Hollywood Thriller movies to stream in lockdown

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 Hollywood Thriller movies which evolve innovation and some extra efforts to keep the audiences all hooked up on their seats. A thriller that defines excellence at its best and makes the audiences praise till the very end.

Here we will disclose some of Hollywood’s Thriller movies which are mindblowing and will make your time worth. Apart from Hollywood, it’s competitor Bollywood also has some great suspense movies to stream in the lockdown period.

 Now, let’s Hop into some of Hollywood gems to stream during the lockdown period. 

hollywood thriller movies

1. GONE GIRL- The movie in my remedy falls to be one of the finest Hollywood thriller movies to stream on Netflix.

Gone Girl is a story about a wife who goes missing and all suspects are on the husband of the wife.

While the investigation carries, police reveal some shocking truth behind the girl missing. A perfect drama at the beginning lands to be a thrilling one that keeps you going until the finish. 


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2. UNDER SUSPICION-  A vacation is all about rejuvenating and relaxing, but what if the vacation becomes a nightmare.

The plot of the film is about a person who comes on vacation but suddenly becomes a prime suspect of a murder.

The suspense keeps you engrossing with wonderful scripting from the makers of the film. A delight to watch that has some intense twist in between, which makes one wonder where the film is heading, but towards the end conclusion lands into perfection.

  One of my recommended movies to stream if you are in search of some Hollywood Thriller movies. 

hollywood thriller movies

3.  SEVEN- The movie is a cult classic of brilliant suspense. This is a perfect combination of great direction and fantastic acting by the leads of the movie.

Its story involves a murder mystery in which two detectives are in search of the serial killer.

 In the end, some shocking revelation occurs which makes the film one of perfect Hollywood Thriller movies to stream.  


source : kanopy.com

4. ZODIAC- I consider it a watchable movie, however, few critics and audiences seem not to have liked the film.

 The base of the movie is finding out a Zodiac Killer whose investigation is done by a political cartoonist, a crime reporter, and some cops.

 The shocking and unique part about the movie is that the case remains unresolved which is one unique thing about the movie.


5. FRACTURE- Intense drama, solid thriller and a court drama which has twist after twist, if that is what you are looking for then this is a perfect one for you.

 Fracture has all that it needs and with less of boredom, you will fall for the movie till the very end.

Excellent is the word that I am using to define the content of the film and make you realize if you are a thriller hunter on the internet then without a second thought check the movie out on Netflix

hollywood thriller movies

6. Shutter Island- On my list is one of the best Hollywood thriller movies to stream during the lockdown period.

With perfect acting in an excellent direction, the movie hasn’t left any areas of improvement. I consider it to be a masterpiece, with solid tension arriving in all corners to find out what’s left in the store next.

A compelling suspense and an excellent thriller drama undoubtedly make it a worth watch.

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7. The Interview-A man who has lost everything in his life is been grabbed by the cops for some questioning and from there a game starts with twist and tale.

The story is very well written and the actors have done absolute justice to the story ensuring the public to be glued on the seats.

A cutting edge thriller drama that will make your time worth and will make you share positive remarks. 

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