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The movie is a biopic based upon the famous mathematician named Anand Kumar, which is directed by Vikas Bahl. It’s being co-produced by Sajid Nadiadwala along with the accompanying of the Phantom Films production house. Hrithik Roshan leads the film as the lead character playing the role of Anand Kumar, who is fantastic with the personality. Mrunal Thakur plays the role of Anand Kumar’s love in interest in the film. It’s being made with a 60-65 crore budget and collects a total collection of ₹208.90 crores at the box office. Super 30 an inspiring movie that shouldn’t be a halt, as it has a great message to make people realize the importance of education.

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"Reasons why you should consider watching Super 30 in your spare time."


The movie is all about Anand Kumar, the famous mathematician who was not much into the limelight until Super 30 happened to him. He is someone who loves to study and likes solving mathematics problems. A local minister of his state congratulates him for his achievement in the college and promises him to help in the future whenever he needs any help. 

At the weekend, he would go to another city’s library to solve foreign Math journals up until a manager sees him and kicks him out of the library, stating he has no right to be in the library. A staff of the library advises him if he wants to study in the library, then he should feature himself in an article which will help him become famous and provide a subscription to the journal.

Anand to become famous seeks the help of his father, who works as a postman in a nearby post office. His father gives him all the support and helps in posting the math journal which he had solved. Anand does get to smell some success and gets his name featured in a local newspaper for solving the math journal. The victory also helps him get a letter from a professor named Richard of Cambridge University to study.

His dream of going to Cambridge for further studies gets squashed because his financial condition is not very strong. Along with his father, he goes to visit the local minister who promised to help him at the time of crisis, but the minister denies help, which brings in disappointment to Anand and his father. They both feel-dishearten about not getting any financial support, and the savings are not sufficient to go to Cambridge for further studies.

One fine night, the family was having dinner together with the dismay of Anand Kumar not being able to go to Cambridge for further studies. While having dinner, his father suddenly collapsed and required medical assistance immediately. The family didn’t have the proper transportation to take him to the hospital immediately. Anand had to take his father on a bicycle on the way towards the hospital; he witnesses his father’s death because of a heart attack. Anand then realized the importance of him in the family is as important as going to Cambridge. Hence, he decides to drop the Cambridge plan due to his father’s death and his family’s financial situation.

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credit: TimesofIndia.Indiatimes.com

He decides to sell papadum on the local street for a living, up until he meets Lallan Singh, an assistant of the local minister, running a coaching center.

Lallan, hires Anand in his coaching center, as a teacher because he knows the potential Anand Kumar has with him. Anand slowly starts to experience the lifestyle of a flamboyant personality as money was floating in his pocket, and the condition of his family lifestyle was also improving.

While returning home from a booze party held by some prominent personalities, his bike went out of order, and he was given a ride back home on a rickshaw. The person who was pulling the rickshaw told him something which reminded him of his father.

The words from the person who was pulling the rickshaw were that the son of a king wouldn’t become the king, now the king would only be the person who is the right candidate for calling himself a king.

He soon recalled a scene about many underprivileged children who want to study but can’t because of poverty.

Hence, he decides to leave the Excellence coaching center and opens his tuition center where he teaches 30 kids coming from different background, who wants to study but couldn’t because they were poor and couldn’t afford.

This brings a spat between Lallan and Anand, as Excellence coaching center, was losing out its charm and value because Anand Kumar was not a part of the center anymore. Anand Kumar was also getting immense support from his younger brother and his mother.

The downfall of the Excellence coaching center forced Lallan and the local minister to plan his murder, but it couldn’t happen like an evil upon good was impossible to succeed. They were planning to kill Anand Kumar so that his students won’t appear for the exam and get a chance to enter IIT. Anand was attacked and is being hospitalized almost on the verge of death. Anand instructs his student not to fight with hands but to fight with their knowledge, which he provided to them and defeat the goons being sent by the minister. While Anand gets treated, the student unites to fight the goons with their knowledge.

Finally, the goons fail in front of knowledgeable kids. The next morning all the 30 kids enter for the IIT entrance paper, and they all pass successfully. Anand recalls his dad and seeks his blessing by watching up the sky. All the 30 students are grateful to Anand Kumar for making their life. A great human being and a very inspiring movie that I truly loved and wished for people like him to be more in the society.

Super 30 Cast

Hrithik Roshan as Anand Kumar

Mrunal Thakur as Supriya

Virendra Saxena as Rajendra Kumar 

Nandish Singh as PranaKumar

Pankaj Tripathi as Devraj Jagan Safdurjang, a Local Minister

Aditya Shrivastava as Lallan Singh

Amit Shah as Raghunath

Manav Gohil as Purushottam

Rahul Raj as Kishore

Deepali Gautam as Kusum

Ali Haji

Rajesh Sharma as Bachchi

Karishma Sharma (special appearance in item number “Paisa”)

For detailed information about the cast, refer to Wikipedia or IMDB.


The viewers have applauded the movie, which is undoubtedly inspiring for young students and kids. The acting by the lead Hrithik Roshan has been praised a lot, as he performs the role with full perfection. One can check the reactions of the public on youtube or else can follow thequint.com. The movie reaction was such a hype that in a few of the states in India, it was tax-free. Some of the public tweets for Super 30, along with the tweets of Bollywood celebs.

I just saw super 30 I learn a lot . Dedication . open mind in every where you going . learning every where . Wait for the Right Time ...... ETc.... #super30 @iHrithik

Super 30 has a hugely strong and relevant message!!!! It has heart wrenching moments that move you to tears! @iHrithik is so so brilliant!!!!! Nuanced.. assured...rock solid and yet always the moviestar you want him and love him to be!!! He is OUTSTANDING!!!!! 💪💪💪💪💪

#super30 incredible story of @teacheranand , @iHrithik what a amazing performance 👌no one can do like you 🙏 All 30 students 👌 👏👏 #super30 👌👌👌👌...

And can’t forget #AnandKumar .. what a story n what an inspirational life♥️ #super30

Film Critics Respond To Super 30 An Inspiring Film.

Most of the prominent critics like times of IndiaNews18sifymovies and many more have rated the movie with 3.5/5 stating that it’s a Hrithik Roshan show who has undoubtedly given a reliable performance and has played the character of Anand Kumar up to the expectation. When it comes to movie reviews, then people mostly prefer to check IMDB; the rating by IMDB is 8.3/10. Please check the screenshot below.

Some in-depth information about Anand Kumar who is behind the success of Super 30.

The Super 30 program had started way back in 2002, where he coached some underprivileged children for IIT-JEE and helped them clear the IIT entrance paper. The program took place in the city of Patna, which is the capital of Bihar. He was also allowed to speak at MIT and Harvard regarding his program for Super 30, which is about helping the underprivileged kids of the Indian society and educating them. The program super 30 was a success for Anand Kumar, but in between, there were many smear campaigns about his plan, which was being carried by the Indian Media sources.

Despite, off facing so many challenges and so many hurdles in between, Anand Kumar never gave up and was very much determine with his Super 30 program.

Super 30 is now available on Hotstar to watch and share your thoughts about the movie.

Rating By Mowebiseedia is 4.5/5

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