Watch Star Wars A New Hope

Classic cinema. Perhaps one of the greatest movies of all time and definitely one of the popular movies of all time.

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Watch Star Wars A New HopeOne of my favorites teaches you clear lessons on how watching a good movie helps you think……clearly.

Most of us are movie nuts. We love entertainment. Sitting in theaters to enjoy a blockbuster release feels exciting, a trip to a fantasy land where we put our worldly thoughts to the side for 2-3 hours.

Understanding how movies help you think more effectively, clearly and cogently helps you become more successful in life. Plus you may enjoy a few more movies, too.

Let’s dive in.


Movies Teach You to Establish Presence of Mind

Clear thinkers are present-minded, being grounded in the moment.

Excellent movies pull you in to the moment, quieting chatter and ego noise from your mind, until all is quiet and it is just you and the movie.

I have seen Star Wars: A New Hope many hundreds of times but the film still pulls me into the moment, arresting my attention. Everything else ceases and I think clearly and effectively, feasting on the flick.

Movies Promote Your Powers of Concentration

Guaranteed, any spectacular movie heightens your focus, making you think clearly.

5 minutes ago, I shared an Obi Wan Kenobi quote seared into my memory because I concentrated on the line so frequently.

I focus on quotes, various aspects of the flick and the overall vibe of the masterpiece, all of this concentrating helping me to think in more accurate, orderly fashion.

Movies Teach You Lessons that Make Life Clear

Movies give you life lessons that add clarity to your experience. Seeing life clearly helps you think clearly, creating a mirror effect aiding your mental faculties.

For example, in my favorite Star Wars movie, Luke Skywalker is young, inexperienced and quite foolish when he meets Master Yoda for the first time. His headstrong ways lead to frustration, annoyance and wanting to quit on his journey. The enlightened, guru Yoda, with his 700 years of experience, teaches Young Skywalker the way to Jedi powers, uttering the famous line,

Do or do not. There is no try.”

Can’t you clearly see every highly successful, happy person in life has a mentor or mentors who coach them, nurture them and help them see the truth? Star Wars teaches you this clear life lesson so you can think, feel and act more clearly as you proceed, finding a mentor or mentors in your field of choice.

Movies Promote Detachment

Good, accurate thinkers detach from other thoughts and feelings to focus on the moment. We reviewed being present and focusing, but watching a great flick ensures you are not thinking about your job, your business, the kids or anything else during your 2 hours in cinema heaven. Being detached helps to allow your thoughts and feelings to flow in a natural, smooth flow, not unlike leaves floating by on a lazy but steadily flowing stream.

Movies Help You Get in Touch with Your Emotions

Star Wars raises my vibe to high levels but I have also cried during the classic ET, Old Yeller and Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, because each had sad moments, especially the latter 2 flicks about dogs. Movies tune you in to your emotions to feel and release these energies. Not bottling up emotions allows you to think more clearly, while repressed folks live in a bizarre world of fear, lack of clarity and mental chaos.


Do you want to raise your vibe to think more clearly?

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