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zee5 best web series

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Zee5 best web series is what we aim to provide you in this post, and we strive to give you the best information about the series that you may consider watching when you are free. ZEE5 is an Indian Movie on demand Site run by Essel Group Through its subsidiary Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited.

It had been established in February 2018. ZEE5 cellular program can be found on the Internet, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, along with other apparatus.

The platform also supplied the original Tamil web series in 2018 using the name America Mappillai. At precisely the same year, the stage also introduced another internet series names, Kallachirippu that was made by famous filmmaker Karthik Subbaraj. And Karenjit Kaur — The Untold Story of Sunny Leone, a biographical web show on Sunny Leone.

ZEE5 has been offering some fascinating web-series from the time it came into the market. I being a subscriber to the premium content of the streaming platform for almost two years, have seen many web series from the streaming network and would say the journey so far is good with less disappointment basis the series I’ve seen so far.

List of ZEE5 Best Web Series to Watch

zee5 best web series

Some stories tell. We see the blossom’ glamourous lives of celebrities and want it. Still, you know what they say — be careful what you wish. Sunny made a brave and conscious decision to go into the entertainment profession; however, society saw it as an act of pity. Sunny Leone’s life makes you take another look at the face of fame. A can of worms and skeletons opens out of Sunny life, which cannot seal until today.

The celebrity had begun as a version to make extra bucks and even studied to be a nurse until the porn industry occurred to her. However, she concealed nothing from her family and kept fears aside to continue to march to the beat of her drum. An empowering step was taken only from this strong will! The show is an actual reveal — recounting days of Sunny being bullied in school, to a somewhat shy teenager who had to leave her hometown. 

Nobody, until today, bothered to know about this phase of the Baby Doll star’s lifestyle. The episodes are stored crisp, and to the point, no padding needed why Sunny Leone, the show answers, joined the adult entertainment sector.

The much-awaited season finale of all Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone premiered in April 2019 in the streaming network of ZEE5. Sunny Leone took to Instagram to discuss this season finale’s poster. The caption states,” Remember that the title!! Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Season Finale, premieres April, just on Register! #KarenjitKaurOnZEE5 #DoingItMyWay#ZEE5Originals”.


THE FINAL CALL has the worth of time and is transparent. The ZEE5 original can be considered as ZEE5 best web series to observe during spare time. The fact that the first four episodes increase several questions and answers very few can be bothersome, but to the credit of director Vijay Lalwani, it will keep you hooked as you may wish to get to the base of the plot. 

The initial episodes set a bunch of characters, who, with a twist of fate, wind up on precisely the same flight’s story. Neeraj Kabi is an astrologer who has made peace with death and encourages those around him to do so. Javed Jaffery looks sharp as a business tycoon who has had luck on his side consistently, but peace and happiness continue to evade him. 

The storytellers make an effort to raise questions regarding the fact of death and what lies beyond, which is not a natural path for a thriller. In this, the series attempts to attract diverse elements into the story, which seem like an unnecessary digression from the real drama in the cockpit. The speed slows down in components, during the flashbacks, and picks.

The Final Call is a 2019 Indian web television thriller series based on Priya Kumar’s 2015 Book I’ll Go with You: The Flight of a Lifetime. Directed by Vijay Lalwani, it centers across the passengers of a flight from Mumbai to Sydney whose lives are jeopardized after the captain decides to commit suicide on board.

Overall, a show that values your time and keeps you engaged. 



RANGBAAZ, in its very first episode, seems to maintain control.

Ranvir Shorey is the cop who is after Saqib Saleem, and things get more compelling when Saqib manages to trick Ranvir’s web and crosses the state.

Saqib Saleem, perhaps in his dream role, as Shiv Prakash Shukla had a blast. Cold and menacing, adapting the superb poker face dialogue delivery idolize by Mr. Bachchan since DEEWAAR that became a standard for others to follow, Saqib provides his charm, vigor, strength, and vulnerability into the heart that creates an instant connection. 

The series opens with the gangster on the run, and as it progresses, the story of Shiv Prakash Shukla is infused, keeping the interest alive.

From what I have observed in the very first episode, RANGBAAZ is worth trying a shooter. It premieres across 190+ countries on ZEE5 in December.

The author, director, and actor Tigmanshu Dhulia will give a pleasant glimpse of GANGS OF WASSEYPUR, which we all a well connected.

RANGBAAZ, in its first installment, seems to be in proper control and command. 

Directed by Bhav Dhulia and written by Siddharth Mishra, RANGBAAZ produced by JAR Pictures is inspired by real-life events. The nine-episode web show indicates that the journey of one of the most feared gangsters out of Uttar Pradesh through the nineties – Shiv Prakash Shukla played by Saqib Saleem. The gangster is alleged to commit more than 20 murders.

