Most Popular Netflix Original Series you can't avoid watching in your spare time

most popular netflix original series

Over the years, it has been proven that despite many other streaming networks, Netflix continues to be the most demanding and most popular among internet viewers. It is worth the spot because the quality of Netflix never drops and when it comes to content then I always suggest Netflix be the best compared with other OTT platforms. We preferably would like to invest our time in the best series and the ones that can keep us hooked up until the finish. The network has got an endless list of series to watch; however, I will talk about a few of the best Netflix originals to watch. I also consider these series to be popular once since they have reached enormous demands from viewers’ perspective. So with all being said, let’s take a look at some of the best, most popular Netflix original series to watch at our comforts. 

most popular netflix original series
1. Money Heist

A show that had been garnered with immense love and praise with impeccable popularity on the internet. People have been craving for season five for a long time; however, as per some sources, it is said to be believed that season five of the show might be coming in somewhere in 2021. The intense act of the professor and the kind of robbery being planned certainly makes viewers fall for the show. Nothing better could have happened when you have a fantastic set of team members who are there to stand by and give you all the support to be a part of one of the biggest robberies and make fools out of the authorities. A fantastic narrative with some excellent, engaging scenes that have outstanding background music to keep you all busy with the show. Money Heist a certain best popular Netflix original series to watch.

most popular netflix original series
2. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is another brilliant masterpiece series with that sci-fi effect and the storyline that is engaging and seems to be original.  The fourth series installment had been under wraps for a very long time, and it is yet to be decided when the fourth part of the season would be arriving in the networks of Netflix. When we talk about the show, the most engaging character is Eleven in the series, who has the natural superpowers to make things back to normal. This is a show which is powerful with its content and can grasp your interest until finishing one season. With the emotions from the character of an inspector, and when he decides to give up his life, the show ensures to provide a fantastic view to the viewers. A definite recommendable Netflix original that you don’t want to miss watching.

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3. The Haunting of Bly Manor

Well, at first, just a disclaimer, do not go by the understanding that this is a horrifying series. The series is not at all scary; however, the best part of the series is its narrative and the way how it is being presented. Few people decide to live their life for others, and this series exactly portrays its way of making people realize the importance of being in love and understanding how love can make one sacrifice their life.  An emotional thriller series that has the center of attraction quality keeps one glued with the narrative of the story. A story starts with haunting surroundings and tries to involve you with horror; however, as the story progresses, it gets converted to a romantic saga that is not poor until it makes your views worth it. I believe that the standards are being met, and the makers have tried their best to fulfill viewers’ expectations.

4. Dark

A definite time travel series that you cannot afford to miss, perhaps a winner well connected with its subject. All praise to the writer behind this tremendous excellent tale portrayal. The story keeps on twisting with your mind, and towards the end of the seasons, you cannot turn your eyes off the series, which brings in the eagerness to know the story beyond a specific episode’s finishes.   The show is an ingenious blend of attracting Sci-fi principles which is an absolute treat for sci-fi fanatics. It symbolizes complex science fiction concepts such as Schrodinger’s cat & bootstrap mystery and not surprisingly offers them. Firstly, the director must be praised for the production of such a Splendid Masterpiece. The creative writing is visible in every scene; episode after episode, the show gets grander and spellbinding. All you require is some patience, and trust me, you’d be rewarded multiple folds, you’ll. Never see what’s coming.

most popular netflix original series
5. The Blacklist

The show is a classy crime drama series that you might want to give a shot in your spare time. All cast and the show’s team had delivered a fantastic piece of work for viewers to enjoy at their comfort during the pandemic. We, as viewers, are always looking for shows which can bring in the interest to seek more of the show. The Blacklist is one hell of a show that keeps the interest all alive throughout the show. The story revolves around a person who decides to hand himself up to the FBI and leak information about criminally minded personals. His only condition is to only coordinate with a specific person who is a newbie to the system.

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6. Breaking Bad

It’s a slow burner; however, the story slowly gets addictive when you see how a common person turns into a drug lord and does it all to support his family. The show is being kept very simple, and there is no strong background music being played. The makers had done their best to keep it original and play with the dialogues to make the viewers understand the communication rather than through heavy, strong background music. A commoner living a simple life but later turns out to be a victim of a furious drug channel. The series highlights how he will survive and his move to safeguard himself from the drug lords.    The story’s writing is being kept very easy; however, it won’t attract initially, but the moment you continue to proceed watching the show, it will create the interest alive to continue watching the show. 

most popular netflix original series
7. Never Have I Ever

A perfect combination of emotions, friendship, showcasing school teenagers’ lives and trying to make one connected well with school lives. The story hovers around the life of a teenage kid Devi, her relationship with friends and the kind of bonding she holds with her family. This is a very well-related teenager story that the present kids face in life and the ways and solutions they come up with to resolve any specific issues of lives. Never Have I Ever towards the ends might make you weep with its portrayal, and the story has many takeaways in terms of moral ethics and values. 

