“Life is harsh at times for most of us who dreams of achieving big and so does it for talented students who sufficiently clear their 10th standards with excellent marks and runs behind their ambitious dreams.”.
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Kota Factory throws light in the dismal life of recent struggling students who, despite scoring good numbers in their 10th standards, can’t get through to the recognized institutes for further studies and would have to compromise by being a part of an institute which has less of a value. Vaibhav, a talented youngster, is prey to such unfortunate incidents. He scores some excellent grades in his 10th standards and wants to study in one of the most valuable institutes known as Maheshwari. Still, Maheshwari is unrecognizing all of his hard efforts and doesn’t allow him the admission. Vaibhav feels it dishearten, but on the other hand, his father inspires him not to be depressed as life comes with failure and success.

Soon, Vaibhav gets admission to a separate institute, which is not as recognized as leading institute like Maheshwari. He meets some unknown faces and makes good friends. Jeetu Bhaiya represents the notable character of the web series, which sufficiently motivates Vaibhav to crack IIT and encourages him to overcome all of his possible problems. Jeetu Sir or Jeetu Bhaiya, played by (JITENDRA KUMAR) is a valuable asset to the institute students stick to the institute only because of him. In return, he generously shares his profound and exceptional education to all the young blood which drives positivity among the students.

Some very famous punch lines of the show can be implemented in your own life to be motivated in life and prove yourself worthy of the life we all live, as there is nothing available for a person in the stock without hard work. So, if something bothers someone, then the person should continue doing what the person has not been able to accomplish upon.

The first day, it would be a problem, the second day, it would still be a problem, but as days will pass away soon, one would instantly notice that he/she is habituated to the complex problem and solve the problem.

Vaibhav, in the course of his study, also accomplishes his love for a girl whom he helps in studies. They ideally do fall for each other, but can’t accept about them being the love of each other.

While spending his days in the institute, Vaibhav and a few of his other friends decides to enroll in Maheshwari once again. They break through to Maheshwari and get selected to be a part of Maheshwari and study in the institute.

Now, Vaibhav can’t make up his mind if he should go to Maheshwari for further education or stick to his current institute. Later, he receives positive advice from his beloved mentor Jeetu Bhaiya, correctly stating that he should go to Maheshwari because, ultimately, we all are over here for a bright and better future.

Vaibhav, find the decision of leaving his current institute very difficult, but as they say that all good things do fall apart, so does the same happens in life too. One day, we all have to leave the one whom we love or are close to us. So, therefore Vaibhav moves on with his decision to go to Maheshwari for his further studies and a prosperous future.


Vaibhav is played brilliantly by Mayur More, who has performed the essential character a worth watch with his acting skills and has not disappointed.

Balmukund Meena, played by Ranjan Raj, a dear friend of Vaibhav, is an academic who typically spends most of his time in books. Balmukund Meena also has a crush upon a sensible girl who is the same as him.

Meenal played by Urvi Singh, who is extremely serious about her studies. She represents the sensible girl for whom Balmukund Meena has developed a sincere love in genuine interest but fails to propose her tentatively. Urvi Singh very well plays the role of Meena and doesn’t upset with the prominent character.

Alam Khan, as Uday Gupta, is carefree about studies. According to him, he believes it’s challenging to crack IIT. In the excellent web series, a pivotal scene is exceptionally emotional and affecting, where Uday reveals his heart out in front of all his friends. He cannot properly manage the pressure of handling IIT, and he cannot correctly understand IIT very well. Uday can’t discuss this problem with his family because it’s precisely his family pressure, which compelled him to unwillingly join IIT. A jolly in nature kind of a character is Uday Gupta in the Kota factory.

Revathi Pillai, as Vartika Ratawal, represents the girl whom Vaibhav loves but cannot admit. She enters, later in the web series, to be a part of Vaibhav’s life as a friend like most love story begins. Vaibhav gathers her attention and aids her with her studies. They both build up good chemistry among each other, but never admits about their will of falling in love with each other.

Ahsaas Channa, as Shivangi Ranawat, is bold, fearless, and full of attitude without any place of being tense about life and career much.

The most important character who received much attention, sources are to be revealed that he is about to step in Bollywood movies in a lead role very soon. Well yes, I am talking about Jeetendra Kumar as Jeetu Bhaiya. He is the one who excels in IIT and works as a mentor, lecturer, or in simple words a teacher in the institute. The institute has built up reputation only because of Jeetu Bhaiya is a part of the institute. He inspires Vaibhav to crack IIT and motivates him by stating that we will crack IIT, and both will do it together. Jeetu, without any doubt, has got excellent acting skills, which he had already proven in another web series of TVF PLAY known as The Pitchers.

IIT is undoubtedly challenging to crack, and this fantastic web series gives you an in-depth about the life of an IITian who has just begun to feel the pressure about clearing IIT. Kota is one of India’s major hub cities, which is mostly famous for institutes or coaching centers that guide one for passing IIT. The education system has also become one of the significant channels for making money. It can be described as a considerable investment, which is education plus business. Congratulations to the entire team of KOTA FACTORY for putting up such an excellent show together, which is not unnoticed. Great direction and solid picturization should not keep you disconnected and continue involving in the web series. The web series is streaming at TVF PLAY; if you haven’t caught up with the Kota factory, then you shouldn’t wait and go for it.

Rating 4.5/5

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  1. Kota factory is good.but if u want to explore the real tvf then watch shows like permanent roommate, pitchers, humorously yours, ye meri family. Kota factory is overrated

    • Hey thanx for sharing your response to the post. Kota Factory is overrated, however the rest in the list of web series, I’ve covered almost all of them except Humorously Yours. My favourite is Yeh Meri Family. It reminded me of my teenage days and the last episode of the series was fantastic.


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