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OVERVIEW and Summary of Kabir Singh

Kabir Singh s a Hindi romantic drama film written and directed by Sandeep Vanga. It is a remake of a hit Telugu film ARJUN REDDY which is led by the same person. The movie released in the year 2019 and has broken many records with some fantastic box office collections. 

Actor SHAHID KAPOOR and Kiara Advani are the lead cast of the movie. They both have done a remarkable job as the leading pair of romantic drama. 

The film is mostly about Kabir Singh, who goes into a self-destructive mood because of being dumped in love. He destroys himself by being in alcohol most of the time. Critics and many other resources have given a thumbs up to the movie, which is worth watching because of the outstanding acting of the lead actor Shahid Kapoor.

If you’ve somehow missed the movie, then don’t worry. Netflix is the channel where you need to be on the 19th of Sept to watch the film.

An excellent medical college student who is full of rage and anger. He is a bully of his college, whose name is enough to make others scared of him. A short-tempered guy falls in love with a girl named Preeti and decides to marry her up until something happens in between, which separates them and destroys there love into broken hearts. How everything will fall into place and will the broken hearts be together is what Kabir Singh all about.

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Story and Direction of Kabir Singh

The first Hindi venture movie of Sandeep Vanga. Kabir Singh was a successful hit at the box office, which brought many footfalls in the theatres, just like his hit Telugu film Arjun Reddy.

The story begins with a solid entry of the lead actor Shahid Kapoor fully intoxicated and smoke all around his face and the famous hit song of the 90s (Mere Umar ki Nao Jawano). A guy who is full of aggression, attitude and doesn’t listen to anybody. As a student, Kabir is brilliant in studies and is also a bully of his college; his name is more than enough for people to be scared of him.

During the inter-college football tournament, he gets into a brawl with the opposition team member named Kamal, who provokes him in the football match.

The Dean of the college calls Kabir for his behavior and asks him to submit an apology letter; he would have to make a tough decision of rusticating him from the college.

The aggression continues, and the threat of the Dean doesn’t stop Kabir’s attitude his response to the Dean ( I can’t be quiet sir, if I am quiet then it would be a habit of mine, and I’m not a rebel without a cause sir, Nor a murderer with a Hand Blade. This is me. Rest, you could have figured out what could have happened next.

The girl enters Preeti, a first-year student, whom he falls for at first sight. He decides to stay in college and not to leave. Shiva, along with his friends who are very close to Kabir, tells everyone in the college that the girl is Kabir’s love in interest, and no one dares to see her.

Initially, the girl ignores Kabir, but slowly they fall for each other and be madly in love. The scene-Kabir warned everyone to keep a watch on his love and ensure nobody puts Holi color on Preeti.

Still, the brawl in the football ground between Kamal and Kabir brought more anger on Kamal, and he was desperate for redemption. Kamal puts colors on Preeti, and when it gets into the ears of the short-tempered guy Kabir Singh he couldn’t control his anger and enters the college campus of Kamal all single-handed in accompany of Preeti and beats the hell out of Kamal. The angry Kabir Singh scene from the movie.

Kabir’s family gets to know about Kabir being put behind bars, bails him, and tells him to leave the house immediately. Kabir stays in a rented apartment, becomes a successful surgeon, but the sad story of his life doesn’t let him move on, and he decides to be in sloshed of alcohol most of the time. Friends of Kabir encourages him to move on, but Kabir as an arrogant person, won’t move on as he is genuinely in pain and cannot flush Preeti out of his life.

A very famous actress who got herself treated from Kabir came into his life to give him support, but for Kabir, love has no space, and emotions don’t count only the need of the body required to be fulfilled without any feelings intact.

Kabir was very much broken within and was living his life without in touch with any of his friends. “Sometimes, love feels like a life or death situation. Losing true love is pretty much as bad as it gets, other than actually dying or losing good health.

Most people know that. Most people can relate. It’s like the end of the world.” Life became more miserable for him when on his day off from work, he unwillingly decided to perform life-saving surgery on a patient and collapsed due to dehydration.

The authorities of the hospital examine him and found traces of alcohol and cocaine in his blood. An investigation was held, and a case was filed against Kabir for violating the principals of the professions. Shiva and his elder brother Karan makes all the arrangement to get Kabir out of the situation and not let his license as a professional surgeon be taken away from him. On the other hand, at an in-house court hearing, Kabir accepts his fault for being careless at work and putting a life at the stack, despite all the arrangements been done for him. Kabir’s medical license gets canceled, and the next morning he gets evicted from his rented flat.

Life for Kabir continues in the dark until Shiva; his friend finds him on the street roads with a stranger drinking local alcohol. Shiva conveys the message to him that his grandmother is no more in this world. Kabir finally goes to his home and pays respect to his grandmother’s soul and hugs his father, they both reconcile and make up his mind to give up drinking and live a decent life with his family.

His father advises him to take a break from life and go on a vacation. He also tells him to remember that “it’s not the GOODBYE that hurts but the FLASHBACKS that follows.”

While leaving for vacation, he sees a pregnant girl sitting in a park. The girl was none other than Preeti, Kabir, after seeing her, he could be very convinced that she was not happy with her marital life. They both meet, and Preeti reveals that he left the guy the day after marriage and was working at a clinic, the child in her womb is none other than Kabir’s. They both reconcile each other and reunites. The pair marries each other, and Preeti’s father apologizes for misunderstanding their love for each other.

The Cast the Kabir Singh

SHahid KAPOOR, as KABIR SINGH, is the primary key for the success of the film. The acting of the lead is worth your money and surely should win your heart just the way how he did in Udta Punjab, Haider, Kaminey, and others.

Kiara Advani is playing the love of Kabir Singh as Preeti in the movie. She was later replaced by the debutant actress Tara Sutaria, but because of dates issue and delay in her debut movie Kiara Advani got the role. The makers also considered her to be innocent and have the maturity to match the character as per the film’s demand.

Amit Sharma, Kabir’s friend, was also a part of the Telugu version Arjun Reddy.

Arjun Bajwa initially didn’t want to play the role of Kabir’s elder brother, later after a lot of insistence from the director; he agreed to play the part.

Suresh Oberoi portrays the role of Kabir’s and his elder brother’s father.

For more information, check out Wikipedia or IMDB.

Film Critic’s And IMDB RATING

Today, for any viewers to watch a movie, the review from the critic’s matters. Kabir Singh got a good response from some of the critics, whereas some have rated the film with an average tag. Times of India.indiatimes.com has given the movie with a rating of 3.5/5, whereas mid-day.com describes Kabir Singh as romanticizing Abuse.

Similarly, many other critics have given different kinds of ratings and reviews about there take regarding the film — a glimpse of IMDB rating for Kabir Singh.

Audience reaction about Kabir Singh

Rating 4.5/5
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