Interview with Ankita Sarkar- A young promising Movies and TV Shows Review Youtuber

interview with ankita sarkar

Firstly, A very warm welcome to our Movie niche blog- where we share recommendations and also give reviews about latest films and Tv shows.

1.  We would first like to get a short introduction of yours to our viewers.

Hey everyone, I am Ankita Sarkar. An aspiring journalist on my final year of graduation. I love watching tv shows and movies since I was 11 years old. I have learned so much from cartoons, movies and tv shows.
They have been a part of my life since childhood. Other than talking about films I also love to write stories and non fiction stuff. In future I want to become a journalist, someone people will look forward for
authentic and glamour free news.

 2. We saw a few of your youtube videos, where you share your reviews about films and Tv Show. So We would like to know the purpose behind you choosing to talk about films and Series?

As I said before, I loved watching movies for such a long time. Giving reviews about what I like and also an insight of what is really working out there. We had a subject called film studies which inspired me to open up my own channel to critical review films and give people recommendations for their weekend watch — thats the only time they get off from their busy schedule!

3.  What’s the motive behind your youtube channel and where do you see yourself with your channel five years down the line?

Well, the primary motive of my youtube channel is to give some really Underrated Movie’s and tv show recommendations which don’t get popular much and at the same time I try to review shows and movies as
unbiased as possible. Considering I started the channel as a hobby I think in the next 5 years… Hopefully it will be monetized and I hope that I have a celebrity on my channel… Someday!

4.  What are some of your Favorite shows you would like to reckon our viewers to watch and why?

Well, that is a very long list though! But to keep it short everyone of you must watch Sense8 ,The Expanse, Upload, Sherlock, Stranger Things
and Umbrella Academy. They are my top tier shows!

5. How do you response to the new revolution on the internet called the OTT platform. What is your prediction towards the future of OTT platform?

Aaah, that has been really growing well in this lockdown. A few months back I wrote an article about it. How hard it has become to differentiate a web series and movie because they are of same length!
The future is very bright, at the amount the shows and web series are coming has bought a lot of employement for the struggling actors and also a platform to experiment stories which can never be discovered on traditional platform. It is growing really well and good.

6. Which series season you are desperately waiting to watch?

I was waiting to watch the society season 2 … They desperately had me by the end but unfortunately they cancelled the show.
Other than that i want to watch Stranger Things, The Gone Game , Umbrella Academy, their season ending have me on the hook!!

7. When you judge a film or a Tv Show- what are the important aspects of yours to analysis any film or a Tv Show?

The first thing which matters the most for me before anything else is the story and its main conflict followed by how good or bad attempt they do to resolve it. Secondly I see the acting which is mostly good because actors are really talented bunch of people. And then comes direction, cinematography and background score which makes the movie or show just really marvelous or plain bad.

8. Which is that one film or a Tv show that is very close to you and why?

So, Navya and Ek Duje Ke Vaaste have been very close to my heart. They aired on Star and Sony. The one thing that stuck with me is its realistic story and how they went about it. The issues these two shows pick up are very important to the society, they didn’t drag stories mostly and gave us a good entertainment.

9.  As the OTT has immensely grown and the lockdown have been of great advantage for the sector- How do you response to this and do you think the audiences will carry the same zeal of hitting the theatres like it was before?

Well, the fun of theatres never goes away. Even though a lot of films were released on OTT platform because of the lockdown but mostly the accesible audience will get back to viewing movies on the big screen as OTT platforms do charge us a lot when it comes to subscriptions. Its in no time when people will go to theatres, in India its even opening in a week!

10. Final question, what will you like to say to our viewers about your youtube channel?

Hey everyone, I am just starting up with my youtube channel and it would be great if you check it out! Also I post recommendations of movies and mostly shows whenever I can I hope you enjoyed this interview and my channel 🙂


Wrapping up
That’s AnkitaSays for you folks sharing her responses about the latest films and series. Dont forget to tune into her channel and hit the subscribe button if you are looking for some honest reviews related to films and tv shows. Cheers

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