Best Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime Videos available for you to watch.

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Thriller Movies are intriguing and engaging. It keeps us all hooked up until the flick’s intensity is alive till the last scene. Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime Videos are numerous; however, we want to ensure we invest our precious time on the best once.

Thriller plots are designed to evoke strong emotions of fear, anticipation, excitement and even suspense. Thrillers are extremely thrilling movies that make us want to sit down and watch them again. So with that, let’s walk into a few of the Best Thriller Movies to watch on Amazon Prime Videos.

List of Best Thriller Movies on prime videos to watch

thriller movies on amazon prime
1. The Prestige

If you haven’t yet shown your interest in The Prestige– then it’s a flaw from missing out on this dynamic flick available on the Prime Videos app.

One of the highly recommended chilling thriller drama movies that can give you a fantabulous experience and make your time worth watching. 

We believe a magician’s life is full of magic; however, behind the magic, there can be a mystery lying, and The Prestige anticipated it very well. 

The movie keeps on bringing twist after twist ensuring to keep the suspense alive and drive viewers’ attention. 

thriller movies on amazon prime
2. Vinci Da

It’s a Bengali language film; however, if changing the audio is available, then you might be lucky to view this lovely thriller drama film in your favourable language.

A story about a makeup artist whose work is not appreciated at his workplace: later becomes a victim of a psychological serial killer who shows interest in his works. 

Director Srijit Mukherjee seems not to be stopping with his impressive flick for the viewers to watch. 

Rajkahini, Baishe Srabon, a few of his marvelous films which are my all-time favorites to catch up with- if there is nothing to watch on my Smart Tv. 

An intriguing film that you definitely wouldn’t like to miss on the Prime Videos App.

thriller movies on amazon prime
3. Flight

You do not want to miss on this one Flight– A remarkable with some wonderfully emotional scenes and a lovely portrayal of an excellent narrative. 

A story about a pilot who became a superhero by saving many people’s lives: later faces allegations of being in the consumption of alcohol while flying the flight.

The film trailer impressed me, and after watching it on prime videos, I undoubtedly agree that it was a good investment of my precious time to watch this well-made flick. 

thriller movies on amazon prime
4. Shutter Island

If you cannot find any thriller movies on the OTT platform of your choice, consider watching Shutter Island once again, and if you haven’t yet seen the movie, then don’t wait anymore. Just go for it because it has the value of time in it. 

Two officers on an investigation to find the truth behind the missing of a girl, which happens on the city outskirts, basically called the island.

A shocking revelation has been accomplished on the verge of the investigation, which gives you every possible reason to consider watching this lovely film. When it comes to the best thriller movies about recent times, then The Shutter Island undoubtedly falls to be one of the Best Thriller movies on amazon prime videos to watch.

5. The Uninvited

It’s difficult to understand- how critics judge a film and what exactly they expect out of a movie. The Uninvited is a horror based thriller movie to watch, which meets most of the expectations in perfect horror-thriller surroundings. 

It is a gripping notch with a perfect ending, which has every reason to consider this as a good thriller movie on the amazon prime videos app. 

A staggering and a perfect showpiece psychological thriller movie to watch.

thriller movies on amazon prime
6. Don’t Say A Word

“Don’t Say A Word” is an entertaining, fast-paced thriller that ends with a bang. It has an intriguing narrative, convincing suspense with some well-acting. 

The story revolves around a psychiatrist assigned to cure the mental health of an unstable mind called Elizabeth. While treating Elizabeth, he receives a random call demanding to ask for a specific code from Elizabeth for his daughter’s well-being- as his daughter is being kidnapped.

The suspense keeps intact with the pace of the film, keeping the interest alive. I can rate it as an excellent thriller movie on amazon prime videos, a good watch.

thriller movies on amazon prime
7. High Crimes

I wouldn’t term it as the Best Thriller movies; however, it is a considerable watch. A story about a wife trying to defend her husband from charges about being involved in a war crime.

She wasn’t aware that her husband was a former military person- who has hidden secrets. Now how will she try to defend her husband from the charges and grant her bail lies within the film- but one thing the makers assures to deliver in this flick is the twist after twist moments.

thriller movies on amazon prime
8. The Accountant

The Accountant is a slow-moving action narrative with the elements of a perfect action sequence and a good thriller.

The lead Ben Affleck is the heart of the film, giving impeccable action scenes for the viewers to enjoy. At times, in between the music on a few specific stages just makes it a pile for the viewer to attract and doesn’t leave any kind of disappointments.

If you are looking for some good action thriller, then The Accountant is the one for you on the watchlist.

thriller movies on amazon prime
9. Prisoners

It was ignored by me a lot of time-perhaps I declare it to be a mistake on my part. Prisoners is grabbing, engaging, and a perfect crime thriller flick to watch.

The actor gave a nailing act, ensuring to grab the eyeballs of the viewers. At the start, it might not catch your interest, but wait for some time you will get involved with the movie and give it a suitable remark.

Few movies are to be there on our watchlist for a lot of time, even though we have seen it before, but we still tend to watch it again. Prisoners is one of those movies that can be seen yet again and is a considerably good thriller movie on amazon prime videos to observe.

thriller movies on amazon prime
10. Stay

I am thankful to Chris Stuckmann for recommending this movie and I agree that critics failed to give this hidden gem with some raving reviews. 

A lovely psychological thriller which got a stunning cast- who drive your attention, however it’s the last 5-10 mins which will explain the film. All you need to do is follow the movie from the start till the end and give a good view to understand this hidden gem.

My personal response about the film is that I had to watch the movie again to understand this good thriller.

thriller movies on amazon prime
11. A Simple Favor

There are some stories which build up slowly, but as the story progresses, it kind of keeps you awake till the very end. A Simple Favor is a story about Emily and Stephanie, where Emily suddenly goes missing, and things turn out to be a nightmare in the life of Stephanie, in which she finds some surprising revelations about Emily’s past life. The story keeps you engaged and understands the importance of viewers interest- while watching a thriller drama flick. All the artist in this fantastic well-made film had done an absolute mind-blowing work ensuring to keep the audience hooked-up while watching.

That’s it -These are a few of my recommended Thriller Movies on amazon prime videos to watch. I will keep adding up other movies once I watch them to add value on this post. I would be grateful if you have any recommendations for Thriller Movies to watch on the amazon prime app.

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