19 Best Family Gathering Christmas Movies on Amazon Prime to watch with friends and families !

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Christmas Movies on Amazon Prime might help lift the spirit of celebrating Christmas despite the global pandemic across the globe. By now, we all are very much familiar with coronavirus, which has not only affected the ordinary everyday living of individuals but has also created significant distances between friends and families.


A festive once a year is meant to be united and stay close to our near ones, to celebrate the festival together. The year 2020 was a horrifying year for many of us, but compromising with one’s celebration won’t be a wise decision. So, let’s dive into the feeling of Christmas, which is just about a month away with these mind-boggling Christmas Movies collections which are available on amazon prime.

Christmas Movies on Amazon Prime To Watch

christmas movies on amazon prime
1. Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Something dynamic and a great concept of indulging the devil’s night of Halloween with the peaceful and snowing nights of Christmas Eve. Not to say it’s a perfect animated film to watch. However, it’s satisfactory to grab your eyeballs only if you plan to watch a Christmas Movie on a Christmas Night. The story is explicit yet straightforward, the songs of the film are heart touching, and the character of Jack Skellington will undoubtedly make your bones tickle. 

christmas movies on amazon prime
2. The Polar Express

The Polar Express, a story which I wish could have been real. The film is a perfect Christmas get together, an animated movie to watch with friends and family. A story about a young boy boarding on an unnatural Polar Express to enjoy a journey of his lifetime and to visit Santa Claus. We only have heard about Santa Claus, but if you want to get the actual feeling of Santa Claus during Christmas Eve while it’s snowing, then The Polar Express is a must-watch Christmas Movie on Amazon Prime. 

christmas movies on amazon prime
3. It’s a Wonderful life

Anything can make your Christmas better than switching to the cult classic of late 1945; It’s A Wonderful Life. It’s one of the classic and retro Christmas films to watch with your loved ones. The story has a great message to portray, explaining the importance of life, which we don’t value until we are alive. A great and a very adorable movie you could have asked for to watch and enjoy your Christmas.  

christmas movies on amazon prime
4. Last Christmas

Christmas without romance is like a priceless celebration with no feelings and affection for your loved ones. Last Christmas, a movie meant for those who are looking for a perfect romantic movie to catch up with during Christmas Eve. The movie gives you the flavor of Christmas surrounding with the famous Christmas song #LastChristmas I gave you my heart, a mammoth hit song worldwide.

christmas movies on amazon prime
5. A Christmas Carol

If you are looking to watch something adventurous and a perfect animation film then how can Disney movies be left aside. A Christmas Carol gives you a perfect time with its fascinating animation effects and the way of its picturization.  The graphics are dynamic and very much attractive in the film to watch. A story about a miserly man, who comes across three spirits to show him the right path of life and make him a better human being. 

Christmas movies on amazon prime
6. Christmas Comes To Willow Creek

With an overwhelming finish and an excellent plot to eye upon- the film excels in a pleasant Christmas movies on amazon prime that one can count upon. The sets and the way how the picture is presented is outstanding which gives you a glimpse or a feeling of Christmas beforehand.

christmas movies on amazon prime
7. Home Alone

A family comedy, with an intense situation of a young kid, left alone at home- where his family goes for vacation forgetting about the young Kevin at home. The movie’s story gives an exciting knock when burglars try to enter the premise to rob, but young Kevin gives a tiffing hard time.

christmas movies on amazon prime
8. Krampus

Christmas is a celebration of joy and happiness, but what if a celebration turns out to be a nightmare. Krampus gives a fearful view which starts with comedy and then a quarrel in a family turns out to be a perfect horror Christmas movie which you could have for to watch on Christmas. If you are searching for a horror movie to watch on Christmas Eve-then Krampus can be a perfect movie to be added on your watchlist.

christmas movies on amazon prime
9. Office Christmas Party

Well, if you need a laugh out loud comedy movies to watch on Christmas, then Office Christmas Party can be the ultimate choice for you to watch. The movie sticks with its genre and doesn’t slip at all, ensuring to give the viewers a perfect laugh. A story about a brother and a sister who are not on the same page and then the fun starts with a blast of a Christmas Party.

christmas movies on amazon prime
10. The Man Who Invented Christmas

The film is a biopic focusing on the life and the journey of author Charles Dickens, the person who invented “A Christmas Carol.” The film is a story about the author and his felicities which was facing a downfall because of three Unsuccessful Novels. However, later life changed for him when he created Ebenezer Scrooge and brought a significant change in Christmas forever.

christmas movies on amazon prime
11. The Holiday

The film is very simple and yet very heart touching, it creates an immense feeling of love, emotions and attractions. Two girl on a journey to overcome the heart breaking situation they faced in the past. Later falls for the local guy of the destination- where they’ve come to spend their Holiday.

12. Miracle on 34th Street

A cult classic Christmas Flick to watch with friends and families. Christmas without Santa is an incomplete task, and this film gives precisely what it states with its title. A story about a man proving to be Santa which later becomes his worst and creates many challenges in his life.

christmas movies on amazon prime
13. Falling For Christmas

Love can happen with anybody, and if the feeling of love appears at Christmas, then it’s like a fairy tale. Falling for Christmas- creates an absolute feeling of love and harmony with massive scenes of a snowy night, all surrounded by the love of your life by your side. A perfect melodies film that you could vouch to provide an extensive feeling of love.

christmas movies on amazon prime
14. A Christmas Snow

Christmas falls to be that time of the year, where you are bestowed with surprises and gifts. A Christmas Snow, is a film which showcases your lost one’s to be found suddenly after a long year. An engrossing film, which builds in emotions slowly, and makes your Christmas justified with your views. A good Christmas movies on amazon prime you might want to give a shot in this Christmas Season.

christmas movies on amazon prime
15. Four Christmases

When you plan for a vacation but your other half, however the plan gets cancelled due to some unforeseen situation. A story about a couple, who plans to go for a vacation during Christmas, however the flight gets cancelled and then they are bound to spend their Christmas with their four Christmases who are divorced. The movie hasn’t lived up to expectation however certain scenes are hilarious and gives a laughter ride. The comedy will relate to a perfect family pack to enjoy during Christmas. 

christmas movies on amazon prime
16. The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas is a story about a guy killed some years back; however, he is granted to return to this home for 12 days each year. It is heart-melting, very much touchy, romantic, and has a fantastic finishing that you expect out of a film—something mysterious yet very much pleasantry to watch during Christmas.

christmas movies on amazon prime
17. Holiday Engagement

The movie has an exciting plot and conveys a message. A story about a young girl who is being ditched from her fiance: she then later hires a person who can act as her fiance and present it to her family at thanksgiving. This film gives us a communication or a direction that your life is yours, not others; hence always follow your heart.

18. Christmas Mississippi

Christmas is mostly related to a festival meant to be together and you to be around your loved ones. The film is romantic and sets up expectations that are justified for your precious time. A story about two individuals coming together and falling in love, which in between has some emotional and romantic feelings coming hand in hand. It’s an excellent selection and worth watching if you are looking for Christmas Movies to watch on Amazon Prime.

christmas movies on amazon prime
19. The Christmas Contract

The movie keeps the spark of a snowing Christmas Season alive. A perfect adaptation of a great romantic movie- where two individuals split but later understand their importance of being together. It’s a perfect family combo pack to watch with popcorns and coke around.

Final Words

Christmas is all about fun and family get together- so have fun and enjoy the festival.  I hope the collections above are satisfactory and justified- Incase you would like to make some add-on, then do feel free to share some of your recommendations in the comment below. 

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