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Hotstar Vip web series

Hotstar vip members web series list– Hotstar VIP-MEMBERS gets the privilege to watch many dynamic web series which is streaming in the digital channel. The VIP-MEMBERS subscription is undoubtedly worth your hard earn money and doesn’t create an area of disappointment. There are numerous web-series to watch in the hotstar VIP-MEMBERS subscription, which is mostly keeping the Indian audience in mind.

Below is the list of web-series which the Hotstar vip members get to watch.

hotstar vip web series

City of Dreams is a political-based web series where goons attack the leader of the political party in daylight. Amey Rao Gaikwad, played by Atul Kulkarni, is the leader of the party and is fighting for his life. The story revolves around choosing the right candidate to be the leader of the party after Amey Rao Gaikwad, as he wanted to move to Delhi for the development of his state Maharashtra. The attack upon him raises a question about who would be the right candidate to become the leader of the party. Amay Rao Gaikwad wanted his son to take over the responsibility and continue his legacy after him, but his son Ashish Rao Gaikwad played by Siddharth Chandekar, is irresponsible to manage the pressure and might destroy the image of his empire built by him.

There is only one wall in between his son to continue his legacy, that’s his daughter Poornima Amre played by Priya Bapat, she is far better than her brother to continue her father’s legacy and make it a successful journey. However, she is not the chosen one as, according to her father, she is a housewife and a girl who cannot be a part of his heritage. She has proven over and over again to her father, that she is far more responsible than her brother.

Jiten Kaka someone close to Amay Rao Gaikwad played by Uday Tikekar is in favor of Poornima Amre to take over the leadership of the party after Amay Rao Gaikwad as he never liked Ashish Rao Gaikwad and thinks that he would destroy Amay Rao’s entire empire and create a big problem to the business.

Sachin Pilgaonkar  plays the role of CM Jagdish Gurav, who is the mastermind behind the attack on Amay Rao Gaikwad and putting him in an unconscious situation for a lengthy period. While Amay Rao Gaikwad regains his senses, a fight for the leadership takes place between the two siblings Ashish Rao Gaikwad and Poornima Amre; she never wanted to indulge in politics however later realizes her potential to be a successful politician and hence fights for her rights and faces her brother. 

How will she become the leader of the party and convince her father to let her become the leader? Once when her father regains senses, will she be appointed by her father to become the leader of the party.  This hotstar Vip-member web series is all about mind games and dirty political games for one to come into power and rule upon the state. A girl who was living a peaceful life with her husband changes suddenly and overtakes the command upon her shoulder to continue her father’s legacy.

The story basically is about a fight between two siblings and who would be the right candidate to become the party head. The decision is all up to Amay Rao Gaikwad, to appoint the party head once he regains his senses. In between him regaining his senses, a confrontation is taken place between his elder daughter and his younger son. They both face each other to become the leader of the party. Ashish is someone who is very much short-tempered and makes a lot of mistakes, which is bad for his father’s business. Poornima, on the other hand, gains the trust of many other party members to be elected as the chairman of the party.

Overall, if you are a hotstar VIP-MEMBER and is addicted to watching web series like me, then CITY OF DREAM can be considered a one time watch during your spare time. The ten-episode web series is surely worth a watch and keeps you evolving.

hotstar vip web series

Criminal Justice is another excellent web-series for Hotstar Vip-members. The 10 episode web series has got some superb acting by Vikrant Massey as well as other characters. Pankaj Tripathi is undoubtedly fantastic with the role of a lawyer, and so is Jackie Shroff as a prisoner ruling in the jail.

Aditya Sharma, living a healthy life, plans to celebrate his victory with his friends for winning a football match. He does a part-time job to support his family, which is of a cab driver. The web-series gives us an indication that anything can happen in life, and anyone can be a victim of a crime even though you are innocent. As per the name criminal justice, the series is all about an honest person, who falls to be a primary suspect of a murder as well as rape and being sentenced for life imprisonment.

