#A List Of Bollywood Underrated Movies You should not missing from watching

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Underrated Movies are less in identification but more of excellence. The streaming networks have immense movies that are worth a shot of your valuable time. Bollywood in a given year delivers endless film, which, as per-searches are almost 1000 and above, that also includes some of the hidden gems that we miss and went unnoticed. Netflix India has some exciting projects lined up for 2020, but in the big hub of Netflix and some other streaming giants, we have a list of movies for the viewers to consider watching, which are not popular as others. This post gives you information about some of the underrated film, which is content-driven, evolving about some reality of the society and has something for you to take after finishing the movie.

#List 0f Bollywood Underrated Movies to stream

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Ugly is a story about greed and selfishness. A struggling father, a corrupt cop, a cunning wife, a selfish brother, and then the death of a baby child brings Ugly’s concept for the talented director Anurag Kashyap. 

Undoubtedly, a story that is brilliantly written and very well executed by the makers. In short, the plot is about a baby girl who goes missing suddenly, and then the mystery continues. As the cop in the movie, Ronit Roy has given a fantastic performance as he has been doing it in his other films. Streaming on Prime Videos , Ugly is a definite watch.

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Sameer is about a series of bomb blasts in different parts of India but later proves to be a different concept which happens towards the end of the film. The very talented Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub is, without a doubt, perfect with his role as the primary suspect behind the blasts.

The movie hasn’t received a great response from prominent media critics; however, looking from the viewers’ perspective, I would designate Sameer as a one-time watch available on amazon and one of the underrated Bollywood movies.

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Union leader is a story about an ordinary man living a family life with many financial difficulties. As the lead in the movie, Rahul Bhat works in a factory where the laborers are not being treated well and are being bound to use outdated tools for factory works.

The machines have caused a lot of individual lives, which has led to death or severe health issues. In such a worst scenario, the labors’ leader is not helpful; therefore, a new Union Leader is being selected by the factory worker to solve all the problems of the labors. The movie can be a preferable watch and can be found in Prime Videos.


Bhouri was a big failure at the box office; however, its story was something fresh and new to watch. The story revolves around the life of a 23-year-old Bhouri who is married to a person who is much older than her. An Indian social drama, showing the presence of women in rural India, set with social conflicts.

The beauty of Bhouri becomes a curse for her and living in male-dominating surroundings; many people see her with lust on their eyes. Desire can be dangerous and can cause death, which can lead to the disappearance of a soul. Bhouri can be found on Prime Videos and Netflix.

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Halkaa is somewhere related to the story of Toilet-Ek Prem Katha, which is one of the best Akshay Kumar movies to stream. A story about a kid from a slum area who doesn’t like to defecate in the open hence finds out ways to evacuate the waste materials from his body in an isolated place.

The movie has a lovely message to convey and has been executed firmly without any unnecessary extra touches. It is a film about bonding, knowing your kids, friendship, and willingness to do something without failing in between the hurdles coming your way.

The ratings are not high the way how it should have been, but after catching up with Halkaa, I would recommend it a good one and a sure shot watchable underrated movies on Netflix.

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Tumbbad another brilliant movie that didn’t get a lot of recognition. The film had less promotion due to which it went missing from movie-buffs. 

The story revolves around greed and a curse to a family going on for ages—an excellent flick made by the makers that will not make you fall into boredom. 

Tumbbad reviews were mostly up to the mark, and IMDB gave it an 8.3/10.

The movie is available on Prime Videos.

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7. MOD

Mod is a romantic-based movie, which was the second attempt of Nagesh Kukunoor after the brilliant Dor.

Ananya ( Ayesha Takia), living in a hilly station, supports her family by running a small watch repair store. Life for her becomes miserable when she meets Andy (Rannvijay Singh), who claims to be her classmate and fall in love. In the later part of the film, she finds the real Andy is dead some years back, and the person claiming to be Andy is an inmate at the local mental institute.

Rannvijay probably gives one of his best performances in the film, which proves his skills in acting. 

Mod can be found on JIOCIINEMA.

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Shahid is a story about a man who falls to be a victim of the riots in Bombay. Later, he joins a terrorist group in Kashmir but runs from the place after witnessing an execution. He then gets sentenced for seven-year imprisonment for an alleged conspiracy to assassinate some politicians. After being acquitted of the charges, he then starts to study law in Mumbai. Towards the latter part of the film, he finds love but later get’s shot for picking up the case of the accuse in the 2006 Mumbai train bombings.

