Top 21 Mind-Blowing Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000 you should watch once.


There are many different kinds of movies that have been made in India over the years, but none is better known as Bollywood Romance Movies after 2000. These are movies that the Indian film industry produces are incredibly well written, beautifully crafted, and have excellent acting talent.

Bollywood has several movies that have won awards from major film festivals worldwide, and many movies are well known for their romantic elements. So if you are looking for a film to watch while you are on a trip to India, there are several Bollywood Movies which you can choose.

In the first few years of Bollywood, the movies that were produced were mostly commercial movies. Still, as time went on and the Indian film industry began to gain fame, there was an increase in the number of films that were made to be sold as movies after Bollywood romance movies. 

Many movies have been made to become classics over the years based on romance, to name a few are Kal Ho Naa Ho, Veer-Zaara, Chalte Chalte, and the list continues.

List of Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000 to watch.

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000
1. Jab We Met

The more I say about this movie – the more I become fond of this film. The fantastic combination of Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan in this film can never be forgotten. Jab We Met is a film that stands to be a must-watch Bollywood Romantic movie after 2000. 

Everything in this film will make you fall for love with the movie. Especially the acting of Kareena Kapoor Khan will be undoubtedly hard to take your eyes away from her, while you watch the film. A story about two broken souls who defines the true definition of real love. 

2. Sui Dhaaga

A sweet and simple love story about a middle-class family: in life, a real-life partner must walk the way along with you. Sui Dhaaga is a very well- crafted film that portrays its message with ease and comfort.

The message we get from the film is that your life becomes more beautiful when you have a good companion. Who is ready to walk all the paths with you no matter how difficult the track is, but we can win together.

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000

With some fantastic soft songs and some romantic scenes brings Vivah to a heart-touching Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000 that you surely won’t like to miss.

A story about commitment, love, and caring: emotions were high in the movie’s last scene that should make you fall in love with the film. If you’ve lost hope in love and think that true love is no more into existence, then Vivah is the kind of movie that you should consider watching to help you still have faith in love.

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000
4. Veer-Zaara

Veer-Zaara is one of my favorites to date when it comes to talking about Bollywood Romantic Movies. The music, Veer’s sacrifices for Zaara, and Zaara for Veer are perfect to date and cannot be replaced.

A superb intensity of romance at a peak without any further editing required as the makers have done it to perfection, and so goes to the film’s leading actors. 

Every movie needs to have a fantastic end, and so has been the end of this movie with some solid punches of dialogues towards the end by the King of Bollywood.

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000
5. Tum Bin

No overacting, with simplicity at best, ensuring the love to be alive while watching the film. Without a second thought, I designate Tum Bin as one of the best Bollywood Romantic movies after 2000 to catch up with your friends and family. 

The legendary voice of Jagjit Singh in Koi Fariyaad is inevitable, and nobody could have sung it better than the legendary itself. Till today the song is irreplaceable and remains to be one of the favourites for many people.

6. Kya Yehi Pyaar Hai

A very underrated movie, however, deserves to be appreciated. The film had a unique concept that made me like the movie. A boy is madly in love but later realizes the importance of his elder brother’s emotions after he passes away.

The ending had something different for the viewers to watch. Many won’t agree with the end of the film; however, I consider that the makers made a bold move by bringing something different. I seriously consider this film to be a good watch.

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000
7. Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein

At the time of its release, people didn’t appreciate the movie; however, now the film is considered as a cult-Bollywood romantic movie. 

R.Madhavan making its debut with Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Main, was worth watching. His portraying Maddie’s character and his emotions with the role will surely win over your heart. The song “Sach Keh Raha hai Deewana.” has all the melody to drive you into a truly romantic mood. 

It is a film that portrays madness in love and for one in crossing any extent to win your love. 

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000
8. Dil Ka Rishta

Another highly recommended Bollywood Romantic movie, a considerable watch after 2000, is Dil Ka Rishta. Unfortunately, the film hasn’t received a raving rating by prominent media critics, but the movie’s view had got some positive response from the audience’s perspective.

A story about a dilemma, where a person unknowingly meets with an accident. With the person whom his lover is about to get married. Things become complicated when the secret gets revealed to his lover; later, the movie gets a happy ending. How most movies do to ensure the demand of the audiences is met. 

Dil Ka Rishta had some great songs which were a hit at that time, and it remains as a memory, for many to recall those moments.

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000
9. Main Meri Patni Aur Woh

Sweet, Simple, and a perfect watch with family and friends. Main, Meri Patni Aur Woh a lovely presentable story about a couple who doesn’t carry the same relation like before as things get complicated when a middle person gets involved between their relationship.

An unexpected movie, which didn’t have big actors, but at times a middle-order batsman can also help win the game. Great chemistry between the two lead actors helps make the film a perfect Bollywood romantic drama film to catch up with when you don’t have anything to watch.

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000
10. Mitron

My first preference is always to watch movies that get negative responses from critics. Luckily, Mitron came in front of me when I was navigating the prime video’s app.

