An Inside Look to The #Aquaman fame- The Best of #JasonMomoa Movies and Tv Shows To Watch.

jason Momoa movies and tv shows

Jason Momoa is a young Hawaiian actor and a famous model for playing Arthur Curry / Aquaman in the film Justice League. Jason Momoa has a great collection of movies and television series through his 18 decades of acting.

A few of Jason Momoa Movies and Tv shows have an impeccable performance from the actor. Similarly, the actor was less in the talk up until Aquaman appeared on the screen.

Jason Momoa debuted in the famous TV show “Baywatch Hawaii” alongside “Stargate Atlantis.” But the actual recognition came through his way as Khal Drogo in the hit American Fantasy Drama series called Games Of Thrones, following which as superhero avatar in Aquaman

Jason also revealed in an interview about the scar which appears on his left eyebrow. It is said to believe that the actor had a fight in a bar-Where he was hit in the eye with a pint glass, which was shattered all over the area.

List of Jason Momoa Movies and Tv Shows to Watch

1. Stargate Atlantis

Our first recommendation would be Stargate Atlantis. The series is an action, adventure, and a drama-based show, which had all positive word of mouth, but unfortunately, it couldn’t be continued after season 5 of the series. The show received its popularity, particularly in Europe and Australia. 

The show had its momentum performing well and didn’t leave any areas of disappointment.

2. Braven

An action-thriller flick of Jason Momoa- Where he is seen portraying a responsible son and a father’s role. A story of a man doing every possibility to ensure the safety of his family.

The story had nothing new;- however, the movie portrayal was a pleasant watch with a duration of 1hr and 34min. 

jason momoa movies and tv shows
3. Game of Thrones

I am sure the series won’t require any introduction- Perhaps it is one of the highly anticipated American Web Shows which has been viewed worldwide.

The role of Khal Drogo from the series is very famous and has given Momoa the ultimate identification about making his presence felt in the entertainment world. 

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4. Aquaman

Aquaman was a hyped film of Jason’s career; however, all expectations were ruined as the audience didn’t like it.

I consider the film to be a one time because of its picturization and its effects on a few of the scenes.  A movie in the list of Jason’s career for which he would be remembered for long. 

jason momoa movies and tv shows
5. Sugar Mountain

The story delves into the life of two brothers who represented themselves to be disappeared for their own benefit. Later their full plan turns out to be troublesome for them and put them into a mess.

A thriller drama flick which could have been presented well but none the less it’s a one time watch.

6. Frontier

You will enjoy Momoa in this series as he delivers the best and ensures to steal the show with his presence. 

Frontier is a Canadian historical period drama television show relating to the North American fur trade from Canada’s late 1700s.

7. See

You can’t take your eyes off from Jason Momoa from the series. He gives a mind-blowing performance in the series and ensures to make you fall with his acting.

The story was of a new concept and a good sci-fi show to watch.  

jason momoa movies and tv shows
8. North Shore (2004-2005)

It was a daily soap show- which aired from 2004-2005 every other Monday on Fox network. 

The show was based on the visitors and the hotel employees named Grand Waimea Hotel and Resort. Unfortunately, the show was canceled around January 2005. 


jason momoa movies and tv shows
9. The Red Road

The story revolves around the lives of two communities- who don’t share a good relationship. How things become bad to pathetic, and then from there, the story picks up.

It’s surprising to see that the season ends with unfinished answers, and yet there is no update about season three of this Momoa show to come up. 

jason momoa movies and tv shows
10. Tempted

The movie is not as fascinating as it looks; however, I include the film on my list only because of the Looks and the actor’s acting talent.

The film is mostly about getting attracted to the opposite gender and falling for the person—a romantic drama flick for you to be in the store with a nailing performance from Jason Momoa.

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11. Justice League

The world is under attack, and Batman seeks help from Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and others to protect the world from the attack. 

The film is an American Superhero flick that had a mammoth success at the Box office.

12. Wolves

A story about a boy who finds himself not to be normal human beings. The story could have been better however it’s about the way how the film was presented.

Which leaves no disappointment and can be a considerable watch.

13. Road to Paloma

The movie’s story is about a native American who goes on a run after seeking redemption from his mother’s death.

He flees in America’s deserted places, where he recognizes that justice has a price to pay. An impressive storyline, which has emotions and loves very well intact.

14. Pipeline

Six individuals met with an incident in the past. Later decides to move on with their life but can’t as the past keeps on haunting them.

The film is of Horror and Drama based which has some intense and excellent cinematography.

jason momoa movies and tv shows
15. Bullet to the Head

The movie will remind you of the late 90’s action films. The only best thing about the film was the way it was presented.

It had nothing new for the viewers, but a few scenes and actions of the film were commendable.

Upcoming Jason Momoa’s Movies and Tv Shows

  1. DUNE:  The movie is scheduled to release in the month of December 2020. The film will be a multi-starrer cast and is a science fiction film. It will be a Warner-Bros Picture distribution which is slated to be presented in 3D and Imax.
  2. Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueThe film to be released in installment in the platform of HBO MAX- with each episode will be of an hour and that will conclude the duration of four hours. It is slated to release in mid-2021.
  3. Aquaman 2– After the immense success of Aquaman. The film part two is most probably to be coming out in 2022. Which as per sources are been confirmed by Warner Bros?

Final Words

And that concludes the list of Jason Momoa Movies and TV shows. If in case there are any suggestions or feedback please feel free to leave your comments in the box below. I would love to hear from you. I appreciate the time of yours for reading the post- I hope it was useful and valuable to you. 


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  1. Thank you for the information and your time and commitment to put this together. I am a huge Jason Momoa fan and I greatly appreciate being able to find all his work. I had no idea about several of these shows and I thought I knew all things Jason Momoa! Thank you again you are very helpful and appreciated. Sincerely, Annette Griffith griffy63@outlook.com

  2. I just love Jason Momoa……not just for his hot looks or gorgeous body!! I feel his family life with Lisa & kids, his support of environmental issues with working to have a zero footprint and him being very physically active are much. more important!!! The pictures of him with his Mom, wife, kids and…..I believe I saw one of his Aunt with him too, are so endearing!!!! His expressions tell so much about him!!!
    I am getting a big kick out of Aquamans first name being Arthur……which is my last name!!! And I also heard it’s the Jokers name too!!


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