Who is behind the death of Bryce Walker-check the season 3 of the 13th reasons why


Nobody is clean; everyone is a suspect — the last two seasons of 13th reasons why was every much emotional and hurting. Season 3, gives you more emotional connect and involves you so much in it, that you’ll be forced to complete the entire episode in one watch. Hannah Baker killed herself because of bullying, embarrassment, and being sexually assaulted by a demon on her against her own will. The law officials never gave her proper justice, and the court only granted the person who destroyed her life a probation of 3 months because the person was a juvenile. Bryce Walker, the main person behind the death of Hannah Baker, witness his death in season 3 of the 13th reasons why. Who is behind the death of Bryce Walker is what the season 3 is related too.

Hannah took her life away; she was in immense pain and wanted consolidation from her family, her friends, or the school teachers where she studied. She made a recording of her voice in a tape, explaining about 13 reasons why she took the drastic step of killing herself. The tapes circulate to her friends, informing them about their connection with her death. Clay Jensen, someone very close to Hannah listens to the tape and seeks justice for her.

Now, the person who could be behind the death of Bryce Walker.

Ani, a new girl, enters in season 3, who narrates the entire season explain all about the person who could have killed Bryce. She stays at Bryce’s property along with her mother; her mother is being hired as a caretaker to look after Bryce’s grandfather. Everyone in this season has a reason to kill Bryce, as Bryce as dismantled many lives and have also lost trust in friendship.

The cops are doing their investigation, knowing the person who is behind the death of Bryce Walker. Clay Jensen, with accompany of Ani, tries to find out the truth and questions all the suspects. Who could have killed Bryce, but everyone has a different story in them. Which makes us believe that no one is to be considered honest in this season, everyone is a suspect.

The body of Bryce was found at a seacoast area. There were few pieces of evidence which the cops located in the place of murder but was ultimately not sufficient to break the murder mystery. Clay Jensen, a prime suspect, was in trouble as the cops got footage of him, pointing a gun at Bryce Walker. Which made the cops consider Clay Jensen as the prime suspect.

13 reasons why

Bryce’s mother is a vigorous, wealthy person. She informs the cops about CLAY JENSEN who was in love with Hannah, had threatened Bryce once that he would kill him. Bryce, in this season, wanted to be the right person, he tried to change and repent upon the sins he committed. But ultimately it’s the surrounding which will never let him forget about all the crimes he committed. Ani was close to Bryce, and they both were intimate, which Clay didn’t know. Clay was falling for Ani, but behind his back what was going on made him feel cheated and he was in rage who was seeking redemption with Bryce.

The cops bring Clay for interrogation and drill him to know the truth about the murder. Clay never reveals any of his friend’s name, despite the police trying their best to perceive reality. The cops also inform him about Ani, who was intimate with Bryce. The information breaks CLAY which makes him believe that nobody is to be trusted.

MONTY brutally assaulted Tyler, Monty was a friend of Bryce. When this incident came into the hears of Bryce, he felt sorry for Tyler and wanted to help him. He gave assurance to Tyler that he would take care of Monty and teach him a lesson for what he had done to Tyler.

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Bryce, after the verdict by the authorities for his crime, started studying in a different school. A football match took place between Liberty High School, which was his previous school along with his current school Hillcrest. The match got averted because of a protest by Jessica Davis and her co-workers with a slogan to punish the rapist. The protest resulted up in a brawl which gave the Clay a chance to get a piece of Bryce, but Bryce was after Zach Dempsey and broke his leg which destroyed his career.

Zach Dempsey once a friend of Bryce is in relation with Bryce X-girlfriend, which made Bryce furious and out of rage he broke the legs of Zach Dempsey.

Zach Dempsey was looking for redemption, which he got in the seacoast area. He gave it back to Bryce in the same manner by breaking his legs and dislocating his arms, leaving Bryce in a helpless situation.

The COPS gets a search warrant to check Clay Jensen house and towards later part of the web series arrest him for the murder of Bryce Walker. Zach, after hearing the news, goes to the police confesses about him killing Bryce as he left him in that helpless situation. The sheriffs don’t get convinced with Zach involvement with the death, because after beating Bryce and leaving him in that dependent situation, there was still life left in Bryce. Somebody else was there after Zach left the spot. Who is behind the death of Bryce and killed him.

Bryce heard the tapes of Hannah Baker and was repenting upon to whatever he had done to the innocent soul. He wanted to say sorry to Jessica Davis. She was also a victim of Bryce’s cruelty and was raped in an unconscious situation. She is the girlfriend of JUSTIN, who is a friend of Bryce Walker. Jessica never wanted to meet him or listen to him; hence, Bryce recorded his voice in a tape and said sorry. Bryce called Jessica Davis to meet him in the seacoast area, she did consider meeting up with him, but for her security was accompanied by a friend. Zach Dempsey arrived at the spot before Jessica and made him pay for all that he did to him.

Ani, towards the end of the series, tells the sheriff, about Monty being the person who killed Bryce. She explains them very briefly, which later makes the cops believe about Monty’s involvement with the murder.

The person who killed Bryce is not Monty. The truth is streaming on Netflix you need to invest your 8 hours in this very well made web series. Which made be involved so much that after my night shift job, I couldn’t resist myself by completing the web series and compromise with my sleep.

the song between clay and hannah

The song between Clay and Hannah 

13th Reasons Why- haven’t received raving or right word of mouth from many prominent film critics.

https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/13_reasons_why/s03 rates the thrilling web series with an average rating of 12% following the other significant film critics rates and gives it a 1.5/10

https://www.imdb.com evaluates the overall web series with 7.5/10, but the user reviews IMDB has been up to the expectations of the season 3 of the 13th reasons why 

I would not like to destroy hope; hence my recommendation with the 13th Reason why is that I nowhere found the web series to be torture or boring, but when it comes to significant critics then I think the viewers are the actual person to take the final decision.

I recommend 13th reasons why to be undoubtedly a watchable web series, and it’s fantastic.

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