Youtube Web Series- Which are available for free and are the best ones to watch.

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Youtube is a place where people innovate and share their thoughts in videos. The study states that the view time of Youtube Videos is much higher than Netflix or Facebook Videos.

If you are fond of watching series online-then, this is the ideal resource for you, which will guide you about a few of the Best Youtube Web Series to view in your spare time.

List of 10 Enthralling Youtube Web Series to Watch


The world is about to come to an end, and people are looking for a new place. A fantastic Sci-fi Youtube Original to watch for free on youtube. Every episode is so engaging right from the start until the end of Episode 10. I was awestruck with the scenes, and the background sounds while watching the series. A must watch if you are fond of watching the Sci-fi web series. 


Are you a dance freak, then here’s a series lying for you on youtube for free- a must-watch—a series of emotions, love, drama, and, most importantly, love for dance. The dance moves are all just so eye-opening, which will make you feel to ask for more of the show.  

An impressive series that showcases the struggle of a real talent coming from the ground level and doing everything to conquer the world of dancing. 


I, by mistake, saw the first episode while navigating the youtube app, and this series came in front of my eyes. The first episode so will hook me up, and I just couldn’t resist finishing the series in one shot. It’s so well presented portraying about love, and the way the actors have executed their role in the series is simply outstanding. You cannot ignore this one if you are a real freak about romantic genres. 


The life of a woman comes to an unlikely situation- Where the police have taken her husband for committing a crime—a dynamic narrative with some eye-grabbing eyes. The start of the season’s first episode will keep you hooked up until it’s not been finished. Superb acting with a fantastic direction will surely not let your eyes take off from this lovely and well-made series


The first Black and White Indian Series and the second-highest viewed series of TVF network. Kota Factory’s story is about students struggling in the environment of IIT and doing everything to have a ravishing and robust career. The series response exceptionally high responses from both critics as well as the audience. Some scenes in the series are very much motivating and few an immensely emotional: Kota Factory, a definite winner in my list of youtube web series to watch.


A mysterious series that has each episode to be very short. But the beautiful part is that every episode is so well-made that you just can’t skip anything—a great representation of showing the life of individuals who are independent and living their lives all alone—a pleasant and watchful youtube web series for you to be added in your watchlist. 


Single, Committed, and Married- What’s Your Status gives you a bite around people’s lives. Who lives a healthy life, yet the peace of mind is at stake. It is very much related to the lives of the ordinary people involved in the world of corporates and running after something that is impossible to describe. Sweet, crisp, and straightforward with good direction series to watch on youtube.


Everybody has an ambition, a dream, and, most importantly, a space to accomplish their desires.  If you have missed on TVF Pitchers, then you are missing on the most exciting web series of Tvf. A story about start-ups, friendship, and emotion.

Its always good to dream for yourself instead of dreaming for others and working for them. A series that might motivate you to showcase your ideas and build up your own empire.

9. MR. DAS

Life of a man, sick and tired of his boss, wants to quit but can’t because of responsibilities and loans he has to pay. The story can be related to the ones who daily go for 9-5 pm work to make a living. The lead, Mr. Das, is just outstanding and has given an impeccable performance. A very well defined and explicit youtube web series to watch.

10. RISE

Vikrant Massey seems to be impressing with most of his hidden works, which are less into the limelight. Rise is certainly a worth watching series. This gives you a share of your own life, especially those who live on monthly salary terms, to buy an expensive thing for yourself. A story of an IT guy who works very hard to buy his dream bike, and after when he gets his dream bike. He has been asked to leave his job. The initial start might bore you, but don’t give up on the series as the series has a lot to say. A lovely youtube web series for you to watch.

Final Words

I conclude my list here- I hope all the above youtube web series list is worth from your view. Do watch them once and let me know about how was my recommendation. If I am missing on any of the Youtube Series, you are welcome to share your response in the comment box below. 

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