The Disney Star Wars Trilogy Backlash-An Honest Response from a true Star War Fan

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It’s really a bad time to be alive if you are a true Star Wars Fan. The Disney Star Wars trilogy has changed the Star Wars storytelling forever, and if the storytellers don’t care, then neither should you.

The Disney Star Wars Trilogy Backlash

After the Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, Disney suffered huge backlash from the audience. The main reasons were that the Disney Trilogy, while trying to expand the Star Wars Universe, also altered it in same ways.

This was also apparent from some of many characters whose screen appearances portrayed them different than what Star Wars fans are used to. Also, not all audiences are happy about the bad ending the film’s storyline had.

They also moved away from the Canon that original Star Wars represented. For those who don’t know, a Canon or Gospel simply defines the screenplays, the films, the radio dramas and the novelizations. The rest is written by the screenplay writers of the particular movie.

But what’s interesting, is the audience that paid to watch the film, hated it more than critics who were invited to see it for free.

Disney Star Wars Trilogy: Critic rating higher than audience rating?

This rarely happens, and it was curious at best when we saw critics appreciating the Star Wars: The Last Jedi and then seeing mixed negative reviews from the audience!

Now how do you explain that?

Here’s what you should also consider: the audience that actually went to the theatres and watched the film by paying the ticket money, can already be called fans of the fans of the franchise. On the other hand, critics saw it at a critics only free screening for which they didn’t pay any money. Usually, critics rate a film lower, by at least 20-30% and then audience beg to differ and the movie still makes a lot of money.

But if the figures are this much opposite, we can conclude how much the Disney Star Wars Trilogy was way out of the original Canon of the Star Wars.

Lucas Films Doesn’t Care Anymore?

With all three of the Star Wars films released from the Disney Star Wars Trilogy, Disney can now explore more ways how they can take the storyline further. In other words, they are free to create alternate Star Wars storylines to better suit their production themes, and screw over the true Star Wars fan audience.

And while being questioned about how it mattered to many that a story ended differently in their Disney Star Wars Trilogy films, the Creative Executive, Lucasfilm Story Group, Matt Martin (Twitter: twitter.com/missingwords) said

“It’s all fake anyway so you can choose to accept whatever you want as part of the story”.
disney star wars trilogy

This comment coming from a highly ranked professional at Lucas Films, who run the storytelling behind Star Wars, explains how much they care about their lovely audience. It is like saying “I know you are a bunch of nerds, and why do you care so much if something didn’t happen in the movies? It’s fake anyway so get on with it!”

We know it’s fake but it doesn’t mean there’s no value in making the storyline better!

Here’s what I think about the Disney Star Wars Trilogy Now

If I were anyone in the Star Wars production team, looking at this tweet itself would make me think that the way we are going forward is this:

“It doesn’t matter if we create plot holes and crap storytelling experience, this mess is still a mess. So let’s keep going and see where we land. The ship has already sailed”.

If I were to make things better, I would consider scrapping the entire Disney Star Wars Trilogy because it makes no sense whatsoever.

Also, as one of the main characters in the Star Wars Universe, had no developments in the Disney Star Wars Trilogy, I would give him more screen time. Maybe Ray as the trooper having a real dark history? Sure.

Final Words.

Seeing the way Disney is moving towards with the Disney Star Wars Trilogy and beyond, makes me feel angry and sad at the same time. The story makers have no interests in fan theories, are not willing to accept that their storytelling is way below par, and even if they still don’t want to cast away their way of moving forward with the storyline, they aren’t still serious about backlash with regards to their way of telling the stories in the film.

Personally, for me, the Disney Star Wars Trilogy never existed. Period. I would love to forget all that I saw and read, and even get over the fact that the franchise doesn’t care anymore.

Like I said, it is a bad time to be alive for a true Star Wars fan.

Sanved Joshi
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