The Best Sci-Fi Movies on Amazon Prime

Best Sci-Fi Movies on amazon Prime

There are many websites that rate and review the best science fiction movies of all time. However, many of these websites are subjective and are based entirely on opinion. Amazon Prime is an excellent resource for finding the best movies of all time. The extensive listing includes new releases, recent releases, classics, and all genres of science fiction movies. The site offers recommendations from experts and movie critics, making it easy for people to find the movie they have always wanted to see.

Today, with the help of much-advanced technology, the streaming grounds had witnessed drastic growth. People are continuously looking for suggestions on the web about the best films or TV Shows to watch. Prime Videos gives endless options of movies to watch compared to the other big giants on the OTT platforms. Sci-fi films are always interesting because of the excessive effects and how they are being portrayed to the viewers.

best sci-fi movies on amazon prime
1. The Lords of the Rings- The Fellowship of the Ring

The film still looks refreshing, even if I am in my thirties. I still recall the days when I bunked my school to hit the theatres to watch this excellent entertainer on a big giant screen. People were praising after the completion of the film, and in India, the country where I live, there’s a different sight of madness for films. I would consider The Lords Of the Rings as one of the biggest and impeccable trilogies that I had the privilege to grow up watching. The best part of the film is that it will make you seated, and there is no place for boredom. With some great musical background and some mind-blowing effects, all praise goes to the film’s makers for making the film look always refreshing.  

best sci-fi movies on amazon prime
2. Gravity

Gravity easily wins over your heart and gives you an excellent view of enjoying your movies. A film that had got immense love in the past and continues to be receiving numerous praises. In a stunning excellence visualization and perfect direction- the movie doesn’t leave any places of improvement. How space was portrayed makes one realize that the beauty of space can be dangerous at times.

best sci-fi movies on amazon prime
3. Harry Potter Series

Most of the Harry Potter series were explicit and wonderfully presented to the audience. When we talk about the Best Sci-fi Movies to watch then, I think that Harry Potter should be a must on the list. Warner Bros gave an excellent gift to movie buffs in the form of Harry Potter. On the other hand, Amazon Prime has got all the Harry Potter Series to watch, which is like a cherry on the cake for viewers to enjoy.

4. Cold Skin

Sea is a perfect place to surround you with peace and keep you away from all the commotion of a city. But, what if a sea creates darkness in your life and gives you the worst experience in life. Cold Skin is a story about a man, who goes on an inspection in the coastals of Antarctica but strange things happen to appear in the seacoast. Which gives goosebumps and excitement within to know about the story and check to see what’s going to happen next in the store.

5. Inception

“Inception” is a Christian Nolan’s masterpiece with an excellent storyline and great direction. The Inception gives a brilliant action feeling with some mind-blowing sci-fi imaginations. A film that is very hard to be ignored and can make your decision worth a watch—Leonardo DiCaprio nails with his classic performance in the movie. Your views will be justified with a total creativity package at its best, in-depth thinking and undoubtedly masterclass picturization.

6. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Many had conflicting reviews about the film, and few major big critics domain gave the film to be dark. Going by all the estimations and the responses I define the film to be good, highly recommended and a fantastic piece of excellence. The movie lacks the excellence of a great Sci-fi movie because of the kind of violence it portrays. However, it cannot be determined to be a wastage material. As a movie buff, I certainly rate the film to be a one-time watchable film and a sure shot winner from the responses of mine. 

best sci-fi movies on amazon prime
7. Predestination

A gripping narrative with perfection makes Predestination worth the eyeballs. Some stories are beyond imagination and Predestination is one such flick which will make you hold your remote from skipping any specific scenes.An unique storyline with some master piece of art makes the film a thrilling view. I am sure time travel has created a specific spot in the world of entertainment and Predestination is one such pleasant film to watch basis the subject of time travel.

best sci-fi movies on amazon prime
8. Gemini Man

Many prominent critics seem to have given nasty remarks to the film, however, after catching up with Gemini Man after the recommendations from Digitaltrends describing it to be the Best Sci-fi Movies on Amazon Prime. I think the movie has been underestimated; it is one of the finest films of Will Smith that you could vouch for watching. The story is very much similar, but it ensures to keep its uniqueness all during the movie.

best sci-fi movies on amazon prime
9. In Time

The reviews are somewhat unfavourable for precisely what the film attracts. I think this film deserves Far More than what it is being given. Some feel that the film had no feeling; in my opinion, a fantastic movie does not require a finish; they can force you to reflect and think objectively on your movie’s interpretations. A film that can create an edge of a seat feeling and keep your interest alive till the end.

best sci-fi movies on amazon prime
10. Elysium

The story of the film grabbed my attention and I must say it was worth the view. A story highlighting about the modern society issues where under privileged are threated like garbage and the once who are wealthy are the only human alive in the planet. Dramatic visual effects together with stunning screenplay, really brings onboard a great Casting and the actions scenes are fantastic.

Wrapping Up

I am sure that there are more movies yet to be added to the film. Well, this the best which came in my mind and have been seen by me. If there are any recommendations or suggestions of movies, you feel like to be seen in the list. Kindly feel free to let me know your advice in the comment below.

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