7 Quarantine Horror Movies you just can't afford to miss

Horror Movies

The whole world is fighting with this COVID-19 situation right now and almost half of the earth is under lockdown. People are fighting in their bits and pieces by socially distancing themselves and staying at home but wait! At what cost? Your SANITY!

Yes, people are losing their minds out because they’re hell bored. They’ve watched almost every series on all the OTT platforms they wanted to, they’ve read all the books they wanted to, IG content doesn’t excite them anymore and sooner or later, they’ll get bored of making Dalgona coffee too.

So, to maintain your sanity, it’s really important to freak yourself out. Like for me, who hates to watch horror movies have started watching them to make my heart thump with fear. It’s important because passively, calms you down.

Now, we’re here with a list of 7 quarantine horror movies that you really should watch if you’re bored of everything now:

contagion movie review

If you haven’t heard of this movie yet, then you must be living in Antarctica because this movie is all over the internet since the coronavirus outbreak. Why? Because it’s based on a deadly virus much similar to corona.

The plot of the movie is that after Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow) returns from a business trip, she felt ill. Her husband Mitch Emhoff (Matt Damon) takes her to hospital but she dies and later, their son too. These circumstances lead scientists to the discovery of a deadly virus. While the US Centers for Disease Control struggles to curb its spread, worldwide panic ensues.

A must watch indeed!

Horror Movies
2. Bird Box

Just imagine! One day, out of nowhere, some creature comes that can make you kill yourself while looking at it. Spooky, right?

Well, that’s the whole plot of the movie and indeed, it’s a horror one, because of the extreme environment shown in the movie. Its intensity will hook you up from the very beginning and what can I say more about it. Just go an watch it on Netflix!

horror movies

Source: Youtube.com

3. It Comes At Night

An apocalypse wipes out almost everyone on the earth except a few people including these 2 families who are living in one home, wait! Who are forced to share and live under one roof as an alliance to keep the danger away but… won’t kill the suspense for you here.

It’s just one damn metaphorical, intelligent, and scary movie that you should not miss by any chance.

horror movies

Source: imdb.com

4. 28 Days Later

A very scary post-apocalyptic horror film about a virus ‘Rage’ that wreaks havoc in the United Kingdom. Much like contagion and much similar to the times we are in right now, this movie is just gold!

Also, general trivia: In foreign countries, this movie is considered as an ideal Halloween movie.

zombie movies on netflix

Source: variety.com

5. Train To Busan

If you would ask me to pick one favorite zombie movie of all time, I would name ‘Train to Busan’. 

Plot: To meet his wife, Seok-woo and his daughter were traveling to Busan on a train but soon that train journey turned into a nightmare when they get trapped amidst a zombie outbreak in South Korea.

With a perfect mixture of action sequences and emotions, this movie is a classic zombie movie.

movies and web series reviews

source: theverge.com


Released in 2016, this movie is for sure going to scare you to your nerves. Talking about the plot, well, it’s about a deaf writer who decides to retreat from society and went to live a solitary life in the woods. But one night, the fragile world is shattered when the masked face of a psychotic killer appears in her window and… let it swoon you!

An intense and frightening horror that will make you contemplate for hours.

7. REC

With sort of documentary vibes, Rec is a Spanish supernatural zombie horror film franchise. Though none of its sequels are as powerful as the original one. 

It’s about a reporter who along with her cameraman go on a ridealong with an emergency services team who are called to an apartment building during a disturbance. Once they’re inside they realize some sort of infection is spreading rapidly and they’re suddenly quarantined inside. And things afterward only get weird… weirder and weirdest…

It’s one real damn heart-pounding movie that might be last on the list but first as my recommendations.

So, that was the list of quarantine horror movies to watch in this lockdown from Apoorv Sharma but He is sure that he must have missed out on a lot of gems. So, do let us know your recommendations in the comments below and hey, happy watching 🙂

Apoorv Sharma

Apoorv Sharma is the founder of Stagbite, an internet media company in making. A college dropout who has been working as a digital marketer and consultant to some renowned startups is really passionate about journalism and content creation and that’s what inspired him to start Stagbite.

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