Pankaj Tripathi as Madhav Mishra, playing the role of an advocate, is ready to take the case however is an underrated advocate. Mandira Mathur (Mita Vashisht) is officially handling the case of Aditya Sharma, as she is being appointed by the corporate firm where Aditya used to drive his car and being paid the amount of a high fee because the incident is vandalizing the image of the corporate firm.

Towards the latter part of the web-series, Mandira manages to get the rape charges acquitted; however, the murder charges remain to be valid for Aditya and fails to grant him out off the murder charges.

Anupriya Goenka, as Nikhat Hussain, working as the secretary for Mandira, takes the case further and gets full support by Madhav; they both try to do every possible research and investigation to go to the depth of the situation and find out the actual person behind the murder of Sanaya the victim of rape and murder. 

In the meanwhile, Aditya had to suffer a lot of torment and torture by the in-house prisoners. He gets to understand the life of a person living in jail and slowly becomes habitant. How is Aditya going to come out of this troublesome and later prove to be non-guilty is what Criminal Justice is about?

Exclusively available for Hotstar vip-members


Roar of the Lion demonstrates the comeback of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) after two years of suspensions from not being a part of the IPL tournament. The web-series is mostly related to match-fixing and how difficult was it for the team to be out of the competition. Questions were being asked about Captain cool M.S. Dhoni’s involvement in the match-fixing allegations. These allegations and the drop of the team from the tournament broke them all into pieces. When Chennai Super King was reformed, the group decided that the comeback of the team would be for there fans. The recovery was an emotional moment as most of the players thought that they wouldn’t be able to play in the IPL anymore.

The tagline RISE, FALL, and COMEBACK execute well in this HOTSTAR Vip-members web-series, and honestly, the team surely had to go through a lot. Kausar Munir, the writer of the web-series, collaborates with executive producer Kabir Khan, who is working on his current project about the ’83, world cup victory for team INDIA. The two years of banned from the IPL were difficult for M.S. Dhoni and his team. He ensured to maintain his silence from the allegation. This show wouldn’t have been possible if he was not ready to talk about it.

The series coordinates with some of the team members of the Chennai Super King, some die-hard fans and also N. Srinivasan, former President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). This takes us through the journey about informing other competitors that the Lions are ready to ROAR and conquer the field once again.

A definite watch streaming on Hotstar

The Office is a formal adaptation of a global web series. The 13-episode documentary chronicles the lives of their workers at Wilkins Chawla because they browse through their mundane pattern which always gives rise to funny circumstances. The US edition of the series featuring actors like Steve CarellJohn Krasinski, and Rainn Wilson remains a happening with fans around the world.

The Indian version additionally includes Gauhar KhanRanvir ShoreyGopal DuttSayandeep SenguptaSamridhi DewanPriyanka Setia,Gavin MethalakaPreeti KocharSunil JetlyChien Ho LiaoNehpal Gautam and Mayur Bansiwal among others.

The show received mixed reviews. Firstpost reviewed favorably stating,”Great performances, aggressively casting make Hotstar’s lazily-written remake watchable”. New Indian Express had a more mixed opinion, summarizing it ,”Brownie points for precision, but magical missing in translation”. Raja Sen out of Livemint explained it ,”adequate, not particular”.  Rohan Nahaar out of Hindustan Times rated it 2/5 and called it an”unfunny, unnecessary carbon copy of this American classic”. 

We at mowebiseedia.com would rate The Office as 3.5/5

hotstar vip web series

Out of Love is a very well made web series for Vip members. IMDB responded to the series with a 7.1/10, proving it worth your watch.
The story revolves around a couple who, after marriage, seems not to be in the same shape the way how it was before. Meera, played by Rasika Dugal, who is fantastic with her role, starts doubting her husband Akash, played by Purab Kohli after when she noticed a long hair near her husband, which is not hers. The plot is mostly about digging upon the evidence of the girl with whom her husband Akash is having an affair.
Rasika Dugal’s performance on the series has given her a considerable hype in acting, and she had done total justice to her role. The series seems to provide her with a significant boost in her acting career. The phrase seems to work correctly for her, which goes like “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

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