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Firstly, We would like to thank you for your precious time in collaborating with us to share some of your outputs about films and Tv Shows. 

1. We would like you to provide us a brief introduction to our viewers?

My name is Manav Narula, I am a marketer by profession and also a movie buff since childhood. This subject of “marketing” involved deep understanding of the brand’s need, market trend and target audiences to create meaningful communication in a TVC, AVs,
posters etc. My work gave me a very keen pair of eyes and mind, which I started using in every sphere of life, even while watching movies and web series etc. I soon realized that even movies are a “product” for a “Target Audience” and must be made and
marketed accordingly. I don’t know when my two passion collided (marketing and film reviews) and started blogging about my observations on movies 2 years back. This year in May’20 however I started making a of lot video reviews which I believe connects with the audience more as a medium these days.

2.  We saw a few of your youtube videos- where we found you to be giving all of your best efforts in providing genuine reviews related to films and series. So what came up in your mind about reviewing films and series and please if you could let our viewers know about the motive behind your Youtube Channel?

A very critical question I must say. One should always know the answer of “why”?
See, what is a true definition of a film review? Review is a critical analysis of a product, service or piece of art with an aim to help the viewer to make a choice, “for” or “against” it. Further, it helps the producer to understand the gaps to make a better product next time. Important thing here is “objectivity”. But when I saw and read so many review around me on youtube, I felt pity on the viewers who were offered “perceptions”, “gaalis”, “rants” in the name of a review. These perceptions are personal likings/dislikings, limited understanding of the motion picture production process or just a dramatized version to draw attention of viewers to a staged performance. I mean (lol), dear youtubers please leave the performances to the experts i.e. actors and do your real job of reviews. The last factor is very scary, because then reviews aren’t reviews, they becomes click baits. Without quoting a top youtuber, she uses a trending topic of “nepotism” quite frequently for reviewing any kind of movies and web series. This is just greed for video views without linkage to the “product – movie / web series / trailer”. All these things pushed me to express myself in front of the camera and open an authentic youtube channel called “Movie Shuvie Review” where conversation are “objective” and reviews
are done out of passion and not as a job.

3.  Today, the audience has become more versatile and advanced because of the digital era. How do you respond to the future of the OTT industry in the coming years ?

OTT got its boost because of the Corona lockdown and people were forced to consume content at their home only. I feel OTT is now here to stay but I would still not eliminate the existence of cinema halls. Real movie lovers see cinema for experience and go to large halls only. Seeing movies at the halls is a collective experience for the viewers and for the makers as well. The later is able to gage the reaction of the audience directly sitting at the hall. Kis scene pey koi roya? Kis pey seeti baji.

OTT however has two positives. It will reach to a wider audience who never had access to these new releases at a cheap cost. Secondly, it is blessing for small time producers and distributors
who were earlier never able to sell their movies to exhibitors easily.

4. A series is time consuming whereas a film can be completed in a few hours. According to you which one do you mostly prefer watching a series or a film?

It is like making a choice between a one day cricket match and a 5 days match. Seeing a movie / web series depends on a lot of factors. I have noticed that movies consumption is family affair on OTT apps where for 2 hours everyone enjoys the moment. While web series are very personal in nature now. Individuals watch series of their liking and genre in their alone time with no pressure from family and friends.

Also, web series have a plus point of continuity and detailing to which one relates more deeply. Usually people want to see more of their favourite story or star. We all of experience the sad feeling when a series ends and we want to see more of it. Hence web series work for almost all.

5.  We found in your youtube videos- the reviews are mostly related to series. So we would like to know which series season are you desperately waiting to watch?

Actually I try to do both. As a motion picture lover, I love to deep dive into story, each character, production design, acting, music and direction for sure. Web series gives me an opportunity to see the work of the storyteller deeply and not pass judgment on a 1.5 hours reel.
Also I think viewers should be provided a much deeper insights on the product than just saying– good, bad, ugly…Or like some reviewers, just using some glorified adjectives to review. As an honored reviewer I have a duty to provide detailed understanding objectively.

As an honored reviewer I have a duty to provide detailed understand objectively.

6. If you had to recommend a series to our viewers- which one it would be and why?

So, as I said the series gives an opportunity to live the characters and their lives deeply. Two series that connected with me are Dark (international series and available on Netflix) and Asur (Indian series and available on Voot).  Both these series have a great continuity, strong storyline, pitch perfect production design and some amazing actors. They intrigued me with suspense so much that I couldn’t stop watching one episode after another.

7.  What do you think is the most important aspect when you would have to judge a film?

Most important thing is being objective. Perceptions are a reflection of personal liking and therefore should be avoided. One should be able to relay the observations so that the viewers can make a perception and an informed choice of themselves. But a reviewer cannot have perception based comments.

8. Who is your favorite actor and which movie did you like the most of the actor?

Earlier I use to have favorite actors but now I don’t. I now see a movie as a combined product of writer, director, actor’s etc effort. When one sees it from that lens then any actor that makes the scene believable is great. Example: Vicky Kaushal as a soldier in
URI, Shahid kapoor as Kabir Singh, Aayushman in Andhadhund. Now, a controversial name, Salman khan in Tiger Zinda Hai made that spy role believable. People may call him a bad actor but he made the movie believable. So the purpose is well achieved for
the storyteller/director.

9. Netflix, Prime Videos, ZEE5, Alt Balaji, Hotstar, Youtube, Sony Liv, Voot, Mx Player- which among them all do you prefer visiting the most?

I have always appreciated Netlfix original content. See, content production at that scale globally is some achievement and they are pretty consistent with their quality parameters. 

Others show a spark here and there.

10.  Lastly, how do you analyze your youtube channel five years down the line and what are your future plans with your channel?

I would get immense happiness if my youtube channel “Movieshuvie ” is recognized as an honest channel that give most detailed and insightful reviews without perceptions. It has a purpose of making our viewers also an expert on film evaluation objectively. I mean, tomorrow a whole community of experts discussing movies over a chai pey charcha would be engaging and relevant. 

My plan for the channel is to go live more often and connect with my audience on a real time basis. Hear them and expressing face to face like friends would do, should be wonderful. Cheers ! 

Thats a wrap, 

We are pleased to have you with us and collaborating. Hope you liked the interview session with us.

interview with Movieshuvie

That’s “Movie Shuvie Reviews” for you guys- don’t forget to visit the channel and check out some of the cool reviews related to films and series and hit the subscribe button for more updates about films and series. 

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