10 Best ZEE5 movies that you shouldn't miss from watching.

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Zee5 movies are your one-stop resource for some gripping and eye-catching flicks. You will find various blogs, articles, or even videos informing you about the films that you can watch from the ZEE5 platform. But, some real hidden gems are highly underrated and are less in the talks that go unnoticed.


This post could be your ultimate source to grab information about some of the exciting flicks to catch up with while you navigate the ZEE5 android app or browse their official site on your laptop.

So without consuming much of your precious time- let’s hop in too few of the Best ZEE5 movies that you can watch to make your time worth.

Zee5 Movies List

zee5 movies

Omerta was released in the year 4th May 2018 that had Rajkumar Rao playing the role of Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh– this is a must-watch flick if you are searching for some intense subjective film. 

Unfortunately, the film couldn’t be played for long in India’s theatre due to its controversial subject. 

However, going by the raving response and some excellent acting from the lead, I consider Omerta to be one of the most outstanding movies that I saw in recent times.

ZEE5 movies

It was out of the blue, which made me watch this hidden gem suddenly. My honest take would be although the film couldn’t recover its investment and was less in the hype. The film was something that was not meant to be understanding my many but had excellent direction along with some outstanding acting from its casts.

Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely death might have shaken the world, but his work on movies like Sonchiriya proves he was one of the highly talented actors whom we lost very soon.

zee5 movies

An exciting topic was highlighted in the film regarding the corruption happening in the educational system. It went unnoticed by many; however, I suggest you watch the movie once on the ZEE5 network that shall make your view worth watching.

Great narrative, and with Emraan Hashmi on the house- songs need to be heart-touching, especially romantic tracks. This is the USP of many Emraan Hashmi films.

In today’s market, reviews matter a lot to a customer but as a viewer of movies and series. I didn’t find a reason to consider Why  Cheat India with negative remarks- perhaps this is one of the best content related flicks to be viewed on ZEE5

zee5 movies

After a long time, Sunny Deol gave a gripping and a knocking view alongside debutant Karan Kapadia who was outstanding. 

The film had less promotion due to which it was less in exposure.

Blank keeps you hooked from the very beginning and ensures to grab your eyeballs till the very end.

In the end, the twist brings its intensity at its best that prevails to a sudden surprise and makes it one of the Best watchable films on ZEE5.


An adorable, simple, and mesmerizing flick with a lovely message portrayal is Badnaam Gali. 

Some films don’t make it to the limelight because of its fewer budgets, or maybe the marketing was not done a lot. Thanks to OTT platforms, these hidden gems are coming out slowly and making it to a broader audience. 

Badnaam Gali is a story about surrogacy, where a girl is trying to help a family with a baby. The society considers her help as unsavory and doesn’t accept the girl. Towards the latter half, the mindset changes, and the girl gets all the support from the society in raising the baby. 

I consider this one- with a great concept, and a must-watch flick for ZEE5 premium subscribers.

zee5 movies

Critics again failed to me- by giving this film with some negative responses. I agree that the film has some abusive dialogues, but that doesn’t make it to be passed with the judgment of negativity for the flick. 

Posham Pa is a psychological drama flick that is not meant for everybody, as it is alarming.

A story based on a real event- where a mother forces her daughter to commit a crime based on brutality and insanity. 

It shook my mind, and if you are looking for something which can shake yours, then Posham Pa is a highly recommendable flick for you.

zee5 movies

A father preparing for his kid’s birthday- suddenly faces some uninvited guest coming inside his property and destroying the celebration.

Chintu ka Birthday is emotional, heartwarming, and perhaps one of the very well presented flicks available on the ZEE5 app. 

The film conveys a strong message about humanity, love, forgiveness, and the care we require. 

Chintu ka Birthday is a perfect watch basis scripting, narrative, screenplay, direction, and, most importantly, the acting of Vinay Pathak- that shall win over your heart.


 Inspired by an actual incident- an exposure film that tells you the truth about a branded medicine trustworthy by many people later falls to be the reasons behind the death of many kids. 

A story about a salesman- who, after knowing the truth, stands to expose the medicine makers- but falls apart. The ending is unfinished, which makes it a unique part of this interesting subjective film. 

The film’s pace is slow; however, that should not be bothersome as the subject of the film is impressive. 


The Tashkent Files a masterpiece, a definite watch for you if you are interested to know the in-depth murder mystery of our great and loveable Prime Minister- Lal Bahadur Shastri. Whose name is very less spoken in history but was a great person who was worthy of many applauds and recognition? 

The one thing which I loved about the film is highlighting the date 2nd Oct mostly known to be the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, but many are unaware it is also the birthday of Lal Bahadur Shastri. 

A highly recommended, thrilling, outstanding plot and a great acting flick to watch. 


Pankaj Kapoor, a highly talented actor who is very less seen- but when he is seen, he ensures to steal the show. Happi is a movie that has very few views on its trailer; however, it deserves to be recognized more—a film giving a tribute to the iconic figure Charlie Chaplin and is a masterpiece to watch. 

Great acting, excellent work by the makers- perhaps nothing could have been a better tribute to the iconic figure Charlie Chaplin. 

Wrapping up I hope the list above is up to satisfactory- however, there are many more films which are yet showing to be missing as I haven’t yet seen them. I would love to know from you if you have more suggestions of films which are worth watching on the ZEE5 network.
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