most popular netflix original series
8. The End Of The Fucking World

Based upon a Novel- The End of the Fucking World is to do with two 17-year old individuals. Who determines to go on a trip looking for the dad of one of the people who left home at an early stage. James, who is rather sure he is a psychopath, has decided it is time to finish eliminating animals to something more comprehensive. Also, he has currently got a goal in mind. Alyssa, a celebrity at the institution, feels she does not fit to be in school despite being preferred. With each other, they both involve increasingly more into troubles and also difficulties as their quest proceeds in the dad’s search.

most popular netflix original series
9. Ozark

A series about survival and doing everything possible to keep a family alive: with some top-notch acting and superb direction, the series maintains its attraction active till the whole season. Ozark is a perfect binge-watch Mexican mafia series where a family’s lives are at risk if money laundering is not done correctly. A show about threats, running for life, and most importantly, showcasing the bonding of a family to remain together and build a robust and courageous attitude to fight all the odds.  A show that you want to continue watching more of it and the last season- the scene where it ends, you would be thinking to yourself what just happened- like how Money Heist was stopped in its previous season. 

most popular netflix original series
10. Seven Seconds

An underrated piece of excellent narrative showing how influential people, especially those in the uniform, can play with the life of a commoner. A show explaining in the court of law evidence is all that matters-life of a person doesn’t have any existence. A show about a family fighting the system seeking justice for the demise of their young son: throughout the show, one would think that the end of the show will ultimately result in providing justice to the family. At times, our thoughts might pause for some time from the way the makers think of ending the show.  Seven Seconds is a slow start; however, the actors in the show keep the show alive until the end of the season.

most popular netflix original series
11. Behind Her Eyes

A series from the start till the end will play with your minds until the suspense is revealed in the final episode of the season. What is the couple upto? Why does the story behind the couple relations have so many disturbances?  A portrayal beyond imagination and how it finishes makes one think-what a twist in the tale. I would strongly recommend the show as a one-timer with only one season and can make your time worth your view. Not one of the popular Netflix original shows, however, a considerable show that one can give a shot.

most popular netflix original series
12. House of Cards

An ultimatum show describes politics as ruthless, inhuman, and every person for themselves, even your near and dear ones. Some stories display an understanding of how the world looks like, that was crafted beautifully, however just for a few selfish souls, it became a place where we can’t breathe. House of Cards explains the insights of politics, and to what extinct a person can go to remain in power. If you are hunting for some real political drama show, don’t miss the House of Cards on Netflix.

most popular netflix original series
13. Unbelievable

‘Unbelievable’ is a crime drama show available on #Netflix based upon a real life story of Marie, an 18 years of age that reports of being raped by a covered up intruder in Washington. The examining officers upon her background check presume that she may be capable of existing as well as making incorrect statements in order to seek focus, recognizing to have an unfortunate and lonesome past. Probably, her foster parents as well as close friends also assume that she made it all up and leave her side. Nevertheless, 3 years later on, 2 brave investigators in Colarado undergo similar rape situations and grab holds of the serial rapist,once they are found guilty of 28 rapes they get the sentence of being put behind the bars. Upon receiving all the evidence gathered, they discover Marie being just one of the victims and inform the officers back in Washington who had actually closed Marie’s case on discovering no appropriate evidence and actually fining her for making incorrect statements. The officers, knowing their blunder of evaluating her impulsively, notify her as well as she after that with the help of a legal representative, takes legal action against the state that makes a negotiation of $150,000 with her. The show has that gripping quality to make you binge-watch the whole episodes at once. 


most popular netflix original series
14. Lost in Space

Lost in Space is a gorgeous combination of experience, action, and puzzle, with every episode offering something fresh and increasing more questions while replying to others. A series that is well written and deserves to be getting as much attention from audiences’ eyeballs. It is an excellent addictive series to watch in your free time, which provides you with that engaging substance to be sticking with the show until the whole is finished. You may view some beautiful effects which are discovered rarely in series. The type of emotions that the family shares in the Space creates the impression that the love of your household is obviously immortal and will likely never be finished till your very last breath.

most popular netflix original series
15. Fauda

The show highlights its greatness with some perfect intensity and attention seeking scenes. Fauda a nail-biting that consists of quality and makes the human mind sink with demand to ask for more- since its attraction never fades.  A full packed package to buy your interest and give you that chilling thrills and the crave to know the story beyond after completion of one episode. A definite winner in the race of popularity and can make the best out of your spare time- something worth the views.

Wrapping up 

Ending the list here. I hope that you’ll find the series to be worth your precious time, since we all know that time is important and nobody prefers to waste its valuable time. Series require a lot of time but few are a definite watch and the above according to me are sure shot winners when it comes to watching popular Netflix series to watch. In case you do have any suggestions or recommendations please do feel free to let me know in the comment box below. Looking forward to hearing from you’ll soon.

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