Rajkumar Rao gives a hell of a performance as Shahid and wins hearts with his acting. The makers deserve a loud shout for bringing in a fantastic movie Shahid to the audience.

The movie can be found on amazon


Sikandar is a story about a young 14-year-old school kid who finds a gun lying on the road and picks it up despite been warned by his friend. The picking up of the weapon becomes a trouble-some for the little kid.

Towards the latter part, he falls to be a victim of a game being played between militants, the army, the peace bartering politicians, and the Kashmir’s religious heads. The end of the movie gives a shocking revelation.

A very gripping plot highlighted on the film about how a young boy can fall to be a victim of violence in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir.

Watch it on Prime Videos

Underrated Movies

Trapped is the solo show of the lead Rajkumar Rao. The movie is straightforward and short; however, it undoubtedly leaves you awestruck with the acting, and the film’s presenting.

Many have unnoticed this dynamic piece, which falls to be one of the highly underrated movies of all time that you can stream on prime videos.

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Vardhan Puri is at its best in the movie. He deserved to be recognized in the industry for his dedication and continuing the legacy of his grandfather Amrish Puri.

Yeh Saali Aashiqui, after it’s released in the theatre, had fewer footfalls, but the reviews did come the way of the movie.

The plot is about revenge and ditching in love towards the end Vardhan Puri steals the film with his fantastic twist and greatness with his acting skills. Yeh Saali Aashiqui is a sure shot winner in terms of public response and review.

Underrated Movies

Sanjay Mishra, Vicky Kaushal, Richa Chadda all have done great work in the film. A story about love, tragedy, casteism, and broken hearts.
The movie starts with two lovers making love in a hotel without knowing that making love can be a curse for them in life.

The movie was applauded with a great response by big media networks. It is very engaging and makes you involved until the very end.

Vicky Kaushal excellent acting, Sanjay Mishra always up to the mark, Richa Chadda, one of her very best, and the surprising character of Pankaj Tripathi in between is an add on for the movie.

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13. 1971

You can find the movie on Youtube. Its a story about the soldiers at the time of war who couldn’t make it back to their home country India.

Manoj Bajpayee’s acting words cannot define his excellence; he has repeatedly been proving without disappointing.

The soldier’s been rigorously trying to find a way in the movie to run from the military camp but has been failing miserably. Towards the later part, they somehow make it to the border and visit their Homeland, India, but in cross-firing lose their life.

The ending of the movie brings in a lot of emotions and outrage for our brave warriors.


Many Big critics have given the movie with negative remarks. This movie was on my list for a long time; however, I thought of not watching it going by the preferences. I would say it was my wrong decision.

Lal Kaptaan undoubtedly should have been considered as one of the best movies for 2019. Saif Ali Khan gives the best shot of his life and delivers one of his best performances to date.

All praise to the movie’s makers for a great initiative towards providing something new and fresh content to the Indian audiences.

Films that deserve to be recognized aren’t getting its spot, and those who have no meanings collect mammoth recognitions with some excellent box office collections. Laal Kaptaan is a must-watch for all those who love dark-movies.

Watch it on Prime Videos

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Rajkumar Rao, nailing performance in the movie, made me include it in my list. The film received a great response from prominent critics. I still find many unaware of his hidden gem. The story revolves around a family shifting from village to city for a livelihood. Things get abrupt after they change to the city for a living. Live has many problems and especially for the middle class.

This movie will be very close to your heart if you understand the actual quarrels of life and how people try to misuse your innocence. You can check out the movie on Prime videos.

Underrated Movies

I was ignoring this film for a long time, however, after watching the film. It’s a fantastic psychological thriller movie that you can’t afford to stay away for a long time.

Tapsee Pannu, with her fantastic acting, has nailed it to ensure that she is a skillful actor, who is going to stay in the limelight for long.

The story is about a girl who is a gamer at the same time is scared of the dark, her life takes a twist when psychological killers enter her room, and then she retaliates to fight her weakness.

Game Over is one of the explicit thriller movies available in many languages on Netflix, which I saw recently.

If you have nothing to watch on your laptop, mobile, or Smart Tv, then consider taking a look at Game Over, only if you love thriller films.

Final Words- I am certain that the list is incomplete and I have a lot of more movies to be incorporated in the list. Shortly there will be more recommendations coming up, however I would appreciate if you have any suggestion of Bollywood Underrated Movies to be added on the list

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