21 hindi suspense movies to stream in lockdown

best suspense movies

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Hindi suspense movies- Movies that are full of suspense and continues to bring in the interest on us till the time we don’t come to conclusion. Suspense is something which will make us sit on the edge of our seat and towards the end, we wonder how can someone be so much innovative. Sriram Raghavan is among one of those highly skilled directors of Bollywood who as per me is mostly involved in suspense and brings the best in his movies.

List of best Hindi suspense movies to stream.

hindi suspense movies

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1. Kahaani

When it comes to suspense then the first movie which comes in my mind is kahaani as one of the best Hindi suspense movies to stream.

Vidya Balan, as Vidya Bagchi is fantastic with her role as a pregnant woman but towards the end, the suspense will make you wonder as to what did you witness.

Find it on Netflix 

hindi suspense movie

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2. Missing

Manoj Bajpayee and Tabu together brought Missing to the audience which couldn’t recover its investment and the movie really went missing without much of people’s involvement.

The rating didn’t come it’s way, however, I thought of giving it a try and after watching the movie. I found that it was not a bad one. The movie can be considered as a one time watch. The plot is related to a girl missing which at the end reveals totally different from the one which I was watching. 

One can switch to primevideos app to give it a try.

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3. ab tak chhappan

Forgetting Ab Tak Chhappan as one of the best Hindi suspense movies would be a miss from my end.

The veteran Nana Patekar, without a doubt makes us fall in love with his acting and the end makes your time worth watching the movie. 

In the lockdown period, you might want to switch on to ab tak chhappan for once or might want to take a look at some of the best Hindi web series to stream.

hindi suspense movies

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4. ajnabee

Trusting on a stranger can bring problems in an individual life. 

Ajnabee a story of two couples, one living a peaceful life and the other trying to intervene in their peaceful life to destroy. 

Fantastic writing, great direction, and excellent acting by all the major cast to make Ajnabee a good suspense package for one to watch. 

Stream it on primevideos.

hindi suspense movies

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5. badla

The great Amitabh Bachchan turns the table his side to ensure Badla receives its recognition. 

The movie is a revenge saga of a family trying to make a business tycoon confess her crime of killing their only son on a road accident.

As usual, the end twist makes me force to include Badla as one of the best Hindi suspense movies for viewers to stream.

hindi suspense movies

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6. humraaz

Humraaz was very well accepted by the audience and the movie is yet another suspense gem from Abbas Mustan- The one who has always been appreciated for suspense movies. 

Akshaye Khanna in the negative role-plays his character really well-making viewer be in love with his acting. One of his best to date.

hindi suspense movies

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7. ugly

An Anurag Kashyap gem also one of the best Hindi movies to stream.

The story of a missing girl and then after the story continues with Ransome, blackmailing, greed and mind games. Towards the end, it shocks with a gruesome act that will blow your mind. 

All lead at its best and kudos to the writer for bringing in such a brilliant script in the streaming platform of Netflix. 

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8. Kaun

A guest visit can be dangerous but what if the guest who visits is found to be dead.

Kaun is a Ram Gopal Verma masterpiece with excellent acting by Urmila Matondkar

If you are in search of Hindi suspense movies then without a doubt you can start watching Kaun, which can shock you towards the end. 

hindi suspense movies
9. manorama six feet under

Abhay Deol, a talented actor from the Deol family haven’t been much into talk and didn’t receive its proper designation.

Watch the movie till the end, though its a slow start but towards the later part shows the harsh reality of the society which we all are a part of and makes you wonder how ugly humankind can be to fulfill their own needs. Great suspense, and a very well made movie.

hind suspense movies

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10 Samay

One of the most underrated movies of Bollywood and a solid suspense thriller with an excellent cast.

A serial killer concept which at the end gives a sudden surprise making one wonder what a finish. The best part about the movie is that it doesn’t add any unnecessary scenes in between and ensures to continue with the pace of the movie-making one to be with the movie and not to lose its interest.   

hindi suspense movies
11. johnny gaddar

Neil Nitin Mukesh’s debut film became a sleeper hit and had excellent suspense till the very end. 

A story about ditching his fellow mates and running away with hardcore cash but towards the end karma reacts and gives him death.

Neil Nitin Mukesh’s first debutant movie gave him a fantastic response in the entertainment industry and fetch him with some good movie’s however the actor now is very less seen in movies.

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12. detective byomkesh bakshy

A gem of a movie, the first 15 min went out of my mind but slowly and gradually the film picks up it mainstream and the end totally shocks me to wonder, where the film started from and where it ended.

In simple words a great suspense thriller and portraying the famous detective character at its best. All praises to the maker- a must-watch gem.

hindi suspense movies

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13. table no 21

Sin in the past can never let you move on in life and will come to catch you at least once in your life. Which might be dangerous.

Paresh Rawal with the pace helps in maintaining the suspense alive up until the end, and so are the other leads. An excellent peace with a fantastic presentation to make one stick to their screen.

hindi suspense movies

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14. Ittefaq

A murder mystery and finding the main person behind the murder is what the movie aims to drive the attention of its viewers. 

The story continues with the demand of the script and is very well been represented on the screen. The twist in the tale at the end makes you realize your investment with the time to watch the movie was worth.

hindi suspense movies

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15. the stoneman murders

K.K.Menon never disappoints with his collections of movies.

The Stoneman Murders according to me is one of the best suspense thriller movies. The plot, the acting and with excellent cinematography, this is a movie which you should go for if you are in search of some best Hindi suspense movies to stream.

hindi suspense movies

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16. drishyam

One of the best suspense movies of Bollywood is Drishyam. A man tries to safeguard his family from a crime scene and the way how he handles the difficult situation is really applaudable.

All characters have done total justice to her respective character. It’s a must-watch for all those who are fond of suspense movies.

hindi suspense movies

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17. Irada

The movie is an eye-opener about water contamination. A suspense thriller about a father looking for redemption and how he makes them all pay for the death of his daughter is what worth a watch.

A movie that was less of hype but has logic and also has a message to portray to the audience. Both Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi are brilliant with their respective roles.

hindi suspense movies
18. bank chor

The movie didn’t manage to get good ratings from media or critics. I would say it has a brilliant ending and fantastic suspense which made me watch the movie till the very end.

At first, I was thinking not to watch but after spending a few minutes the interest started araising and finally would accept that it was worth my watch. 

Ritesh Deshmukh steals the show with his performance at the end and wins heart.

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19. aankhen

The movie with a lot of twists and suspense. Imagine three blind men planning to rob a bank with the help of a fit person who has no physical challenges with him. A perfect combination of excellent acting and a brilliant direction.

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20 wazir

An unnoticed movie with a solid star cast.

Amitabh Bachchan fulfilling a master stoke twist towards the end makes Wazir as one of the best suspense movies for moviegoers to consider watching.

hindi suspense movies

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21. my wife's murder

A suspense saga based on finding the person behind the death of a wife.

 Anil Kapoor delivers a great performance as the prime suspect behind the murder of his own wife.

The movie is slow, but it can be considered as a one time watch. Among one of those which can be considered as a cult suspense drama hindi movie.

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