15 New Web Series to Watch in 2020- that you are missing from your watchlist.

new series to watch

New Web Series to watch in 2020, which can excite you and make your precious time valuable. The entertainment sector is not the same as before after the arrival of digital forums like #Netflix, #PrimeVideos, #Hotstar, and many more.

Web Series are time-consuming and can be so addictive that we tend to forget about the time which passed by without realizing our sleep time- only if you are addicted to movies and series.

Money Heist, a series that has created a massive buzz on the web, is one example. Where I completed all the season in one day without even realizing the other works which were pending to be completed by me; similarly, there might be many New Web Series of 2020- which you are missing from watching. So let’s drive you into the list of New Web Series to watch in 2020.

15 New Web Series to Watch on 2020

new web series to watch
1. Cursed

Cursed is a Fantasy-based drama web series about a girl who has been cursed and been declared to be called a witch. Katherine Langford comes up with yet so another engaging web series for the digital viewers.

She is being found fighting for her rights and giving a tough fight to all those after her life. Mind-blowing scripting with a fantastic cast makes Cursed worth your watch. I highly recommend it as one of the new web series to watch in 2020- that you shouldn’t prolong it for long.

new web series to watch
2. Cobra Kai

The series is based on martial arts and was a part of the youtube premium platform for a long time. But recently, Netflix acquired its right and is available on Netflix. If you are a fan of the Karate Kid series, you can’t take your eyes off the Cobra Kai. A laughter ride, with some excellent execution of karate scenes, awaits for you. 

3. Lucifer

Lucifer a Thrilling, mysterious, Sci-Fi drama web series that you could ever ask to save the importance of your time. It’s very engaging, and nothing seems to be keeping you away from the series. Season Five was recently added on Netflix; however, it had received mixed reviews- but my honest takes is that it wasn’t a big spoiler.

new web series to watch
4. Avrodh

The series had received immense positive responses and love from the audiences. Avrodh is mostly a portrayal of the Surgical Strike that happened in Uri, from the Indian Army. Amit Sadh gives a rocking performance and has been impressing with his acting skills.

new web series to watch
5. Panchayat

A delightful series that you could have ever asked for in 2020. With simple scripting and natural acting, Panchayat wins the heart of many digital audiences. It’s a laughter journey of a person going away from a city’s life to a rural of India.

6. The Test- A New Era For Australia’s Team

The reputation of Australian cricket being at stake, and the team trying every possibilities to rebuild their honor. A fantastic series that is portrayed so well, which becomes almost impossible to dislike the series. If you are a real cricket lover, don’t miss watching this series on Amazon Prime Videos.

new web series to watch
7. Young Sheldon - Season 3

If you are stressed out from your daily 9-5 pm job lifestyle and need some refreshment, I suggest you tune into The Young Sheldon Series. A burst of laughter, something excessive to make you smile the entire season. A new web series to watch in 2020 with its season three streams on Amazon Prime. 

8. Ozark

Season One and Two were outstanding, and I was on the hunt to wait to see the series’s Season Three. Season Three gives you all the reasons to fall in love with this wonderfully crafted series on Netflix.

Ozark a story about a family crossing all the obstacles to come out of troublesome. The series is fascinating and engaging, but nothing is better than the Stranger Things and Money Heist Seasons.

9. Ashram

Bobby Deol seems to be taking the digital platform’s full advantage first comes Class of 83 and then Ashram. The series showcases how people blindly trust the Saints who play around with religion’s sentiments and run a business out of it.

new web series to watch
10. Dark

A series that is beyond imagination- My first reaction to the series would be all praises to the makers of the show for creating such an unimaginary show on Netflix. The series is mind-boggling and will give you all the reason to ask for more and more of the episodes because the urge to know about what will happen next will keep on arising.

new web series to watch
11. Undekhi

A gripping thriller series to keep you all hooked up till the end of the season. You certainly can’t miss this series because of the acting from the inspector of the series. He nailed it with his performances and will keep you well engaged the entire season. Perhaps an excellent new web series to watch in 2020 awaits for you in the Sony Liv app.

new web series to watch
12. Money Heist

The biggest robbery arrived with its season 4 to rob the Bank of Spain after The Royal Mint. Professor and Berlin are the two who are my favorites and after completing all the season.

I am simply in love with the song of the series. Words are short of describing this explicit series; just watch it and be all hooked up till the very end.

new web series to watch
13. Upload

I mistakenly seemed to have watched the series and, by surprise, I was hooked up with the series. It’s a comedy, drama, and sci-fi series about a person who faces an untimely demise. The series, to my surprise, was a good watch and left no disappointments.

new web series to watch
14. Bandish Bandits

Music is the instrument of depriving mental peace into a human body. If you love listening to music, you can’t stay away from Bandish Bandit for a long time. Good execution of music and making you fall into the love for music. All actors had fulfilled their part of the commitment ensuring the series to be a successful venture. 

15. The Gone Game

Simple yet so much thrilling all around the series to watch. The Gone Game by the look of the series, it seems that the entire season was shot during the lockdown. The suspense of the series will blow your mind off, and you will have all reasons to consider watching this well-made series.

Wrapping up

The list is incomplete without your contribution. I would be glad to know from you about the series that you loved in 2020 and share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Looking forward to some more recommendations for new web series to watch in 2020. 

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