your precious time in reading the blog.

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