Indian Documentaries on Netflix which you should definitely watch

Indian Documentaries

In this post, we will provide you some of the Indian documentaries on Netflix, which are informative, shares some in-depth knowledge, and offer you wisdom. 

India, one of the world’s biggest economies and the second most populated country in the world, holds many events in the past that are untold or hidden as big secrets without revelation.

Netflix India got some Indian origin documentaries, which one should give a shot to know more about the land of many religions.

Some Indian documentaries on Netflix which has the value of time.

Indian Documentaries on Netflix
1. Beyond All Boundaries

Cricket in India is treated like religion, and in this documentary, it highlights the sacrifices of passionate cricket fans who can go to any extent to support the game. 

 Among the fan, there comes only a few who make it as a passion and support the team by being present on the ground whenever India plays the game.

 The show gives a bite of one such big fan known as Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary, who is one of the biggest fans of Sachin Tendulkar. It shares some of his part of the story regarding his madness for the game and his support for team India.


2. Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai

The documentary highlights the aftermath of the riots which took place in the land of Muzaffarnagar.
It showcases the pain and the emotions of the family who were affected in the riot and how they became homeless without any proper place for shelter.

The show is alarming and brings in feelings after knowing the harsh reality of the society in which we all belong. One of the Indian documentaries on Netflix, which makes me wonder, how can a human do such a shameful act of killing others only because of political propaganda.

indian documentaries on Netflix

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3. Regiment Diaries

A few people crib, and few people only know their duty to fulfill their responsibility towards the land without complaining.

Regiment Diaries is one of those Indian documentaries on Netflix, which shows the life of soldiers who are serving the nation and those who are retired from their duties to the country.

The documentary gives you a ride explaining the brave soldier’s experiences at the time of war or during maintaining peace.


If you ever think that life is full of challenges and I should give up without trying, then Limitless is a perfect documentary for you to watch.

A story about eight women in India faces the problem with self-confidence and the expectation of society; however, they overcome all the difficulties through running.

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image source: netflix.com

5. Satrangi

If music is your love, then this well-made documentary is meant for you—a series of young musicians from different parts of the country performing their regional folk in traditional instruments.

6. Rubaru Roshni

An Aamir Khan Production presented documentary revealing the lives of those who lost their loved ones through brutality.

The show has been praised a lot by big media giants in the youtube channel of Netflix India. Emotions couldn’t be controlled after knowing the lives of those who healed themselves from the pain they faced.



Some stories are meant to be heard, which might bring in the real human inside you. Three words decide the life of a woman.

This documentary is an eye-opener for those who have faced the aftermath of being left alone from their so-called husbands. 

 Shazia Javed, the maker of his documentary, has done her best to showcase the unfair practice of Muslim women. 

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