The Most Interesting Movies for College Students that are difficult to forget

Movies for college students

Movies  for College Students, better known as films that describe our school and college lives. Few films make a special corner in our hearts, which reminds us of the days when we were in college, surrounded by teachers, fun with friends, and had the most important moments of life which can never be replaced with anything.  

We wanted to create the same environment, and hence we thought of films that might be effective to take you back to your old college days. 

We party with friends, study with them in the evening, go hanging around the city, and even bunk a lecture to hit the theatres to watch a film. So let’s remember those days with these fascinating Movies for College Students. 

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1. The Social Network

Your long-time friends with whom you are not in touch can be found on Social Network sites, and this film is an epic drama based on friendship, establishments, and achievements. The Social Network may not be fitting well with the term of Movies for College Students. However, it can very well relate to you with your college life’s struggles when you, as an individual, wanted to achieve something big in life. An idea or an innovation can be the resource for you to build up the empire that you might have been dreaming of to get in life. 

movies for college students
2. 3 Idiots

A full-on entertaining film with some epic emotional scenes based on friendship, love and success. The film is portrayed in an explicit way, which doesn’t leave any questions of anyone to feel bored and perhaps gives us an inspiring message. 3 Idiots is a very famous Indian film that has grasped success and became the favorite of many individuals. A movie that keeps you hooked up from the start till the end and no where you feel like disheartening.

movies for college students
3. American Pie

The American Pie series is always fun and a fantastic refreshment flick to help you come out of your daily stress and anxiety. A sex comedy-drama film that can’t stop you from laughing out loud. If you plan to watch the movie, then take the necessary precaution of watching it in your parent’s absence. 


4. Road Trip

What would you do to save your relationship, and how far can you reach to ensure that your relationship is still alive. The Road Trip is explanatory with its perfect scripting and portrayal. The film is not so addictive however it’s worth your eyeballs. It explains the importance of friendships in life, which are drowned in memories but still kept alive.

movies for college students
5. Legally Blonde

A film which is a full-on entertainer and does give any space for its betterment.  Legally Blonde is a story about a girl who decides to take revenge on a boy who ditched her for his benefits. The story seems familiar, and we might have witnessed it many times; however, even its in a similar format- what attracts me is the film’s presentation. Some scenes in the movie are hilarious and give your belly a good laugh in pain.

6. The Last Summer

It was hard to digest that the film got bad remarks however after seeing the film. I must say it’s a perfect film to watch if you are looking for movies for college students. The story lies within navigating new relationships, testing ones bonding before moving ahead for college life.

7. Rang De Basanti

The film is an excellent display of friendship, sacrifices, and love. A story about individuals enjoying their lives up until something horrifying occurs, which results in the demise of their souls. An excellent awakening movie to make ordinary individuals understand how their lives are being played by big goons called the politicians.

8. The Perfect Date

A film to give you glimpse of the days when you first fall in love while you were in school and then you graduated for college. The film ratings are not satisfactory, however it has a lovely story and makes your time worth your watch. A story about a student coming up with an app to arrange money for his college by dating. Later develops, feeling which makes his plans complicated. 

9. The Internship

In the digital Era– two experienced sales representative lost their jobs due to being less familiar with computers. Later, one of the individuals cracks an internship program in Google; they both come on board and compete with all the young lots who are more advanced in technology. A perfect comedy and a motivating film to show you the path of life that is never too late even if you’ve crossed your age.

10. Good Will Hunting

Maths is not meant for everybody to understand; perhaps it is intended for geniuses. Good Will Hunting relates to the life of an individual who can solve any mathematics problems but cannot fight his own emotional setbacks. A lovely melodrama of emotions, with perfect picturing that shall not be of a big disappointment and will give you a pleasant view.

movies for college students
11. Life Of The Party

It’s never too late to complete your college even if you’ve become a mother. The movie gives you a comedy ride with a perfect exhibition of love and affection. An ideal time spending movie that will understand the value of your precious time and make it worth your watch.

Wrapping up, 

We will be regularly editing the post as and whenever any one of our members come across any good college-related films to be added to the list. Meanwhile, we would be grateful if you can share some of your recommendations about the movies based on college students. 

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