Thriller Indian web series which will keep you hooked till the end.

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Indian web series are at high demands in the lockdown period, and there are continuous suggestions on the internet about which web series to watch.

Thriller is a subject of innovation that will always keep you hooked with the eagerness to know what’s going to come up next. Here we are glad to provide you with some intriguing thriller Indian web series to watch that has excellent reviews from the internet world- so let’s DIVE IN.

indian web series

A military officer being shot, the question arises who shot the officer. According to the officials, its an open and shut case, but the person doing the investigation finds out some shocking revelation about the incident.

A mysterious Indian web series that has all the necessary ingredients to keep you seated. 

The end will make you realize that your time was not wasted, and you have invested it in the right series. Follow the rating from IMBD and check out the reviews on GOOGLE.

indian web series

Asur has everything which one expects. A thriller series which will keep you well connected till the whole season and the last episode will bring a sudden surprise.

A series which is a murder mystery that has too much of twist and turn. A series that has been praised a lot, we consider the series to be one of the best Indian web series so far that has given stiff competition to series like Sacred Games.

Indian web series

The series is a gripping thriller web series. Where a pilot puts the life of his passengers at stake and threatens to take away the life of his along with all the passengers on the plane.

Talking about the performance, all the actors are excellent with their roles and have not disappointed. You can see the series on the ZEE5 app.


Indian web series

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Money can make a person do anything. Apaharan has vulgarity, some natural acting, along with dialogues which makes you clap.

The good part is you won’t fall into boredom, as every episode has a gripping notch to fulfill your expectation. An Indian web series that doesn’t leaves you with unhappiness.

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Indian web series

Vikrant Massey, with a reliable performance alongside Jackie Shroff and the very talented Pankaj Tripathi, brings Criminal Justice in our list of thriller web series to stream.

The plot is about getting justice for an innocent person who is not the main accused behind the murder of a girl. Like all movies and web series, the ending will reveal the main person.

Which after a few episodes become predictable, however, the main charm of the show are the leads of the series.

movies and web series reviews

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The series is an adaptation from the book “Marry Me Stranger” by Novoneel Chakraborty. It’s a suspense drama where a girl falls to be a victim of a stranger, who makes her do things according to whatever the stranger wants her to do. 

The question arises whether the stranger is a friend or an enemy. Hello, Mini is a well made mysterious series, and the makers have given their best to ensure the mystery to be alive until the end.

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The series is all about friendship, but behind friendship, there is a dark secret, and every secret has consequences. The series is of less hype, but referring to an article.

I thought of watching the series. Undoubtedly, I find my time was worth the investment. Kaushiki is the modern age Indian web series, where friendship is being explained in a manner in which you can’t trust anyone.


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8. unafraid

Unfortunately, this is a less talked web series; however, I found the series to be intriguing, which has a solid thriller material. The plot is about finding a serial killer who has murdered and killed many girls. 

The shocking part is the person responsible for finding out the killer is a lady investigator. A nerve-racking thriller Indian web series, which will keep you addicted and your interest to be alive.

indian web series

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There are two seasons of Twisted, and both have the edge of a seat thriller to watch. You can find the series available on youtube and many other OTT platforms.

The first season is a murder mystery ride, and the other is about mind games with twists and tales.

indian web series

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A unique portrayal, however, was beheld from the internet audience. The series explains social media addiction and how it can affect the healthy life of human beings, which can later fall to be a crime.

I hope, the list included is all up to the mark to provide you with something informative. Similar, to the above list there are many more thriller web series to stream for which you can find the information on many sites. Just to add on a few- Breathe, The Family Man, Sacred Games are also a few more to stream.

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