Check out the list of the most viewed Romantic Tv Shows on Amazon Prime

romantic tv shows on amazon prime

Romantic TV Shows on amazon prime that gives you the feeling of being loved again and starting taking care of your loved ones. Romance is always very much touchy and brings in the genuine emotions that come from deep insides. We all are aware; Amazon Prime is one of the most highly rated OTT platforms available on the internet, with many exciting and engaging shows to watch. 

Similarly, Netflix is not way behind in the race, as the network regularly keeps on giving regular content to its audience. Before we proceed to the list of Romantic tv shows on amazon prime- Here are some recommendations about a few of the Best Romantic Movies on Netflix to watch.

Romantic TV Shows on Amazon Prime to watch

romantic tv shows on amazon prime
1. Modern Love

Those magical moments and the feeling of love with emotions, carings, hugs, kisses, and affections are so very well applied in the series that it is bound to amaze you.  Few stories are written, but to frame, a story in art is well framed in this fantastic romantic series. A fantastic series with every episode building up a great environment of all the problems in love and how painful it can be to be in love.

2. The Last Post

A story which is very gripping and should keep you hooked up till the very end. The Last Post is a story about soldiers who have been assigned a duty to fulfill; however, they are also responsible for ensuring their loved ones’ well-being. Something romantic and gives an appealing experience to make one realize upon love to be still alive.

3. Grey's Anatomy

The show has a spoiler, however, based upon the chemistry between the life of a surgeon and the personal life hurdles they face kind of makes it intriguing. The show in the initial part will bring in the urge to seek more of the show, but as the show progresses, it drops the interest to continue watching further. It’s neither a bad nor a good show perhaps I would consider it an average watch basis romantic tv shows to watch on amazon prime.

4. Little Women

A series based upon a Novel which is perhaps heart touching and makes one realize the value and importance of love in life. The show highlights the unfair practices and the daily challenges that a woman faces in life—a story about three sisters, and how they overcome all the social traditions to rejoice their life. 

romantic tv shows on amazon prime
5. Dawson's Creek

A show giving us a sight about all the relationship problems and the kind of dramas which teenagers face in family and love. Something engaging, however, falls with relating to bringing the urgency of what’s about to happen next in the show. Overall, it’s a good watch stressing upon all the emotional traumas, and the fall of being apart in love has been very well explained in the show.

romantic tv shows on amazon prime
6. The Baker and The Beauty

A love story about differences, taste, and quality; however, the decision depends on a couple what they plan to have for the right livelihood in the upcoming future. The Baker and The Beauty are well actioned and nicely framed to keep the viewers’ minds hooked up and give them the value of their time. A simple story, yet been crafted to provide you with a heartwarming feel while watching the show.

romantic tv shows on amazon prime
7. Wonderland

A realistic and natural story explaining the lives of couples and the daily problems they face. Ups and downs are part of life, and the show includes everything expected out of it. The show very diligently gives the viewers the subjects of its content with a perfect story telling way. It also makes you addicted with the connections of being into a relationship or a couple trying to build up a happy life.

8. Outlander

A fictional show involving the life of a woman who is found to be in a complicated situation. The show’s characters are all well developed with the pace of the show, and the picturization is mind-blowing. A story mostly relates to all the emotional and inner soul a woman has to follow in choosing the right person for her life. With superb acting and good execution of highlighting major social issues, sensitively makes outlander worth a watch.

romantic tv shows on amazon prime
9. Sense And Sensibility

Is love to be evaluated based on an individual’s status, or can love to happen to keep aside the personality of a human being? The series is very much touchy and gives you the feeling of defining true love with its perfect storytelling and gives you an excellent emotional surroundings. It is a story about a family, where the sisters of the family face a lot of emotional trauma and make decisions as per their hearts.

Final Words, 

The above are some of my recommended Romantic TV shows on Amazon Prime you could watch. However I am always open to your suggestions, it would be of great help if you could suggest some more recommendations about the show to be added on the list.

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