The Hidden Secrets of the Evergreen DDLJ-which you should know



DDLJ, one of Bollywood’s biggest blockbuster and a turning point for Shah Rukh Khan’s career, has some hidden facts or secrets within its success.

The movie holds the record of the longest-running Bollywood movie in one of the theatres in Mumbai, known as Maratha Mandir. Even today, the film is considered as one of the best romantic movies.

The songs of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is heart touching and makes us feel the essence of love. So let’s dive into the facts of #DDLJ.

Some Unknown facts of DDLJ


1. We would not have been familiar with DDLJ if Kiron Kher had not given the name Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge to the movie

Yes, you are reading it right; it was because of Kiron Kher, who gave the name to the movie as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. 

2. The role of Raj was also offered to the Nawab Saif Ali Khan, however due to some unfortunate circumstances he had to turn down the role.


3. The famous track “Mahendi Laga ke rakhna” was initially meant to be for a different movie, but later a sudden change in the plan made the song appear in the movie and prove it to be a mammoth hit. 


4. Himani Shivpuri was also meant to appear in the last scene of DDLJ; however, at the last moment, she had to drop herself from the scene because of her husband’s death.


5. Shah Rukh was seen a wearing a leather jacket in the movie, it was actually picked up by Uday Chopra from a Davidson Store in California- source dnaindia.com


6. In the song, RUKH JA OH DIL DEEWANe Aditya Chopra had asked Shah Rukh Khan to drop Kajol towards the end of the song without giving any proper intimation to her. He wanted to capture the actual reaction of Kajol after the song ends. 


7. The innovation of DDLJ was done in a span of 3 weeks by Aditya Chopra as he was the writer behind the movie.

8. A bigger role was offered to Amrish Puri than Anupam Kher, therefore a question came to Aditya Chopra from Anupam Kher asking him why did he offer a bigger role to Amrish Puri than himself.

Aditya Chopra refused to offer the role of Amrish Puri to Anupam Kher and it was the right decision.


9. Maratha Mandir continued running the Blockbuster hit DDLJ for a continuation of 19 long years.

10. The scene in which Anupam Kher informs Raj about his ancestors are the real ancestors of Anupam Kher- source Scoopwhoop.com

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