The film, in my view, was not bad. The story is simply about a boy who wants to be a chef but doesn’t get full support from the family. He meets a girl whom his family selects for marriage; he at first doesn’t want to get married. But destiny has something else for him. 

A movie with a message about friendship, emotions, loves, and, most importantly, you should always follow what you want to do in life. 

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000

The mind-blowing acting of Ranbir Kapoor in the movie Rockstar wins over the hearts of many.

With some tear dropping romantic scenes and some lovely songs, Rockstar, without a doubt, is one of the best Bollywood Romantic films to watch. 

Rockstar is all about Jordan, who gives away the best in him to ensure that the audience praises his work. Well, I don’t know how others responded to the film, but from my view, I was in love with Jordan’s look in the movie, and the song Nadaan Parinda, will always be played whenever I require goosebumps. 

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000

How far can you go, to ensure the happiness of your love? Jannat is one such film, in which madness about love and the emotions of love has been presented exceptionally well.

A story about a gambler whose life changes when he meets his true love – but all love stories don’t have a happy ending.

The one scene I always love playing on youtube from the film is when Emraan Hashmi breaks the glass to show his love for the girl he sees for the first time at a mall. A fantastic movie that you are missing if you’ve haven’t seen the film.


The film can be found on Netflix and is one of the most underrated movies to watch. The film explains the kind of problems a middle-class family faces in life, especially for those who have recently married in the family. A story about a family all staying under one roof and a newly married couple face problems not to get their open space in the family.

Something which has natural and realistic acting and all are actors is up to the mark without any major disappointments.

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000

No words to describe the dynamics of this particular film. Nothing could have been better to mark the debut of Dhanush than Ranjhaana in Bollywood.

Story about being crazy in love, and there’s only one motive in life for Kundan, the film’s lead character, to get his childhood love. However, things become complicated when his childhood love returns to her hometown, and she doesn’t carry the same feeling like how it was when she was a child. You gotta watch this, if you’ve haven’t watched it yet, because it brings in the real emotions of a true lover.

15. Socha Na Tha

A rare gem, which went unnoticed at the time of its release.

I am grateful to the video streaming networks for letting these kinds of hidden gems be noticed. It is an adorable, simple story about a couple who didn’t like each other when they saw each other, but later fell in love with each other.

Imitiaz Ali’s, one of the hidden works that deserve attention, was not appreciated much at its release. A refreshing dose of entertainment with comedy well connected.


A fascinating act by Big B and the versatile Tabu with the add on of Paresh Rawal brings Cheeni Kum in our list of Best Bollywood Romantic films to watch after 2000. The film concept is something refreshing with a reviving content that has all the ingredients to make you seated.

A perfect time-pass film that will make you laugh and at the same time make you realize that love doesn’t happen with age, it occurs with the heart.

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000

True love can happen with anybody even though if you are dumb or can’t hear, as love has no boundaries. Films give us ways of loving others, sharing our emotions with others, and Barfi is one such movie that very well defines true love.

All praises to the leads’ acting, which shall not let your eyes away from the screen. Overall we consider the movie to be a sure shot winner in the race of best Bollywood Romantic Movie to watch.

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000
18. Life In A Metro

 Nine individuals living and working in the city of dream Mumbai changes drastically when their destiny twists with one another. But, they’re focused on rebuilding their emotions.

How the film was presented describes in-depth about the lives of middle-class individuals living in metropolitan cities.  The songs and the film’s background music are heart-touching, and every word in the song builds up an emotional touch. 

One of my favorite songs from the film is “Rishtey Toh Nahin Rishto ki Parchayiya Mila.” 

Bollywood Romantic Movies after 2000

 A true masterpiece film brought tears in the eyes. What a film that didn’t get well appreciation at the time of its release, maybe there were no masala scenes added for which the film was not acclaimed.

A fantastic flick with some superb acting from the leads shall bring tears coming out from your eyes. With some lovely chemistry of true love in between, and a family drama that will win over your heart. 

The film from my view is a good watch for those who love to watch Romantic films.


Aamir Khan movies hardly disappoint and so happens to be with Fanaa.

The music and the punches that go all along with the film will make you applaud the film’s makers. Even after some years, watching the movie makes me feel that the film is still yet refreshing and that it has all the necessity to be attracted to the film.

Superb scripting and with Tabu in between gives the movie a pleasure watch. 

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Love is eternal and cannot be wiped off easily.

Awarapan is one such film that had defined true love, which can go away from you till your last breath but will live with you forever.

Perhaps one of the favorites of many viewers and one of the best to date of Emraan Hashmi.
The songs, the dialogues, and especially the last scene of the film touches your heart.
A film, which was loved by the audiences, however, couldn’t come into the limelight.

Tune into Awarapan once if you are hunting for a Bollywood Romantic film to watch.

Final Words, 

A few more add-ons which I would love to mention on the list are- Awarapan, Masaan, Bareilly Ki Barfi, Chalte-Chalte, Gadar-Ek Prem Katha and the list continues. If you did like the list kindly comment or leave some of your suggestions. Would love to hear from you. 

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