The outcome of this gangster based web series was excellent with some beautiful hard-hitting dialogues and punches, which should not lead you to boredom. 

Rating 4/5


Kaali is a narrative that takes you on a cliffhanger ride by which a mom gets one night to save her son. Produced by Parambrata Chattopadhyay, who is well-known for his directing amusement and brilliant films and acting, Kaali delves into the unseen underbelly of Kolkata, which is usually spoken about in hushed tones. Filled with hope, courage, danger, and despair, Kaali is a series that will provide you jitters as it evolves towards the climax.

Performances by Paoli DamRahul Banerjee, and Shantilal Mukherjee are praiseworthy, backed with a solid narrative and unchartered reach of #ZEE5.

The very first Original Bengali web series introduced on ZEE5, Kaali features Paoli Dam as Kaali and is a fast-paced thriller that portrays a helpless mother who is desperate to do anything to rescue her son’s lifestyle.

In her journey crossing across a few hours, she is forced to face the dark side of Kolkata’s underbelly to affix. Full of excitement, Kaali showcases a mom on a quest to rescue her son’s irrepressible spirit.

As the leading actor of this exciting web-series, Paoli Dam is fantastic with the role, and so are the other characters. Undoubtedly an edge of a seated show which has no areas of improvement or dissatisfaction.

I was excited to know about the episodes which were about to happen next, as the series will keep you evolving and occupied without taking your eyes away. I highly recommended one of the ZEE5 best web series to date. The internet has provided some positive words of mouth about the show, and it’s a sure shot watch in your ideal times.

Rating 4.5/5


ZEE5 and ALT BALAJI are streaming together with the season 2 of Broken but beautifulVikrant Massey as Veer and Harleen Sethi as Sameera have moved on in life after being broken in the past. The season one was a successful hit and had fantastic songs that got excellent views on youtube.

I was waiting for season 2 to be out, and after getting to watch the series, it’s mostly emotional with an immense feeling of love and romance.

The story evolves about both of them moving on in life with their love partners. Veer falls for Debbie and follows his passion for developing high-quality wines, Sameera, on the other hand, gets a love proposal from her childhood best friend Ahan, who later asks her to marry him.

Towards, the later part of the series Veer and Sameera understands there feeling of love with each other and accepts each other.

Vikrant’s performance is mind-blowing, and it’s creating a significant mark of his in the digital network proving his excellence in acting. Overall the season 2 is Vikrant’s show, and as time passes, his due’s as talented actor is finally getting paid. I hope to see more of Vikrant’s in the upcoming years.

Rating 4.5/5

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The show rotates around an Indian Army Lawyer Monica Mehra, who finds a conspiracy plot through her investigation of a military encounter case. The series explores puzzle about how after analysis, the event brings forth revelations which send ripples through the Indian Army. Jennifer Winget marks her debut in the digital world. She is excellent with her role as Monica Mehra, going by the internet’s reaction to the show indicates that CODE M is not a disappointment and can be considered worth your watch. IMDB has given the show with an 8.8/10. 

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Kaafir is a story about a girl from Pakistan occupied Kashmir who winds up on the Indian side of their Line-of-Control (LOC) and is held prisoner under the feeling of being a militant. While serving her sentences in jail for seven long years, Kainaaz, played by Dia Mirza, gives birth to a daughter and gets help from a journalist who seeks justice.

The series is very emotional and has been excellently made by the makers to live up to the expectations. As Kainaaz is a pleasure to watch, Dia Mirza seems like, after a long time, she has finally been able to show her skills in acting. 

The ratings and the reviews for the show are all coming towards the way of the makers, and a big applaud to the makers for bringing in such a serious subject to the viewers. Kaafir made me wept and was almost in tears by seeing the unfairness and the injustice happening to the innocence. A must watch ZEE5 best web series, which you can find it in the ZEE5 app.

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Inspired by real events, the crime adventure story revolves around Abhay Pratap Singh, who has a criminal mind and can cross any extent to crack a case.

A crime show based on cruelty and brutality happening around us, which is being very well showcased in the series. Kunal Khemu and all the villain characters have given their best shot to make it an excellent show. After watching the series, I rate it much better than one of the daily soap shows known as CRIME PETROL. Every episode has something new for the viewer to watch with something alarming and barbarity.

zee5 best web series

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What’s unique about this show is that it narrates the story from the standpoint of the NSG.

The narrative gives a little bit of history about Ajmal Kasab and shows how he’s been abuse by society, which leads him to become a terrorist.

The revelation is shocking and an eye-opener about how a terrorist is born.
November 11, 2008, or 26/11 as we all know a day of sorrow and grief, which we would not like to witness again.

A group of ten terrorists entering the peaceful land of Mumbai and making it a dark city by randomly shooting on innocent souls and taking the lives of many people.

