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Indian Cinema doesn’t just mean Bollywood cinema; South Indian Cinema is also a part of the Indian Cinema and honestly. South Indian Movies have been evolving rapidly and engaging a lot of Indian audiences.

As we all know, the stories of South Indian movies are compelling and excellent. This might be why South Indian movies are becoming so much popular among the audiences and gaining a competitive scope.

South Indian Thriller Movies shows thrillers which are beyond imagination and makes one wonder what an unimaginary story they witnessed.

Our Recommended Best South Indian Thriller Movies to watch at home

South Indian Thriller Movies

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This movie was released in 2018, U-Turn is written on a mysterious flyover of Hyderabad where people are dying in mysterious ways without any reason.

A journalist and a police officer start working together to solve the case. Later, they confront that an evil spirit was behind the killing. The reason behind the murder was due to a terrible incident that happened in the past.

south Indian Thriller Movies

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2. 7TH day

It is a Malayalam Thriller Movie which showcases the story of an IPS officer- who is investing a case, where he suspects a group of 5 friends for their weird behavior. Directed by Shyamdhar and well written by Akhil Paul– The story is so much evolving that you can’t take away your eyes for a minute.


Therran, It is based on a real story. A story of a Police Officer, who stands against the violence and pays the price for standing against corruption. The movie is really awesome with a clean and thrilling screenplay. The directors had really worked hard to create such an amazing movie. It will surely make you feel better during the Lockdown.

south indian thriller movies
4. Kuttram 23

One of the most underrated movies of South which is full of suspense, thriller, and action. 

The lead role of the movie is a young cop who is investing in the case of a medical crime, which is becoming more tricky and challenging day by day when he tries to solve it. Due to this case, he faces a lot of good and bad things in his life.

south indian thriller movies

Vijay  Sethupathi’s acting is at its peak in the movie, like always he acts like forgetting about the camera that he is shooting in and will go deep into the character of the movie with his acting skills. The story is simply awesome. Vikram is a police officer and Vedha a criminal.

It’s not that simple you are understanding Vedha a criminal who surrenders to the police for a specific reason. To know the reason you would need to consider watching the movie. 

south indian thriller movies
6. The Return Of Abhimanyu

It is a Tamil language action thriller film released in 2018, whose story follows a lead character who is a soldier and is adamant about ending the gang of hackers, who steal the money from his account. Due to this sequence, this film will give you a lot of thrilling moments. This is not just a movie it is an information about  Digital World. IMDb has given 7.7/10 to this film.

south indian thriller movies
7. Lion Shiva

One thing I got to know from watching this movie is how important our eyes are. The full movie is revolving around the lead character who threatened the people for money to get his eye-sight. The twist and turn the movie give, you can only expect it from South movies. They won’t  Reveal it but you need to work on your brains to understand the story.


The title of this film means a spy. The story of the film is on a character, Arjun Kumar who wants to become a Raw agent. That was his passion and his life long dream because his father was also a Raw agent who died on his duty. After facing so much rejection he got selected and he gets a case of a Died Raw agent, which he had to solve. The film is so much interesting and full of thrilling.

south indian thriller movies
9. Thadam

The film follows two same looking people one of whom is a construction businessman who is living a peaceful life,and the other who is a thief and spends his  lot of time on gambling. The twist in the story comes when a murder is committed, And the two who are suspected of the murder looks alike, now the police are confused about who has committed the murder. The film was very successful at the box office and also Bollywood in the plan of making a Hindi remake of the film.

south indian thriller movies
10. RangiTIRANGA

The Telugu title of this means colorful waves. This is a 2015 suspense thriller movie set in a fictional village in Karnataka. The film’s lead character Indu comes with her husband named Gautham in a village. When they came to the village some strange and horrific incidents start happening . When Gautam investigates, the things that come before him it shakes his mind. The full story of the movie is so amazing and thrilling it might shake your mind.

south indian thriller movies

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As when I came to know about the film is released, I was a bit excited to see it because I am Daggubati’s fan. The film is directed by Sripriya and jointly produced by Daggubati, Suresh Babu and Rajkumar Sethupathi.The film is full of thriller,and it is a remake of Malayalam film but it is superhit due to Daggubati’s acting how he acts you can’t even imagine that it is happening on the screen. The film is so exciting that I don’t want to disclose the story.

south indian thriller movies

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The film released in 2018, it’s a sci-fi comedy film. After watching Arjun reddy we all were excited to see the next film of Vijay Deverakonda. The film story is based on a Taxi driver who is driving an abnormal taxi but he doesn’t know about the taxi. Due to this, he feels in a problem from which he wants to come out and then the story revolves. The film stars Vijay Deverakonda, Priyanka Jawalkhar, and Malavika Nair in the Lead Roles. The film was a hit at the Box office and IMDb gave  7/10.


Bollywood is getting stiff competition from South Indian Movies. The way how South Indian Movies are creating buzz in the Indian Audience and getting a lot of recognitions seems that Bollywood is losing its interest from the audiences. 

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