Hoichoi- 13 Best Bengali web series to stream


Hoichoi is a digital platform for many Bengali series and movies. The digital hub has unlimited content to stream in which we prefer to invest our time in the best. As a viewer, after completing any series, I prefer that the time given to the series is justified. So here I am, with some of the best Bengali web series to stream in Hoichoi.

movies and web series reviews

A suspense thriller Bengali web series that will keep you hooked up with all its episodes. The first episode kicks off with a blank call from an unknown number revealing about some doubtful situations.

Raima Sen is perfect in her housewife avatar, who plays the main lead alongside Priyanka Sarkar and Joy Sengupta. The series has two seasons; after the end of season two, there is speculation of another season of the series, which might be on the pipeline.

movies and web series reviews

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A series inspired by a novel with the same name Charitraheen by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. A story about lost souls who are destined to be loved but finds it difficult to find one.
A series that is justified and can be a preferable watch. All actors are fantastic with their respective roles, who have not left any place of dismay. A perfect hoichoi original and a great Bengali web series with some dynamic background music make you fall into the characters’ emotions.


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Perhaps, a different concept of a Bengali web series in Hoichoi. The story is about a person leaving his job and opening up a sex toy shop in Kolkata, followed by which political propaganda arises.

A fun ride that will tickle your bones and will make you laugh in most of its episodes.


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4. Byomkesh

Leaving out Byomkesh will be an absolute failure of mine. The famous detective character Byomkesh is known personally, and this Hoichoi series giving a piece of the renowned personality was a pleasure to watch.

The plot which needs no introduction in simple words is a mysterious thriller where as usual, a detective is assigned to solve the mystery. A masterpiece with some excellent directions makes Byomkesh a must watch Bengali web series on our list.


A horror series with comedy as an add-on with the plot. Many are in the perception of it being a horror series, but in reality, it’s a suspense-comedy drama web series that will keep you seated till the very end. The series is the debut of Barkha Bisht in the digital world.


A movie with the same name has already been made. The plot is the same-a serial killer- killing people on the roads with stones.

 I go with the making of the series, which is intriguing and well-made to ensure the audience’s interest being alive with the series. Hence, I consider it one of the best Bengali thriller web series to watch with all your loved ones.


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Money is all that a human requires- which is portrayed very well in this series. A plan to rob crores of rupees, which later falls to be a mind game between individuals who stole the money and police officers who are after the robbers.

A series that is less hype but deserves to be noticed- don’t miss this one on Hoichoi if you like watching thrillers.

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8. Shobdo Jobdo

A twist in the tale and a gripping thriller Bengali web series should give you an edge of the seat experience. All praises to the scripting of the series, which is all about innovation- that had been executed very well.

You cannot afford to lose on this one; however, different people have different tastes; therefore, it’s my preference to you, but the call is all upon you.

9. Rahasya Romancha

A mysterious plot that has a cutting-edge thriller revelation that will keep you seated till the entire season. Season one might not be interesting- but season two will make your time worth watching. 

It is a story hovering around three characters: a serial killer, a mechanic, and a gambler—a brilliantly executed Bengali web series to witness on the digital platform of Hoichoi. 


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10. PAAP

The story is incomplete; however, the story so far is framed very well.

The story is about a girl returning to her home after staying away from her family for a very long time, but disturbing is the members of the house not being happy with her coming back to the family.


Based on Tagore’s tales, it’s a story about a girl in search of her own identity from the outside world.

The acting of all the characters is up to the expectation without leaving any areas of improvement or complaint—a stunning 2 episode series, which is a must-watch for all Tagore Tale lovers.


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12. Bhootoorey

A horror series- which I consider it to be a replica of Ghostbusters.

A series about four friends exploring all the haunted places of Kolkata and trying to bring it to the world. I consider it not a bad one- it’s a short 3 episode web series to watch.


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For those who believe in love, stories can switch to Monto Pilot for once.

The story is about Montu, who always wanted to be a pilot, but destiny had something else for him in the store. Another masterpiece by Hoichoi after the brilliant well-made series Charitraheen.

Final Words
Bengali series seems to be on a roll, and Hoichoi is one of the promising platforms- Where you can catch up with some fantastic web series and movies. The list above, I hope, is up to the expectation of yours. Similar to Hoichoi- you can also visit addatimes and the ZEE5 digital platform if you are in search of some Bengali web series. One of my recommendations from ZEE5 would be-Kaali, which is available in the Bengali Language.

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