The show is an eye-opener and shares a piece of in-depth information about how media covered the case and gave away hints to terrorists. How politics delayed NSG commandos from an early trip to Mumbai and sharing information about the commandos were not provided with proper ammunition.
A very sensitive issue that has been presented well by the maker in an eight-episode web series.


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This is a Bengali series; however, you can find the series in Hindi dubbed. One of my ZEE5 best web series to watch. Medical Science by profession is treated as the field of getting people cured and bringing them back into healthy life. A job in which experiments are involved to safeguard the life of people.

This series is a cult example of those whom we treat as individuals to cure a dangerous disease, but what if an experiment is performed on those patients who are fighting cancer and, in return, get another cancer in their body because of a specific drug that is an experiment.

The series starts with a series of deaths, followed by a junior doctor who tries to break the actual reason behind the death. Which, in the later part, reveals a big scam. If you are looking for some serious crime drama and a scam related series, then switch to this brilliant well-made series called the Karg Rogue in Hindi.

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I was thinking of watching the series for a long time; however, I couldn’t arrange a time to view it. IMDB has given it an 8.7/10, which made me think to consider watching the show.

The series highlights the human trafficking rackets which happen in the country, and within the trafficking, a story evolves between two brothers. One is dead, and the other proves himself to be not guilty for the murder of his brother.

One primary reason to watch the show is Naseeruddin Shah, who works as a mastermind behind the curtain and races to glory in the last episode of the series. Which leaves many questions unanswered, I am assuming the season 2 of the series might be on its way. 

If you are searching for some thriller drama series to watch during the lockdown, this is the one to stream.

The story, scripting, and direction they all are well intact to keep the interest alive. Therefore, if you are searching for some ZEE5 best web series to stream, then I recommend you to watch this one.  

zee5 best web series

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A light-hearted romantic web series for the viewers to watch. The story evolves about incidents in the past with the present, both clubbing up together brings up a love story.

Both the lead Divyanka Tripathi and Rajeev Khandelwal have done fantastic acting in their respective roles. 

There is nothing new in the series, but what makes it worth a watch is the chemistry between the two leads.

A show which has a perfect combination of direction, dialogues, scripting, and acting. How the flow of the series goes makes us realize that it is pretty much predictable- but the end of the series splits them apart- making it realize not just any other Bollywood flick.

If you are one of those who prefer watching romance with some crispy drama alongside some other ingredients, switch to this well-made romantic drama web series on the ZEE5 networks.

zee5 best web series

Mafia, a series based on a reunion, turns out to be a series of a murder mystery.

Thriller, drama, and anticipation of knowing what’s going to up next are very well exhibited.

The series is six long episodes, which was dropped on the ZEE5 network app a few days back.
All leading cast of the series was up to the mark of the expectations, grabbing eyeballs to corroborate the interest of viewers to be alive.

The story keeps you hooked on your screen, ensuring that the series can be completed in one-shot.

Mafia’s ratings have been showing positive signs; therefore, it can be allotted as one of the ZEE5 Best web series to watch.

zee5 best web series

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain- A series that I’ve been ignoring for long, I finally got time to see this fantastic, well-scripted romantic drama series.

Ronit Roy and all the lead in the series have a staggering performance to grab your interest in each episode.
Every episode comes up with a good turning point, which will force you to watch the upcoming episodes.

A series of emotions, love, hatred, and drama that will keep you hooked up till all the season.


A story about love and emotions-ditching, backstabbing, but ultimately, love all that matters has been presented diligently in this ten-episode series.

Kolkata, earlier known as Calcutta, was displayed so well that you cannot describe it less than an art.

With the fascinating scripting and a lovely portrayal, the series becomes an attention seeker that might take you within the true lover inside you.

A fantastic retro adores story set up in the 60 ’70s. Wonderful songs, costumes, acting; loved the chemistry between the leads.

zee5 best web series

Bomber is a series based upon the love for Football and might create a special corner in you only if you are emotional towards sports.

In short, the story is almost somewhere relatable to the Arshad Warsi and John Abraham starrer Goal. However, the show’s makers have ensured to keep the viewers in mind and keep them hooked up on the ZEE5 app to watch the show until the end.

With less time consuming, the show can be finished in one view rather than breaking it just like some of the other shows which are lengthy.

zee5 best web series
17. JAMAI 2.0

The series is a revenge based drama show. What makes it unique is the presentation, it has a straightforward plot, and the name itself gives a hint of what is there in the series. In simple words, if you search for something entertaining which has some twist and turn in between, then you can switch to Jamai 2.0. The web series has all the necessary ingredients which are required to keep you hooked up until completion. It’s a total of 10 episode series to stream.

Final Words
I hope the list above had justified your reading. In case you have any suggestion, feel free to let me know in the comment section below.

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